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  1. Hello I'm going to be in the British Library on Friday 30th October - if you would like more details please email caroline@societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk Basically it's a chance to put faces to forum posts!
  2. All UK VAs are invited to this get together on Sat 26th August in Edinburgh. We'll discuss the UK virtual assistantance industry, ways to raise our profile, and ways to increase business. Let me know if you are able to make it along...drop me an email on caroline@scottishvirtualassistants.co.uk & I'll send you details once venue / timings etc are confirmed. Or visit www.scottishvirtualassistants.co.uk & the members forum for more details. Thanks, Caroline
  3. Yeah - I'm desperately trying to finish up the work & get them out of my office... I'm doing some flyer printing, some call answering & some letterhead printing. I listened to my PSYBT adviser (against my better judgement!!) & took the cash, but now they're being really difficult & demanding stuff in ridiculously short timeframes. Anyway - it'll be all gone by tomorrow! Delivery is 9am!
  4. I had a couple of very strange new clients in my office the other day... They filled out my new client form which basically gives me an address & phone number to contact them. They paid cash upfront, so I'm okay, but I'm a bit concerned that they're a bit dodgy & it might reflect badly on me to be answering their calls, organising their flyers etc. I checked out the address they gave (which didn't exist) & confronted them - they've now given me another one which does check out. I can't think of anything else I can do to protect myself, other than turning down the work, which I'm not keen on doing, as I'm just starting out. After all, I'm only answering their calls, not part of their business! Any ideas?
  5. Hi I recently got asked by a client how much using a virtual office could save him & I honestly had no idea! So I sat down & worked out how much everything costed & was AMAZED to discover that I am saving each and every one of my clients about £2,000!!! Needless to say I've been emailing them telling them all how lucky they are!! Let me know if you would like to see my workings! Caroline
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