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  1. Hi fellow VA friends, I'm in Auckland, New Zealand. I am Kiwi VA - and would love to organise a networking group with fellow kiwis. So if you are here with VANA and obviously in NZ - please contact me! I'd love to catch up over coffee, and do a share & tell all! Cheers Joyce.
  2. Hi all, I'm about to launch my web site over the next 2 weeks, and have done a little research into Web provider's. I was discouraged to use godaddy.com as I was told by another VA they aren't very good with follow up service. Who else is there? Please tell me why you recommend them? Oh & another question how can you protect your domain name? Look forward to hearing from anyone soon!
  3. Hi, I'm Joyce of Kiwi VA Services Limited, based in Auckland, New Zealand. New to VANA & new to VA in general. I'm in the process of writing up my business plan and still to decide a host for my web site. I'm very excited about this venture and feel enthused by the overwhelming support from experienced VA's like Lisa Taliga in Melbourne! I look forward to keeping in contact with all fellow colleagues of the VA world!! By the way, does anyone recommend goddaddy.com as a web & hosting site?! Or can you suggest any other hosting sites? Look forward to hearing from you all soon!!!
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