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  1. My strengths? ... I would say that I am Neuroticly organized, very inquisitive i.e.” will figure out how it works”, detail oriented (obviously)…
  2. Evening all, It's been quite a while since I participate in the Wednesday evening chat...and for sure cannot remember on where it is on this site? LOL Any help would be appreciated! Best of the Season! Chris
  3. Good day all, Simple question - does anybody know how to edit the styling for the Contact Form 7? I know how to edit css and in this case use the Style.css file, but it seems that if I want to retain the changes I will make, I have to add the 'new styling' to my main WP website style/css and not the Contact Form per say (as to keep the new styling when I update the pluging) Any direction on how to do this is welcome! Thanks!
  4. Good day all, I am presently working on a total 'redo' for one of my client's website in WordPress and I am ready to throw in the towel! Here is the problem: My client is presently using the WP Headway Premium theme latest version 1.6.6 which comes with a Visual Editor. Now, I thought that for sure it would be easy....Nope; I 'played" with this thing last evening and cannot understand the 'leaf' concept. I have followed tutorials, searched the web and still cannot get the Editor to work properly. I have also left a query on their forum, and I am still waiting for an answer. Example: At this present point, the content on the pages is ‘squished’ in other words; the sentences are one on top of the other. (Good thing I am working behind a maintenance screen right now!) So my question is the following: Has anybody worked with this theme before? And if so, would it be possible to explain in simple terms how the 'leafs “work? Can I disable the Visual Editor, and go back to good old css and html? Also, how do I explain to my customer that I don’t understand the Visual Editor? I mean, this makes me look like a total idiot LOL I mean, what do I do, charge the client extra until I get it straight? I have been thinking of trying to convince the client of moving to a different theme, but then she bought this thing before she was my client and claims that it is the best. Another thing, the website was already build with Headway version 1.0, and looks like ….So; obviously, whoever worked on this either had the same problem, or was not into creating a WP website! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Your the best Patty - it worked like a charm! Many Thanks, Elenora
  6. Good day all, It's been over a year now since I have used 1sc (different clients, different projects) and for sure, I have forgotten something soooo simple I am almost ashamed to ask - How do I set up a Broadcast to sent a copy only to my attention for verification purposes? In other words, before I sent it out to everybody else? Any help on this is much appreciated, Elenora
  7. Good day all, It's been over a year now since I have used 1sc (different clients, different projects) and for sure, I have forgotten something soooo simple I am almost ashamed to ask - How do I set up a Broadcast to sent a copy only to my attention for verification purposes? In other words, before I sent it out to everybody else? Any help on this is much appreciated, Elenora
  8. Thanks Sherra, As a matter of fact, I did figure it out...And yes, the second account was not deleted! LOL I know this was a 101 question, but would rather ask then going big "Opss!" Elenora
  9. Amanda - I would first check if your version of WordPress is compatible with the Maintenance plugin. Often what happens is that we go ahead and upgrade our WordPress, meanwhile the plugins themselves are not upgraded - thus not working! I know this sounds like 101, but are all your pages published or still in draft form? You have to publish your pages to be able to see them in the Maintenance plugin. You can also go to the Maintenance plugin website, and read the Q&A post. Very informative. If all else fails...email me. It will be my pleasure to help you out! Elenora
  10. Everybody here has given you great answers...and I will leave it at that. On the other hand, if this happen to me - I would shoot first, then ask questions! Love that quote Dana! Elenora
  11. I listen to ITunes every day on my pc when working, and in the past few weeks they just seem to break up and disappear for no reason. (coning in from Canada here) Now, I was thinking that it had something to do with some updates I have done on my pc...(Avast new virus protection...who knows!) Obviously not from reading the last few post. I know this does not help at this point, but I do remember them saying around November and December of 2009 that they were bringing in some changes in the New Year re: 2010 - updates in the way we were to receive the data from them - music. May be worth to Google somewhere around that area... Now, as I say this... Have I Google to see why my connection is not working properly? Nope. I just keep on working, and out of aggravation, click the stream I was listening to ....to bring it back in. Eleanora
  12. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will have to learn coding if you want to design websites...starting with your own website! Now, with this being said, I would suggest you find a free WordPress template that you like (or more), downloading them, and then ripping it apart. I have suggested this before, and for a good reason. Go backwards, see what other designers have done by looking at 'their' codes and the results. If you are 'visual' it will be very easy to learn and understand the process. When I started 3 years ago, I knew NOTHING about codes and what not. Learning a foreign language would have been easier! But I stuck to it, and to be honest, if I could only do that for a living, I would be in heaven! As for WordPress...Its the best in town! Elenora p.s.: PHP is easier than it looks. Get your HTML first, then CSS. PHP will be a breeze by then. Im still learning PHP, and like I said before, just wish I had more time!
  13. Good day all, I have a question regarding YouTube: One of my client has 2 accounts with YouTube - 1 - Both are under the same profile name - lets say - John Smith 2 - Both have different YouTube channel names - lets say - The JoSmith channel and the Dog Showplace channel 3 - Both are not related to Google re: I did not use his Google email address, but a different free email account for each. What my question is : If I delete one of the John Smith account lets say The JoSmith channel, will it affect the Dog Showplace channel? Both have different videos on each, but the same profile. Making sense here? Thanks in advance! Elenora
  14. I would post it to my Website... and just maybe follow Candy's suggestions also! (Love it!) Elenora
  15. I am presently working in the same way, where I will get the messages 2-3 times a day, call back when necessary or forward by email. Pricing? I decided that is was better to just charge a flat fee per hour. Remember, you want to make things simple for yourself, and your customer... And still money for yourself! Now, granted I would have made more money if I would have charged for every phone call, email and what not, but I also had to take into consideration that this customer needed this kind of help on continuous basis. i.e. The service I offered made me the 'link' to his business. You have to decide... Also, as an example: After taking his calls for the longest time, I now do translations for him, and take care of his WordPress website.... Best of luck! Elenora
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