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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Cheryl and I am beginning my VA business again! Even though I still work full-time for a DC law firm, I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again. I have another business as well (Property Management) but the time away has given me the opportunity to restructure both areas of my business.
  2. Good Afternoon, I am responding to your roll call 1. How long you've been a part of the legal industry? I have been a Legal Secretary since 1993 2. How long you've been a VA? I guess I can say that I have been doing it since 1996 when I went to work for a husband and wife attorney's office who allowed me to work from home and I had to come up with a company name. 3. Your primary service offering? I mainly offer any legal typing services as well as Personal Injury Claim Processing which has really been working well for me. 4. If you could do one thing over, what would it be? I actually have done something over. When I first started out in 1996, I was careless in the way I ran my business. Now, I have done a lot of things differently, business accounts, Tax ID number, etc. 5. How you've marketed yourself in order to gain clients. I have marketed via e-mails, word of mouth, website, post card mailings
  3. I think it would actually be a great idea. In the area where I live there are several VA's who get together once a month and discuss marketing strategies, etc.
  4. My first client was a real estate agent. We actually had been corresponding since last year when I was looking for a house. I purchased my home from my cousin so I ended up not needing an agent but we kept in contact. One day she sent me a newsletter that she had done and it was not professional at all, I made some suggestions to her and then she asked me about my background and when I told her, she asked me how much would I charge her to handle some things for her. Just this past Friday, I received my first compensation from her and she has referred me to other agents within her office.
  5. Does anyone know the average cost for a website. I have someone who said they would charge me $500.00. I have seen her work before and it is very good and I have seen a sample of what she will do for me but I was just unsure of the pricing.
  6. As of now, the one agent that has asked for my assistance would like me to make follow-up calls, schedule termite inspections, etc. Manage her contacts and preapre a newsletter. There will be other tasks also but now, that is what she has requested. Have you ever heard of or used ezcoordinator
  7. I am new to the business and forum so this question may have been asked before, however, does anyone have any recommendation for software when working with Real Estate Agents. Although I was not planning to target agents, I was approached by one and made some telephone calls for her etc and after that two other agents from her office contacted me as well.
  8. I have used Amicus Attorney before and the attorneys were very pleased.
  9. Congratulations on registering your domain. I to registered mine on Tuesday(visions-virtual.com). I am new to this forum and have just opened my business this month.
  10. Are there every any chats/weekly seminars regarding Legal VA's.
  11. So how is business for you. I am just starting out. I still work full-time downtown Washington, DC but I have secured my first client.
  12. Just wondering if there are any VA's from the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
  13. Hi Caryn, I am in the same situation as you. I am currently working for a major law firm in downtown Washington, DC. However, I am trying to get my business off the ground so I can resign. I am still putting things in place but once I get them there, I am going to do a press release as well as do a mass mailing to the solo practitioners in the DC Metropolitan area.
  14. Hi, my name is Cheryl and I am new to this site as well as being a new Virtual Assistant. I am actually in the process of starting my company. I have been a legal secretary since 1996 and have experience in the areas of real estate as well. I look forward to getting lots of advice from everyone.
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