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  1. Hmmmm? Perhaps I don't need to, I just assumed (and we all know that's bad). I'll check with the DOR today. Thanks to you both for you help.
  2. Thanks Patty, I actually found that thread after I did my post, very good info there! Even in quotes, the search just brings up this thread and one other that seems to be mostly about Canadian taxes. When you are located in one state and your client in another do you charge sales tax according to the laws in your state? I do thank you for your help. Rita
  3. I tried to search for this but the words "Sales Tax" came up as too short???? Anyway, how do you do tax for clients? This client is going to use Paypal for payment, which I prefer, but I have no experience with getting money, only spending money on PayPal (or anywhere for that matter). If someone would give me some advice about charging and taxes and payments, I would be jumping for joy. To say that I'm thrilled to have my first client (and another one in the wings) is an understatement. Thanks for any help.
  4. Ok, now you have made me nervous to go Rita They're kind of crazy... You'll have a great time!
  5. Hi there, I was just browsing through the posts about this years' conference and thinking, wistfully, about last years'. It was great meeting you in St. Louis and I'm having very strong jealousy twinges. It sounds like the conference is really expanding to meet the needs of the growing VA industry and I wanna go (there's no smilie for pitching a fit and throwing a tantrum - darn). Sorry, Wayne won't be available for the group bed photo this year...tee hee. I just can't trust him when he gets near Kelly let alone a whole group of VA's on a bed so, nope, he's not allowed to go. Look out, you first timers, initiation is wild!!! Just kidding...EXTREMELY innocent! You all have a GREAT time!! Rita
  6. Karri, This is rather late...I just took a peek at your newsletter today! VERY impressive! My compliments, young lady, you're on your way to huge things. Go get 'em! Rita
  7. Yup, the first one is the one I was thinking of. Thanks Julie, you're a better "searcher" than I am.
  8. Thanks Candy, I had taken a look at the pages that you shared and it doesn't appear that (from what I saw on the site) the tax i.d would be necessary for my needs. I wanted to take a look at that thread that I thought I remembered because it seemed like someone said that it was necessary and I was curious as to why they said that. Anyway, thanks very much for the response. R
  9. Hi everyone, I know I saw a post about fed. tax i.ds on the site not long ago but it would come up in my search endeavor? Do you have one (tax i.d.) and, also, how do you charge sales tax? Per job? Appreciatetively, Rita
  10. Hi Laisha, I'm sorry I missed meeting you! We must have missed each other. I'll look for you at the next one! Rita
  11. Hi Everyone! I've been keeping very busy since I returned from the conference! So much to do and so little time!!!!! I came back very excited and energized to get this VA practice of mine launched, I don't know what to do first! BTW...where are the picts that Heather sent? On VANF somewhere or did she email them? I want to see, I want to see. I have a couple of incriminating photos of Heather (tee hee) and others myself, how can I post them? Ok, what can I possibly say about meeting all of you in St. Louie? Wonderful, great, fabuous, stupendous, better than I imagined!! Thanks so much for making me (and my chauffer/CFO, Wayne, BTW...he's still relishing being "in bed" with 5 women...oooo, that should feed some imaginations!! Don't jump to any conclusions, it wasnt like that!!!) feel part of such a great group of talented, energetic, intelligent people. Now I need to get busy and prove that I belong. The conference itself was wonderful and I took away lots of great information and tools. I was somewhat overwhelmed when it was all over on Saturday but you all made me feel so much better about it all when we went to dinner. Thanks so much for that! I'm setting the jar (or perhaps a beer mug is more appropriate) on my desk to start my conference/summit saving for 2006 too! When I get my first client I may have to dip into it for a small celebration though. Thanks for the invitation to bunk in with your group next year, Michelle, I fear it could be very dangerous but so dang much fun! Thanks for the memories, Rita
  12. Thanks for the great info, both of you! This would be for use just for MY business, I'm not a bookkeeper, Heaven forbid I would touch anyone else's books! Yee Gad! I'll be lucky if I don't screw up my own...tee hee! So, can I get by with the basic version instead of the Pro version? Thanks again, that really helped to clear it up for me! R
  13. Thanks Karri, That information is very helpful! I'm convinced that Quickbooks is the way to go. Now I'm trying to decide if it's better to purchase or use the online version? Anyone have any insight to which choice is better? Rita
  14. Hi everyone... We are considering Quickbooks for my new business and I've been reading in the posts that some of you have a "love/hate" relationship with the program. I would love to hear more about that! What's wrong with it (and right)? Does anyone have any opinions about purchasing the Pro version and installing on the PC vs. the online version? I just hate the bookkeeping part of business (necessary evil ). Thanks for any advise. Rita
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