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  1. Don't you want someone who can convert it to digital then edit it? Maybe search digital video conversion?
  2. I have a two year old daughter that wants to be with me constantly. I guess that should be ok, since she'll probably want nothing to do with me when she's 15! Anyway, my husband set up my computer with two monitors -- I thought this was overkill, but actually I really enjoy the extra screen space and not having to toggle between applications to reference other information. I just discovered that the second screen can be really useful in a pinch for playing a video for my daughter to watch. My office is in the basement and there's not a TV down here for her to watch. I'm not a fan or an advocate of extended screen time for little ones... all the research and studies points to it not being beneficial... but in a pinch, when I really need to get something done, it's been perfect for me. And we both win -- I get stuff done, she is quiet and right by me (she's actually sitting on my desk right now begging for a video), and she's well-supervised, not off in another part of the house doing who-knows-what (and those of you who have had a 2 year old know that they find all KINDS of things to do!!) Hope someone finds this helpful! Lindy
  3. My policy is to bill in 1/4 hour increments. So basically I round up to the nearest 15 minute mark and charge that way. However, with retainer clients, who purchase a set number of hours every month, I'm not sure how to bill. I'm trying to determine if I should... Take total number of hours and round it up to nearest 15 minute and subtract from retainer/bill overage from there OR Take each task separately and round each task up to nearest 15 minute mark. For instance, with one retainer client I worked a total of 2 hours and 22 minutes. But I worked on 3 different projects for him today: Project #1 at 38 minutes, Project #2 at an hour and 21 minutes, and Project #3 for 23 minutes. So for instance, if I take the total number of hours and round up to the nearest 15 minute mark, that's 2.5 hours. But if I take each task separately and round up EACH TASK to the 15 minute mark, it's 45 minutes, 1.5 hours, and 30 minutes, or 2 hours and 45 minutes -- a difference of 15 minutes. Ok, so it's not a HUGE difference, but what do you all do? Got any advice for a newbie starting out? I want to be fair to my clients and to myself. Thoughts appreciated!! Thanks, Lindy
  4. Angela, I have some contracts that I'd be happy to share with you; one for projects and another that I use with retainer clients. I would advise, however, that you have your attorney review them to ensure that they cover your business needs and address any things unique to your business. Email me at lindy@virtualservicepartners.com if you are interested in the contracts. Hope this helps - Lindy
  5. I'm re-designing my business brochure, and I intend to print it as well as post it to my website for people to download. It's a three-panel style brochure, where the sides fold toward the middle, not zig-zag style. This creates a screen layout that is odd. I know the layout that I need to do for print so that it will fold correctly and the front will be on the front, back on back, etc. BUT, here's my question -- for the website brochure, do you think I should change the layout so that it's still three panel, but that the panels go in ORDER so it's easier to decipher when people download it? Thanks for any thoughts you want to share.... Lindy
  6. Leanne, I share a secret passion for housecleaning too!! I guess you just never know who you'll meet in this forum. Check out this book: Home Comfors: The Art and Science of Keeping House. It's one of my favorites. What a dork, huh?
  7. Here's the formula I used to figure out what hourly rate I need to charge.... I want to make how much per year? I want to work how many days per year? I want to take how many days of vacation? I want to take how many holidays? Annual income divided by days worked equals daily wage requirement Weekly wage requirement (daily wage requirement x 5) I want to work XX billable hours per week Weekly wage requirement divided by hours per week equals hourly fee required Then from there I rounded out what hourly fee I want to charge. Then.... Based on the number of billable hours per week what is the: Average billable hours/client (gut feel of how many hours you think you'll work for each client every week) And the number of clients required (billable hours divided by average hours/client) Then I take out tax estimates... Taxes: Social Security Tax Federal Income Tax Medicare Total Estimated Taxes And end up with Total Net Income Not the most rigorous or scientific way to figure it out, but it worked for me. Hope it helps you as well. Lindy
  8. The first one is the hardest, or so I've heard. My dad has always told me not to disparage the day of small beginnings -- all things start small, it doesn't mean they won't grow to be huge and fantastic and amazing. Great job, can't wait to hear of your future successes!!
  9. Just wanted to give you a little update... thanks for all your insight regarding IVAA and your encouragement to join. I agree -- the forms library ALONE is worth the membership fee!! The message board is also great, full of information. Let me be candid, however -- I am not only glad to be part of IVAA because of those things -- EVENT THOUGH IT'S WORTH IT -- but also because I landed my first customer, on a retainer, because he found my business in the IVAA directory. YAHOO!! My membership investment paid off in less than a month. Thanks everyone!! Lindy
  10. Kim, welcome! Sally is right, there are lots of folks here with little ones -- or who HAD little ones when they started their business. The support is invaluable, and when the parents of older kids share their insight and experience for us with younger kids... wow, can't beat that. I have a 4 1/2 month old (son born March 1), and a 2 yr old (daughter). All that AND starting a new business? Pretty busy life, for sure! Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you and hearing about your business and experiences! Welcome again! Lindy
  11. Hi everyone, I got a phone call tonight from a gentleman in Florida with an insurance company; he saw my website on IVAA and contacted me via phone (yes, it's worthwhile to have your phone number on your website!). We talked for about 30 minutes, he is interested in my services on a retainer basis. As we spoke further, we discovered we have a connection with a software that he's implementing, entillium. I'm good friends with the SVP/COO there (I used to work for him at a prior company). My thoughts are whirling around... this is my first client, it's exhilarating and scary at the same time. I am definitely caught off guard -- I only have my website up, I don't really even truly have my business up and running. I've heard about it taking months for a VA to find that first client and to get a full roster of hours -- and here I have a potential one before I'm ready for it!! I am working through the VAC but am only about 1/3 of the way through it... I need advice from veterans, please! 1. What questions do I need to ask? 2. How can I be assured that his business is legit and I'm not getting taken advantage of? 3. What should I consider before accepting him as a client? He sounds like a nice person, good sense of humor, we had good cameraderie over the telephone. 4. What paperwork do I need to have in place if we decide to partner together? We have scheduled a follow-up phone call to take place tomorrow evening. Any help and insight from you would be so appreciated. Thank you in advance!! Lindy
  12. I have to admit that one very good thing about working from home is that nobody minds the baby slobber on my shirt or the fact that I haven't put on makeup today... right? :-) So what I'm gleaning from this is that you make it work, and you're not real anal about "8-5" hours and sitting in front of your computer during that time... but you take advantage of your ability to be flexible in your hours, get things done when you can, and have a very supportive spouse/partner who doesn't mind when you disappear into the office in the evening. Now if I only could get my website up and running and go after that hard-to-get first client! Thanks for your feedback!!! Lindy
  13. Hi everyone, I'm curious to find out 1) who is a VA working from home with children, and 2) how you do it? I have two small kids (3 month old son and 2 yr old daughter), and I am in the start-up stages of my business, getting it off the ground. I'm wondering what is realistic to expect in terms of how to work with small kids at home. Does anyone have advice for me? Please share your experiences! Thanks!! Lindy
  14. Once again, I'm thrilled to benefit from your experiences -- I will steer clear of them. Thanks!
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