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  1. I'll play... since an iPod touch is on it's way to me, I can commit to more walking... at least twice a week. In addition to soccer, I think this will help. (and since I have to be at football/basketball practice anyway, I might as well walk!) Heather Jacobson
  2. Oh, I've been waiting for the ads to come out..... I actually have a sitter lined up so that I can go shopping.... WOO HOO....
  3. I tried to donate a prize but the form wouldn't work.... I have stuff to give away.... I'll drop ya an email....
  4. As I said earlier, next year will be my year to take the leap of faith to fulltime VA. I take your advise to heart, and now have saved some stash enough for 7 months' worth of expenses. The projects I'm getting lately are picking up quite fast, and I had to work till midnight (after office hours) to have them ready by the next day. All of my clients are happy with the work I do for them, and that makes me really charged up (aside from the coffee, of course LOL!) 11.18.07 is D-Day! Gabs WTG with setting a date!!!!! You sound like you're bound and determined to make it happen...I know you will!!!
  5. For me it was 9 months, but I got a client that was big enough for me to make the leap....I typically suggest to those that I coach to save 9 months salary before leaving their full time gig. Also remember, that you're going to be charging more (or you should be) than your employee rate and that you can't bill 40 hours a week or you'll be working 60 hours a week with all of your non billable work. there's a pricing worksheet that Naomi has floating around here somewhere that's excellent in helping you determine some of the pieces of the puzzle.
  6. I've had dreams where I was in an IM window...and others that were solely through IM...so no worries....you're not the only one...
  7. As an Army Brat I feel your pain on moving....that's why I bought this place and I'm staying until Sam at least is done with elementary school.... Hang in there...you'll find something FANTABULOUS!!! And good luck with the weight loss...you can do it!!!
  8. Oh no! Don't worry there's another rule - when you do something, right or wrong, do it consistently and you'll be fine! When working in the corporate world the company I worked for did a whole bunch of things wrong, but wouldn't let me change them...I took a class once on grammar and asked the instructors about the rules and she said the rule that supercedes all rules is the way that the person who signs your check says it should be...
  9. Why would your business be any different from the clients that you are trying to attract? You're now at the point where you need to practice what you preach and you should know better than anyone how much time/money you can save yourself by hiring a VA. It's a tough hurdle to get over and it's one that your potential clients struggle with as well. When I started using VAs myself for *MY* work, I was able to better get in my clients head. I've used VAs (and differnet ones depending on their specialties) for many of my tasks including, but not limited to, web maintanance, newsletter, blog, email management, etc. It freed up a lot of my time to do other things. Network...find someone that you click with and see what you can work out as far as an arrangement... It's a wonderful feeling to let it all go...
  10. LOVING IT!!!!!!!!! Actually, I started going to the gym again (after 4 month of paying for it and never setting foot in side) and i'm loving it. I feel so much better!!! I drop the kids off at school and then head to the gym. I work out, shower there and do my hair and makeup and when I walk in the door at 9am, I am ready to rock and roll!!!! I've started running which is something that I never in a million years started doing and plan on running in my first 5k as soon as they have the next one. It's been great!!! And....i'm starting to look a little better too.... I was of the mentality that I did get out side and move around because I went out to smoke too....and I still do that....
  11. Taking a deep breath is essential!! Go back to your dating days and a guy (or gal) just called you and expressed interest. It's the same feeling. You don't want to appear desparate to them...you want to look like the cool chick (or dude) that you are. Same thing! Potential clients can sense when we are over eager for the work...just like dogs and bees can smell fear. Don't devalue yourself just to get the client. State your rate. Come up with a retainer package. And relax. If it doesn't work out...there are other fish in the sea!! Good luck!!!
  12. I've had a gym membership for ever and never used it...there was just no time...(i love how i can justify anything...) But in the last few weeks, I've been dropping the kids off at school and then I head to the gym, work out, shower and change there (including hair and makeup -- which is really a 5 minute thing for me) and then I'm home by 9. When I walk in the door I'm ready to work and I'm pretty energized. The last thing I want to do at 5 when I'm done work is go to the gym, but it's not so bad in the morning...and that's a good time for me too...the business people are already gone and the senior citizens are there so I don't feel so slow when I'm working out...although...there are some of them that I look at and say "I want to be like that when I'm that age!!!" But I love that I've worked this into my routine. I feel my best when I walk out of the gym in the morning!
  13. I had to cancel my trip because my baby bro just returned from Iraq and is getting married on the 30th...that's just 2 weeks before the conference and I couldn't swing the cost for both since the wedding is in Florida... I also have a registration if anyone needs one. I'm pretty bummed that I'm not going to be there... But, I only have one brother and I know that saying "I'm not coming to the wedding because I want to go see all my friends in the box" would go over like a pregnant pole vaulter... Have a GREAT time and at least one drink for me...
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