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  1. Hi Rebecca, I'm no expert in this field but I've been doing newsletters etc recently and I've used the "hyperlink" button and it seems to work. I'm sure there are far more experienced VAs out there in this field who will probably come up with a more technical way of doing it. Good luck Veronica
  2. Hi Kelly, Not sure if i'm on the right track here but have you tried it in PDF format? Veronica
  3. I'm currently working on my e-marketing. I'm drawing up a newsletter to send out to businesses I think would need support and also to get my name "out there". Who knows who they know and before long another few folk know about you. There are laws governing e-marketing and you should probably do the research before attempting (if you haven't done so already) this form of marketing. I'm also looking through the local newpaper on Job Advertising day and getting some business names from this and will then target them. I'm not sure if this will work but you have to try - right? I think this phrase sums it up for me "It's better to make a big splash in a small pond than a ripple in a bigger pond" in other words target your potential clients to suit your specialty. Hope this helps Anna - keep going!! Veronica
  4. Hi there, Darrell as other VAs have mentioned you have to decide whether you will be charging for the full time you are by the phone or whether it will just be for calls. I believe there's a system you can use on your phone which tells you who the call is for before being connected to the caller. I'm sure its called SMART NUMBER, I haven't used it so can't really comment on how easy it is to set up or use, sorry. It may only be compatible with UK systems? Good luck. Veronica
  5. Hi from sunny Dundee!! its 21c here today!! WOW Nancy I like the t-shirt idea and putting your website onto it. You talked about the middle line, I quite like "Helping employers find good employees" as your strap line. I'm going to a few networking events soon and I'm thinking about getting some keyrings done or any other things I can think of. Does anyone have any ideas or good websites to check out? Many thanks Veronica
  6. I would definitely take the job and continue to develop your business. As you know it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get established in the VA sector but it can be made easier if you have some sort of backup until you are established. Congrats on the job offer, it sounds as like they know they are onto a winner! Good luck and let us know what you decide. Veronica Dundee, Scotland
  7. Nope, according to my Oxford Canadian Dictionary, there is no such word as organisation. I think there's just an epidemic of misspelling going on. I agree, I think it does depend on where you live. Here in Scotland, UK we are taught to use 'S' and the American's use a 'Z'. Veronica
  8. Hi! Thanks for your welcome. I look forward to posting on the forum and getting to know you all. Have a good day. Veronica VLT Secret@rial Services Dundee
  9. Hi all, I thought I would introduce myself. I set up as a VA in April 2006 in Dundee, Scotland, but I have never posted on this forum yet! (Shocking - I know!!). I have over 20 years experience in both public and private sectors and have many office skills. In particular working at Senior PA level to Executives of NHS, Universities and other Managers. I also studied Pharmacy and I can do medical transcription (cassettes or digital), I'm also a very fast data entry operator. I have been familiarising myself with the VANA forum and now finally writing my introduction. I'm trying to figure out the time difference between Britian and USA, Canada etc. I've found many useful hints and tips being a VA on the forum and I hope to be able to share some of my knowledge with you. I've come across many bad and many good things about being self employed but only the experience of it all makes you better equipped at recognising whether a potential client is genuine or not. Anyway, thanks for reading my post and hopefully it won't be too long before I can contribute to the forum. See you around. Veronica www.vltsecretarial.co.uk
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