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  1. My, you are very knowledgable, all of you. Judy, thank you, that is extremely interesting and helpful. I want a "truck" too. : )
  2. Tena, oh you're so welcome. We can trudge through this confusion and decison together. I've never thought about QVC for computer purchasing, have to check that out. Funny thing...my initials are RAM. Just a little interesting (probably only to me) side bar. Thanks for all the additional info. This is incredibly helpful, really!!
  3. Thanks to you all. Great info, RAM RAM RAM...I won't forget. It's that "afford to buy" part that's the problem. Gosh, they are spendy. Interesting about the "cooling" system, I had never heard of that. I think that it's the dual core processor that I was thinking of getting. Someone said it would be best if you are working with graphics and lots of multi programs, which I will. I'm quite the multi-tasker. I have never heard the horror stories about Best Buy but I did ask someone about Dell vs. HP and their response was "will you be wanting service - don't buy Dell?" They said that HP was better for that. This is really helpful, thanks again to you all.
  4. Wow, all great info...thanks so much. Any thoughts on the dual processor stuff?
  5. Hi, I'm baaaaack...just when you thought it was safe. Sorry to have not forumed for awhile. It's been a crazy summer, I hope things will be settling down soon. I'm planning to get a brand, spankin' new ( badly needed) 'puter soon and I think I'll go for a notebook, after all, why get away from your work when you can haul it along with you, right? I'm so confused about them though, RAM, Hard Drive, Processer, blah, blah, blah. When people start talking about it, it sounds like Charlie Brown adults talking...mwaaa, mwaaa, mwaaa. Here's what I need this miracle machine to do besides all the usual stuff; run PaintShop Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator and not slow down doing it. Someone mentioned duel processors for graphic work and it makes sense to me but you're the experts so I would love your opinion on everything. I promise to shut-up and listen. Which brand is best, I've been looking at HP and have checked out the Dell site too. Wow they seem hugely expensive, but I'm sure they all are. What should I be looking for, what do I really need and what can I live without? Thank you in advance for your patience and for letting me pick your brains. Rita P.S. Do any of them mix and serve martinis? Now THAT I would pay extra for!
  6. I really don't know for sure. I just know that it's 30 - 40 pages of text and graphics that she has created for an ebook. She tried just emailing it but, nope, didn't work, too large. So I guess I need to set up something. I did do the Free LMI but the client would either need to have it too and send it using LMI or else she needs this IT Reach program that LMI has that allows me to access the client's computer and use file manager to get the file. Neither option is very good, in my opinion, I just don't want to ask the client to put anything on their 'puter. I'm still perplexed and thinking that my only option is to "rent" web office space, such as, Sharepoint or something like that. I'm so new at this stuff, I would so appreciate if someone can steer me in the right direction. Thanks, Rita
  7. Angela, yep, that's it for me, my client has a huge doc that she needs to send to me and my inbox just won't allow it because of the size. Rita
  8. Hi Candy, Here I thought Minnesota had the market on mosquitos! We have a very wooded lot and love to be outside so it's important, especially these days with the West Nile Virus, to us that we can be out there without worrying about being eaten alive. I hate those rub on, spray on things too (although I do think that DEET is the only thing that really works). My DH has a background in agriculture and chemicals and, swears by Malithion 50 or 57%. You can get it at home stores or garden centers, you will need a sprayer as well, you mix as directed with water and spray it around your yard in the grassy areas. We have tall pine trees and he sprays the trunks of them as well to prevent pine beetles from infesting. We've lost lots of trees in the past, our place was neglected for a long time before we moved in and now the pine infestation is, pretty much, non-existant. On the other side, I think there is controversy over the safety of Malithion, it is a chemical but my DH swears by it's safety and I trust his knowledge and background. I am sensative to chemicals though and I do stay indoors while he is spraying and wait awhile to go out afterwards. I'm sure that there are those who will question the safety of using it but our thoughts are that we want to be outdoors and don't want to risk getting sick with west nile, malithion does the trick for us. You will need to decide for yourself. Happy summer! Rita
  9. Terry, I was checking it out too and I saw that too, however, I wonder if the client can have the free version and send me files? I think so, but it wasn't clear on the site (at least I didn't see it). What do you think? Joann, that sounds like YouSendIt. I was looking at that but started thinking that it might be time to set up more of an online office setting, however, if LMI doesn't work without the client subscribing too, I may have to reconsider. Thanks for the input from both of you, I really appreciate it.
  10. WAY too funny...we must have been posting at exactly the same time, Terry! Thanks for the input about LMI. Yes, I'm sure the client wouldn't have it and I'm not sure would be interested so I would be interested in how that works.
  11. Ok, I was looking at other posts on VAN and I see that Terry Green, you recommend LogMeIn? I took a lookat it and it looks like what I want and need and it's affordable. Another question...have you used the backup portion? I really need to back up my hd!
  12. Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great day. I need to set up a system for file transferring from clients but, WOW, confusing stuff! I checked them out online and it seems pretty costly and geared toward large companies. Has anyone found a system that works well for home based businesses like ours that you don't have to sell your first born to afford? Thanks for letting me pick your brains, Rita
  13. Hmmmm? Perhaps I don't need to, I just assumed (and we all know that's bad). I'll check with the DOR today. Thanks to you both for you help.
  14. Thanks for the great information ladies!! I had just posted under the bookkeeping section asking about how PayPal works for payment and then I found this...pretty slick!! R
  15. Thanks Patty, I actually found that thread after I did my post, very good info there! Even in quotes, the search just brings up this thread and one other that seems to be mostly about Canadian taxes. When you are located in one state and your client in another do you charge sales tax according to the laws in your state? I do thank you for your help. Rita
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