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  1. I recently bought an HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook (notebook PC), equipped with Windows 8, touch screen, all the "bells and whistles". An HP Envy 4500 wireless multifunction color printer/scanner/copier and a Canon b/w multifunction printer/scanner/copier are also in my office. I keep hearing about having a landline. Is this a requirement? And instead of using a land line for faxing, can I get away with scanning/emailing docs? I used to have a landline several years, along with a smartphone, but I eliminated the landline bill because I reasoned that if I could make free long distance calls through my smartphone, why in the world would I keep the landline? So I ditched it. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Cheryl, and welcome to VANetworking! My name is Cheryl too (and it's spelled correctly ) I'm new to the VA arena as well. I've got tons of questions about getting started. After serving in administrative capacities for more than 25 years, and enduring two "downsizings" in the past four years, I figure it's past time to go into business for myself and take charge of my future. If there's any way I can help you on your journey, please let me know. Cheryl Crowder Owner/CEO Eagle Virtual Assistance Service “Power to Help Your Business SOAR!”
  3. I am using an online greeting card mailing service to send cards, in the mail to potential clients. You can customize the cards in seconds, click send and they print them, put a real stamp on them and mail them. All for as little as $1.04 per card including postage! You cand send out 1 or 100's with one click! I am finding that businesses owners do not even read "junk" emails, but these greating cards look like they were handwritten so they will open it and read it. You can even upload your own handwriting and the turn it into a font. You can upload your business card and it will print inside the card. It is great! Just go to: www.sendoutcards.com/touchalife Click on set up free account and it lets you send out a few cards for free to try out the service!
  4. I am a VA and also a Realtor. I am using a system called Send Out Cards. It is very easy to use and very inexpensive. The cards are great and I always get a good response from my clients. Check it out at: www.sendoutcards.com/touchalife You can actually try it out for free and send yourself or someone else a card for free! Many realtors are now using this site. PM me if you have any questions. Cheryl C
  5. Thank you all for these great replies. This forum is so helpful! I am considering getting that ebook. Cheryl Corrente Real Virtual Solutions www.rcvirtualsolutions.com
  6. Chai: Thank you for your response. That is kind of what I thought, but I also think they probably want pricing too. Darrell, thanks for your responso too. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that struggles with what to write. Let's wait and see if we get any ideas from my post. So far I love this site!
  7. I am new to the "world" of Virtual Assistants. (I have been a realtor for many years) I have been asked to "submitt" a proposal for some real estate tasks to a particular realtor. This may sound dumb, but do they just want to basically know my hourly rate and/or how many hours or what? Cheryl Real Virtual Solutions www.RCVirtualSolutions.com
  8. That is a great post. I too am very new at this, and I am trying to get some ideas as to howother VA's are getting their clients. I realize that we have to network for them both in person and online. But any tips would be great. Cheryl Real Virtual Solutions www.rcvirtualsolutions.com
  9. Hello to everyone. I am new to this site and I am very pleased with all the great information I have found here already. I am licensed Realotr in Florida and have decide to start offering out my services to other businesses across the counrty. I really enjoy the administrative part of being a realtor and I am very into all the computer work. I have set up my VA website at: www.rcvirtualsolutions.com I hope I get some work soon! Cheryl
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