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  1. You might find that your computer just needs a clean up but at 4 years I would say it is nearly time to start looking for a new one!
  2. I personally prefer to work by email, it suits my communication style the best and I know I won't forget to put anything in because I can check it before I hit send! I have a client right now who likes to work by phone contact. You've received some great advice so far. Be really clear about your boundaries, i.e. tell the client you allow for X-number of Y-minute phone calls as part of the contract and anything on top of that is charged (or whatever boundaries suit you). Make sure you try to stay on topic as much as possible during the phone calls. I, like Regina and Karen, take notes while I'm on the phone. My notes are very focused because otherwise I would spend more time going through them looking for the information! Before I make a call I set out on paper what I need to discuss/find out and leave room around each topic for notes. I also write a heading 'What I need to do' so I can go back and find that easily. Just make sure you are really clear about your boundaries and what is expected. Good luck!
  3. what about youradvantedge.com theadminadvantedge.com youradminadvantedge.com EDIT: I did check these were available before I suggested them!
  4. Like Sherra pointed out, the first thing is to find out exactly what he wants. Once you know that, come back and post in the web design section and we'll help you out!
  5. The problem with your 404 errors is that your links at the bottom of the FAQ page haven't been linked to the right pages; 'Solutions' is linked to http://www.aaava.net/index-2.html instead of .../solutions.html and 'Technology' is linked to http://www.aaava.net/index-3.html instead of .../tech.html The footer also has a link (the link text is "All Rights Reserved") that goes to a 404 error page (http://www.aaava.net/index-6.html) - I didn't check all the pages but it was definitely like it on the few that I checked, including the .../index.html page.
  6. Thanks for posting this Arnie, it's an absolutely gorgeous story. We have just had the 'we need to all spend more time together' conversations with our families this past week.
  7. Thanks Kathy and Tracey Thanks for those links Kathy, I don't know how many "Top ..." lists I've looked at but one of those was great just for personal interest, with all the information about the songs! I did decide to mostly go down the sappy road rather than the 80s road but tried to avoid as many love songs as possible. Here's my final list just for interest sake. Birthday - The Beatles (Menu song) A Little Ray of Sunshine - Axiom Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder (I cut this down to 00:30 - 03:40 because it's so long!) You're My Honeybunch (the CuppyCake Song) - Amy Castle (It's a family joke apparently) You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker My Girl - The Temptations You Came - Kim Wilde Ready, Set, Don't Go - Billy Ray Cyrus Here For You - Neil Young My Wish - Rascal Flatts Personally I think the whole thing is a bit over the top at around half an hour and nearly 200 photos but it's what they want, so who am I to argue...?!
  8. I would agree with trying to go local. We have a great t-shirt printer here - the staff are easy to work with and they were happy to talk me through any specifications etc. Do you know any local businesses that have uniforms - printed or embroidered shirts? You might want to ask them where they had them done and see if they were happy with them. Otherwise, let your fingers do the walking and get started with the Yellow Pages!
  9. I'm making a photo slideshow for a 21st and just thought I'd get some more opinions for songs. She grew up mostly listening to older music because that's what her parents listened to and, (almost) obviously, she was born in 1987 but nobody seems able to tell me what she listens to now (and I don't actually really know her). The list that came from her mother: Axiom - A Little Ray of Sunshine Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely The Temptations - My Girl Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow Kenny Loggins - Footloose Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun Katrina & The Waves - Walking on Sunshine Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful The two that I've added: The Beatles - Birthday Madonna - Holiday I'd personally like to stick to songs that are not love songs as such and I was wondering if any of you had any songs that are a little less "overused" that might be suitable. Any suggestions?
  10. Good one Arnie, I so didn't see that coming! I know we're outnumbered here but I'm there for you man
  11. Congratulations on making a wise investment Welcome to the club!
  12. This is one of the reasons I'm rebranding - I'm trying a bit more of 'me' into my business. It's not a total rebrand, my business already shows a bit of me in terms of my ethics and standards, but I just want it to show a bit more personality. Like Leanne, I would rather work with people that want to work with me rather than try to please everyone.
