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  1. Hello all, It's been quite some time since I've posted here. I'm hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I have a client who's looking for someone to take over her Facebook ads for her. I'm not a social media specialist and am hoping to give her some referrals to some great resources. Anyone doing this kind of work, or can refer me to people that they've worked with who are great at this? Thanks in advance! Kelly
  2. Hello all, One of my clients wants a conferencing service that will allow her to schedule recorded conferences - meaning, she wouldn`t actually be there, she would record the call in advance and play it back to attendees at a scheduled time. Does anyone know of a service that does this for either audio or video conferences? Thanks in advance!! Kelly
  3. Thanks so much Leanne! You're a lifesaver!! Kelly
  4. Hello all, I have a client that is looking to include a gallery and slideshow similar to this one ->http://www.vladimirtretchikoff.com/gallery.htm in her website. I'm not a programmer, so I'm either looking for a program that will do something similar, or a referral to someone who could give me a quote on creating something like the gallery in the link. Thanks so much for any help!!! Kelly
  5. I usually allow clients to carry over a maximum of 2 hours per month so that my schedule will not be too crazy. In your case allowing for 40+ hours carried over, plus an additional 60 for the current month's retainer would be a crazy amount of work. She likely doesn't know that she's your only client and shouldn't assume so. Since it's the 1st month working with the client, I would make some kind of exception, but make it very clear that it will not happen again. Additionally I would do as Tracy suggested and send her a report listing hours used at least halfway through the month so that she knows where she stands. Thanks and have a great day,
  6. Hi Beth, I've never worked through Elance before, but I suspect that you will be the one paying a percentage to Elance, not the client. The reason they would like to continue through Elance is likely because if you do a bad job, they have some course of action that can be taken. I'm not sure of the rules on Elance, but you should review whether Elance can hold funds, or request reimbursement on a client's behalf if they contest that a project was not completed, or done wrong, etc. Additionally, they are able to review your work at Elance, so if you don't perform well, they can give you a bad review which other potential clients can view, thus you have an incentive to do good work. I don't see anything wrong with working with them this way. Perhaps after you gain their trust they will hire you directly. I hope this helps, Kelly
  7. There are a few ways that you can guard yourself against being "taken" by an unscrupulous person trying to pass as a legitimate VA. I would suggest that you always request a consult before hiring a VA (the vast majority will do this free of charge) and ask for references. Most will oblige by giving you the names of some clients you can contact. Also, always Google the company name and see if anything comes up. Some VAs offer a pay as you go option, meaning they'll do a few hours of work before you are required to pay for it. But many VAs have been burned by clients not paying too, so some won't. Another idea is to spend some time at a reputable Virtual Assistant forum such as this one and review the posts. There are a myriad of great assistants posting here everyday. You can get a feel for the VA's level of knowledge, professionalism, etc. I hope this helps, Kelly
  8. You are right; transcription is basically taking a recording and transforming it to a written work. Transcription can also be taking written work (ex. handwritting) and typing it up. I'm not sure about the pricing question. I've never seen anyone charge more for it (not that I've been looking), but I suspect that they may charge a higher rate per recorded hour, meaning since a recording lasting 1 hour will likely take longer than one hour to transcribe, they charge more per recorded hour, which does not necessarily mean it will end up costing more than the regular hourly rate in the end. Hope this helps, Kelly
  9. According to the "Canadian Small Business Kit for Dummies" (I know, I know, but I like the For Dummies series), "To become the owner of a trademark, a business simply has to be the first to use it. Then it's protected as the business's trademark in the geographical areas where it's in use." Additionally, "A trademark owner doesn't have to register the trademark in order to have the right to prevent another business from using it in the geographical area where the owner does business." The book goes on to say that if a trademark is indeed a registered one, that "it's protected throughout that country for a specified period of time....If your trademark is registered in a country, you can sue a competitor anywhere in that country to make it stop using your trademark. A court will give a registered trademark much more protection than it will give to an unregistered trademark. If your trademark is not registered, you can sue only a competitor who's using your trademark in the particular geographical area(s) where you do business." I'm no lawyer, and I don't want to take sides in the issue as I feel for both parties, but it seems that legally, you have done nothing wrong. If it were me, it would come down to how attached to the name I was. If I felt strongly enough, I would likely communicate that respectfully to the other VA. But if I was not so attached to it, I would certainly consider changing it in order to not ruffle any feathers.
  10. I don't know of a teleconferencing service that provides a website. Most of my clients have their sign-up links with a shopping cart on their website. Perhaps someone else will chime in if they know of such a service. Take care, Kelly
  11. Hi Isobel, I've had as much success with free release sites as with paid ones. In fact, one of my free releases is sitting on page 1 of Google for a really great keyword for me. I have paid for releases in the past, but don't find that they work any better, so will only be using the free sites in the future. I hope this helps, Kelly
  12. Hi Patty, Remember to take some "you" time for at least 15 minutes a day (hopefully more). Whether it be to read a book, take a bath, take a walk, or anything else that relaxes you. Sometimes women forget that making themselves a priority helps to ensure that they'll be around to care of their loved ones as long as possible. I hope you're feeling better soon! Kelly
  13. I certainly wouldn't be offended. I do post my prices on my site however, so hopefully a VA that doesn't will chime in here. I've had quite a few "VAs in training" contact me for information and have never had any problem with it. Take care and good luck! Kelly
  14. Hi Erin, One of my clients and I have been trying out ShareO for the past few days and it's working quite well so far. There is a free trial on the site with full functionality. Hope this helps, Kelly
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