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  1. I'm so upset that I didn't get to attend FoVA. Thank you all for sharing some of the highlights so that those of us who couldn't make it feel at least a little better. I will definitely be there next year. Take care, Kelly
  2. Congratulations Darrell and great PR! Take care, Kelly
  3. Virtual Assistant Becomes Virtual Travel Agent Montreal – Virtual Assistance Company encourages other VAs to look into the lucrative travel industry to better assist clients. Virtually There VA Services, a virtual assistance company located just outside of Montreal, Quebec has announced that it has added travel assistance to its list of services. Company owner and operator, Kelly Sims recently completed training to become an Independent Travel Agent allowing her to provide cost-effective, quality travel services to her clients. Sims explains this move, “It is a natural comple
  4. Wow, congratulations Jaime and Darrell! What a great article, and front page of the section, that's super. I particularly liked what Jaime's client had to say about hiring assistants and just when they're properly trained, they move on to the next job. He gave a great testimonial. Congratulations again, Kelly
  5. Great Job Christiane! Very well written and very impressive. Congratulations, and I hope it brings you a ton of new business. Take care, Kelly
  6. Great job on the press release Pat! And congratulations on announcing your grand-opening. Take care, Kelly
  7. Congratulations Barcy! What great news and what great publicity. You are absolutely right, a press release is what got my business off the ground. Congratulations and best wishes for a very busy February. Take care, Kelly
  8. Thank you for sharing that Tawnya. What an inspirational story! Kelly
  9. Great news Darrell! Congratulations and thanks for the encouragement to keep trying. Kelly
  10. Hi Kitty, I really like how you mention the environmental benefits of virtual assistance. That's actually something I had not thought of. I especially liked your quote: “I have always enjoyed putting my administrative skills to use for businesses. Many times I felt they were not being utilized to their fullest potential. By being a VA, I can provide my best skills to a variety of businesses to fill their needs..." It's promoting your skills while not sounding at all like you are promoting your skills. I'm new to this, so I don't know how much my opinion is really worth, but
  11. Wow, what an awesome idea! It's a perfect topic for her target audience too. I'm sure it will happen. Kelly
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