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  1. Hello Savvy, On VA Seminar Achieve they have one on Pricing, Marketing by Mark Silver. I'm listening to it know and maybe that can help you with pricing. Have a great day. Kathy
  2. Congratulation on the addition to your family........ My baby was a week and a half late and I don't wish that on anyone...... I'm going to say September 10th at 7:30 a.m.......... Kathy "Customer Service With A Smile"
  3. Hello, It's good to meet you. I'm a newbie also and from Chicago IL. I've starting my business approximately two months ago. I'm still learning and getting information from the feedback here. Kathy "Customer Service With A Smile"
  4. Hello, I have spoken with three possible clients. The process have been moving slow. One thing that I haven't done is find out new business in my area and send them letters and proposals to introduce myself and business. I'm also working with a Business Counselor and she's given my ideas and the service is free. I'm in Chicago and it's called SBA - Small Business Association. I understand what your saying but keep the faith and now that your clients are on there way....... Kathy "Customer Service With A Smile"
  5. I have the same concern. I have some standard rates. Someone ask me to do a new office set up. Clean up files, handbook, interview part-time assistant and I gave them a price of one time fee of $300.00. My going rate is $30.00 an hour for Executive Assistant and $15.00 hour for Customer Service and Receptionist. I don't know if this is to low or high but I look on other VA's webiste and compared their prices. I remember being on one of the seminars when the speaker was Diana Ennen and she stated the going rate was between $35 to $100 per hour. She also said higher rates know you are qualified, rate should be based on your skills, Increase your rate depending on niche, and consider retainers and lower rates for more hours. Kathy "Customer Service With A Smile"
  6. This is awesome!!!!!! I'm so excited about this opportunity and what doors are going to be open for you and the VA's. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on Oprah!
  7. Hello, I'm working on my website also. I'm using SBC Smallbusiness. It's easy and user friendly. The have selected templates. I recommend you create everything in word and copy and paste it. I'm in Chicago so you might have to use another carrier.
  8. I don't have one either so don't feel alone ladies............
  9. Hello, I'm setting up prices for my services. I'm struggling with the price for new office set up and virtual receptionist. Could someone help me with rates and any tips on getting my business started? Thanks. Kathy A. Adams Kathy's Executive Assistant Services kathy@keaservices.com www.keaservices.com
  10. Hello, I thinks Virtual-lutions is a good name because it's unique and it will draw people.
  11. Hello, My name is Kathy Adams. The name of my business is Kathy's Executive Assistant Services. I'm marketing small businesses and individual. I'm just starting my business. If anyone can give me any input on how to get my business going. I've been an Executive Assistant for over 10 years. Also, what is the going rate for New Office Set up in your local area? I look forward to the new partnership with you. kathy@keaservices.com www.keaservices.com
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