  13. I'm in the process of rebranding but my current cards have 'to-do list crusader'. I was going to put 'design chief' or 'design ninja' on my new cards but I think I'm going to put something stupid like 'the big cheese' or 'head honcho'. I'll have to wait and see what kind of mood I'm in when I design them
  14. I just wanted a chance to throw this out there too!
  15. I don't have time to read the article right now but I always have my external links open in a new window with a text disclaimer that this is what will happen when you click it.
  16. Getting in late, but I'm with Tracey too. For the record, I would go with the hyphenated version of the first sentence.
  17. I think you are looking for this thread. You might also want to check out this thread for a great site Leanne linked to. FYI, I use Pixie on Vista with no problems
  18. Kathleen, just be aware that there are already (at least) a couple of other VAs using SOS as part of their name or as a shortening of it. From memory one of them even used the 'rescue' theme (not sure if she still does). There is also a VA using a name similar to the first one you have listed. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, I just think it's important to factor it in when making your decision Also, Tara's advice about checking out the business and domain name availability at the same time is a good suggestion.
  19. You need to create a template in HTML/CSS. The CSS part basically tells the page how to display; try somewhere like Mollio, which is a good starting point to understanding how it all works together. If you download this zipped file from Mollio, it contains all the templates. There are also a couple of other links on the Mollio site now for other sites you can look at. Just make sure with any templates you use that you check out any usage limitations and check that it all behaves the same in different browsers! I hope this is what you are after Jodie.
  20. Everyone's gotta have an area of expertise, right?
  21. Oh, so I don't need my first tax return either? Or those letters from the principal from my first year of high school telling me what a great student I was? When you're done with your paperwork, we've got a stack of plastic boxes you can go through - I'll even be kind enough to do our filing cabinet first
  22. The ability for other people to view your videos depends on two things. The first is your output file format and the second is their software. If you are creating your video in a standard format (mpeg, swf etc) there should be no problem sharing it. It then only depends on what programs the person viewing it has but if it's in a common format the chances are that people will be able to view it. Check the extension on the file name to see what format it is saving in. Don't just save it as a Camtasia project file (use that as a backup to keep the original project), you need to go to "Produce" in the Task List (assuming the workspace is still the same as version 3) and choose the format you want to produce the video as. You can always create something and share it here, we'll be sure to let you know if we can see/hear it!
  23. I must have missed this thread originally. OpenOffice, like any other open source software is as legitimate as buying software. It's developed by the open source community, in which most members believe in the free availability of software rather than the commercialisation of it. The term "free" refers to the distribution rather than the cost, i.e. you can freely distribute it. Just make sure that if you do use OO that you make sure your documents appear the same in MS Office. For example, if you produce a document in OO Writer make sure you open it up in MS Word and check your paragraphs/tables etc have the same alignment and so on. The safest way to make sure it's all being viewed correctly is to convert it to a PDF file. OO has a built in capability to export directly to PDF without needing an external program. Also, as far as I'm aware OO does not yet support .docx files but this is an issue for anyone who doesn't have Office 2007 anyway and most people I have come across are not using this extension as a default for this reason.
  24. This is a Homestead website. That's what they do. The best way to get around it is to move away from Homestead Ok, so if you are like all the others that walked before you, having signed a long-term contract and can't move away from Homestead, your best bet is to follow these steps. 1. Accept the fact that you will at some point scream at your monitor 2. Build ONE page until you are 100% satisfied that it is what you want and is totally lined up 3. Save it as 'template.html' or similar 4. Make sure your template is displaying correctly in ALL browsers (use a site like browsershots to check) 5. Add your content to that one page and use Save As to create new pages (index.html etc) 6. Make sure you go back to your template.html (or whatever you saved it as) page to create EVERY new page 7. If you still have issues with it, go back to step 1 and start again Oh, and good luck! from the Homestead Guru (Leanne, this is your cue to laugh)
  25. You might also want to look into programs like some of those by Wondershare. If you are wanting a program for slideshows to put on the web, their Flash Photo Gallery (I think that's what it's called) is quite good. It's better than Nero Ultra, which I am now aware is pretty bland for photo slideshows. As far as actual videos go, Camtasia is a good option. I was fortunate enough to get in while they were having the giveaway of version 3 and that's what I'm still using (I don't need to use it that often).
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