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  1. Hi Shelly, My international clients always Pay by Paypal. I had a situation once where Paypal was not available in the country where the client was located. In this case I was sent a wire. If you can't use Paypal, or if the client doesn't want to for some reason (many don't trust Paypal), AlertPay is another good option (for non-Canadian residents). Take care, Kelly
  2. Hi all, I have a hypothetical question for you bookkeepers out there. If a client owns a restaurant and provides you with all of his/her receipts for the week, and a summary from the cash register, would you just use the summary for the books, or is there any advantage to entering the receipts individually? Thanks in advance, Kelly
  3. Hi Arnie, I have no legal background, but was thinking that your contract with the client might state that any disputes be governed by the laws of Canada, whereas if you go after Paypal you may need a US attorney. Maybe it would be less expensive to go after the client (if your contract does have such a stipulation, or if your client is located in Canada). Just a thought, Kelly
  4. I'm so upset that I didn't get to attend FoVA. Thank you all for sharing some of the highlights so that those of us who couldn't make it feel at least a little better. I will definitely be there next year. Take care, Kelly
  5. Congratulations Darrell and great PR! Take care, Kelly
  6. Virtual Assistant Becomes Virtual Travel Agent Montreal – Virtual Assistance Company encourages other VAs to look into the lucrative travel industry to better assist clients. Virtually There VA Services, a virtual assistance company located just outside of Montreal, Quebec has announced that it has added travel assistance to its list of services. Company owner and operator, Kelly Sims recently completed training to become an Independent Travel Agent allowing her to provide cost-effective, quality travel services to her clients. Sims explains this move, “It is a natural complement to my business. My clients travel all the time, so the need was there. By becoming an Independent Travel Agent, I can better assist them with their travel needs and it actually saves them money.” Sims continued, “Since I am acting as a travel agent when I book trips, I don’t charge my hourly VA rate for doing so. The travel company with whom I book instead pays me a portion of the amount paid by the client, so it’s a win-win situation. The client gets the travel assistance they need without having to pay extra, and the travel companies pay me a commission for the referral.” Travel is a multi-trillion dollar business, and with an increasing number of baby-boomers retiring, the business is expected to double in the next 10 years. With more and more people seeking deals and booking travel online, the industry is truly booming. “Once I heard the numbers and considered the complementarity of my business and the travel business, I was sold on the idea. How could I not get involved when the industry is growing so rapidly?” Sims states, “For Virtual Assistants like me, who assist in booking travel regularly, this is an incredible opportunity to expand their businesses. I just announced the addition of this service to my clients last week and already I’ve gotten requests for information on future travel, a referral from one of my clients to a frequent traveler who could use my help, and I’ve booked a cross-country flight for another. I believe this is going to be very big.” “This is a really great opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to open their own home-based business, or simply wants the opportunity to travel more while saving on their travel.” Sims continued, “The company that I am affiliated with, allowed me to complete my training via conference calls and online tutorials. They assigned me a mentor to whom I can address any questions I may have; as well I have a training director who has helped me develop a sales strategy. They provide me with a travel website and all the tools I need to get a travel business off the ground.” For more information on how to open your own travel business, or on adding travel agent services to your existing virtual assistance business, don’t hesitate to contact Kelly Sims at contact@virtuallythereva.com or visit her website at http://www.virtuallthereva.com. To hear a toll-free pre-recorded message about this lucrative opportunity, please call (888) 870-4978.
  7. Hi All, Thanks for your responses. I probably should have explained better. The VA is in the same province as I am, but she has not registered for Federal or Provincial tax, so she does not charge it. For subcontracts to VAs out of the country, I wouldn't be required to charge tax, but since she is in my country I am obligated to charge Federal taxes and she is in my province, so I am required to charge provincial tax (since I am registered for both). One thing that was suggested to me by the other VA was for me to invoice the client myself at her higher rate and pay her the difference as a referral fee. I think this is probably the best solution for the moment. That way nobody loses (provided the client is registered to claim sales tax as well). Does anything about this sound wrong from an accounting perspective? Thanks again for your input, Kelly
  8. Hello all, I was just wondering how others would handle this situation. I was subcontracted some work from a VA and didn't realize that she doesn't charge sales tax, federal or provincial, and I charge both. When I was drawing up her invoice I realized that she wouldn't make very much at all if she was required to pay my tax and then turn around and not charge her client tax. It was a small job, but I still think she should make a decent amount off of the referral. I'm thinking I'm going to drop my rate more than I already have, but I'm hoping in the future there is a better way to handle this. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kelly
  9. Wow, congratulations Jaime and Darrell! What a great article, and front page of the section, that's super. I particularly liked what Jaime's client had to say about hiring assistants and just when they're properly trained, they move on to the next job. He gave a great testimonial. Congratulations again, Kelly
  10. Great Job Christiane! Very well written and very impressive. Congratulations, and I hope it brings you a ton of new business. Take care, Kelly
  11. Great job on the press release Pat! And congratulations on announcing your grand-opening. Take care, Kelly
  12. Congratulations Barcy! What great news and what great publicity. You are absolutely right, a press release is what got my business off the ground. Congratulations and best wishes for a very busy February. Take care, Kelly
  13. Thank you for sharing that Tawnya. What an inspirational story! Kelly
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