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    WordPress Geek - WordCamp attendee from 2009 to 2013 WP Rocks!
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    Love my business with a passion & every day is a new challenge.
    Home is north of Montreal, Quebec, in a small town called, St. Jerome. Not total country living, but darn close to it. Family: 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a fantastic loving partner.

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    Re: running your business and dealing with customers:
    Patience is not a virtue, but a requisite.

    When dealing with your customers:
    Be thoughtful, not personal.

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  1. I would post it to my Website... and just maybe follow Candy's suggestions also! (Love it!) Elenora
  2. Evening, As they say, learn and live (or is it the other way around?)... You know, I was just about to order some odds and ends from them...and after reading...I will gladly deal with my graphic person, here in my little small town... at least I know who she is...and what happens with my cc. Thanks! Elenora
  3. Sorry girls, but I totally agree with Candy! I have been on Facebook for 2 years or so now, and I fail to see the point!!! Hey, dont get me wrong, I love meeting fellow VA"s, chatting, throwing stuff, whatever.. lol, but beside that.. nahhhh.. Will have to make it for the meeting and see if that can change my mind!! Elenora
  4. Evening, You have my vote Darling.. done...And, may I say you are now part of my "Outlook calendar i.e. things that I must do everyday...regardless of"... Now, that's a vote... Elenora
  5. Did somebody say party? Boy, do I remember the last one, nobody could believe I was going to a Virtual party! Congratulations on your 5 years Tawnya, being part of VANA has been the best choice I ever made! Keep it going, and for sure you will see me at the next one!! Elenora
  6. Evening, Congratulations Pat!!! You are the best, and I would not have expected anything less from the professional person that you are! Because of a forum like VANA, (the only one may I say...) Participating and working as a VA Intern is the best experience that is offered to us, so that we may learn and build inside our new and growing Virtual industry! I raise my hat to the best! Thank you Tawnya..and to all that made the VA Internship possible. Elenora
  7. Evening, You know, I still get this weird look when I talk about what I do for a living around my parts of the woods! So, to answer your question, no, I have not had the chance! On the other hand, since I have joined VANA, I have met other VAs and created beautiful friendships may it be over the phone or by email. What do I love about it? Being able to talk shop without having to explain every other words. And for sure the friendship and camaradrie of being in the same trade with the same outlooks and aspirations. You cant beat that. I just hope that someday we will have
  8. Hello Jodie, You did a fantastic job! The only thing I am having a problem with is also the 3rd paragraph... Beside that.. Go for it Elenora
  9. Thank you for the good words...it makes my day Elenora
  10. Hello to all, I am so happy, it's finally done, and my first Press Release is out there! It took a while, lots of writing, changes made to the website, deciding what my niche would be...all and all it was well worth it. Press Release link Again, thanks to everybody for all the help, and most of all, a Big Thank You to VANA You'all let me know what you think about it!! Elenora
  11. Evening, Love your pess release Pat, very informative, and well done... The best to you in your new business ventures for 2008! Elenora
  12. Bonjour, I loved it Darrell, very well done, and informative. Elenora
  13. Greetings, Now, if that is not an incentive...... Thanks Tawnya.. Elenora
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