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  1. You enter this around the code to comment out: <!-- code to comment out --> But, honestly - this is better left to a coder/wp designer, because one character missing or added can throw the whole template for a loop. ~Erin
  2. I've heard of Adminimize, but haven't used it. Like Crystal, I've used the Hide Dashboard plugin successfully. ~Erin
  3. I don't know if this is too late, but we can't see the categories without membership. ~Erin
  4. I've worked with a number of graphic designers to build great websites - they design, I code. That being said, I'd suggest you look for an individual coder to set up the site - it may cost a bit more, but the personalized service is worth it. HTH, Erin
  5. PayPal may not be the best way to go. A service like ejunkie would do great (their service allows you to pay for the service on a product-sold basis), or if they're going to offer a newsletter as well they could look into 1ShoppingCart (which is $99/month, but a decent all-in-one solution for newsletters/autoresponder/product sales) However, if your client is adamant about staying with paypal, create a 'thank you' page have the download links there. Then, just add the links into the button under "Step 3:Customize Advanced Features" and adding a link next to "Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout" Also, you can integrate with an autoresponder service, and keep your files a bit more secure by sending them out as an autoresponder attachment or download links. Erin
  6. I LOVE wordpress plugins. I recently reviewed plugins at 10 Must-Have Plugins for Wordpress My favorite plugin right now is the "What Would Seth Godin Do" plugin - it reminds new visitors to sign up for your RSS feed, and welcomes back visitors ~Erin
  7. You created a subdomain - so you should look in the subdomain area for those files. It depends on how you set up the structure with dreamhost, but you could find the wordpress directory at either businesstips.salterva.com or salterva.com/businesstips. Once you find the wordpress files, upload your theme wp-content/themes folder ~Erin
  8. Hi JudyAnn, It does attach itself to a domain fairly easily. See: http://help.wildapricot.com/display/DOC/Domain+management It even has widgets that you can incorporate on your clients current site for additional functionality. See: http://help.wildapricot.com/display/DOC/Wi...another+website WildApricot is a FANTASTIC tool, and the more I use it, the more pleased I am with it. The only downside, I think, is the lack of affiliate management tools. However, they're working on it so we'll see it soon ~Erin
  9. I second Cover Action Pro - it's a great set of tools ~Erin
  10. You might want to try Wild Apricot or Amember. Amember isn't the prettiest, but it works well. Wild Apricot is new - I'm just trying it out myself - and looks comparable to Amember. ~Erin
  11. SendOutCards is the perfect solution for this - while it still takes out the personal writing from your client, you can personalize every card with a message. It's a win-win, in my book - and just an all-around fantastic tool ~Erin
  12. http://www.semspot.com/2007/07/25/45-free-...bmission-sites/ ~Erin
  13. That twitter issue really bugged me - espeically since I was a part of a huge social media love-in (from problogger) and I gained a TON of followers right before the count went down. It looks like all of my followers are back... although there's no way to know for sure. Has anyone heard of an export tool for twitter? Tawnya: saw your tweet last night re: naming. Go to account settings , and change your name to Tawnya Sutherland and your username to VANetworking - this should give you the vanetworking / Tawnya Sutherland that you want BTW, I'm at http://twitter.com/ErinBanister ~Erin
  14. You know, I've tried a number of 'series' plugins - you know, where it marks the post as part of a series and inserts text at the bottom letting readers know where they can find the other parts, etc. Each time I've tried a plugin, it's gone horribly awry. I'd love one that works, and works well.
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