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  1. I'm glad that someone pointed that out. Elance number one is hard to even compete on. There are people listed there who will work for 4 sometimes 5 an hour. So when other VA's come along an reply with market rates of $15 or more, they aren't even considered. I know living in SoCal, $5/hr won't even pay for gas in my car!
  2. I recently was down in the dumps because I had been networking so hard and had not one bite. Then at the beginning of the year I landed my first client. I was happy, but I wanted more so I kept on pounding the pavement, Well, be careful what you wish for! 3 new clients signed this week! So for those "newbies" keep at it, if you work hard enough, it will happen! Maybe not right away, but it will happen!
  3. I'm so glad someone asked about this.... I use linkedin every day. I do a lot of networking so when I get a business card, I enter it into my contacts on LinkedIn and "connect" to them -if they have an account. Its a great way to stay connected. And the more active you are, the more traffic to your website......
  4. a slave who will do WHATEVER you ask
  5. I thought I was at the bottom of the list. I average about 11 per day. But that total sky rockets when I announce the date for the next event I host.
  6. Kyle- I'm not being micromanaged, he just wants to see how I calculate my hours on any given week. I don't expect he will be checking up on me, I suspect it is strictly so he knows what to expect to be billed. As long as I'm truthful, I see no reason why he shouldn't be allowed to see my hours.
  7. I have seen many people recommend time tracking software. Is there on that will allow the client to see at any time what I have done and how many hours I'm working? Thanks Stephanie
  8. Hi everyone. I have had 2 inquiries about services (yipee) but I'm a little stumped. I have a PC they BOTH have a Mac. Will we be able to communicate via remote access if we don't have the same programs? Thanks, Stephanie
  9. Oh, you daughter will **LOVE** you. *laugh* I think they are cute the first 5 minutes or so and then I want to bury it in the backyard after setting it on fire after dismantling it slowly. What? you have a little evil streak don't you Candy??
  10. I'm with you Paula. I live in Oceanside and whats weird is that the fires look like they are building a circle around us. So for now we are safe. The air quality is horrible, they canceled school so my kids have to be home and inside all day, and the stores are starting to empty out. This is crazy. Say a little prayer for my friends that aren't so lucky. Stephanie
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