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  1. Good afternoon everyone, I am working on my business plan so that I may launch my Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping business. I have over 20 years of experience in offices in various industries (medical, oil and gas, enforcement, etc.). I have completed Medical Office Assistant and Business Administration education. I have kept my skills up to date and relevant for an online presence. I have create web forms and web sites. I enjoy working with spreadsheets and databases. My writing skills are strong as well. Being new at this, I am not sure what to charge. Are there other Canadians here willing to share advice on billing their customers? I realize I will need to target companies that are well established to get the earnings I need to keep up with living expenses. Has anyone's business been affected by the current pandemic and are there strategies to deal with that? Once I start up and have a company name, how do I find customers? My asthma prevents me from working in traditional offices, and I prefer higher skilled work requests. I hope to move to BC within the next year. Thank you, Twyla Alberta, Canada
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