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  1. Thank you, Dusty! I'll add this to my growing collection!
  2. Congratulations, Cathy! Here's hoping there are many more in your future!
  3. Thanks Tawnya! I was actually looking for this information a few days ago to add to my brochure also!
  4. Congratulations! All my best wishes to the (growing!) family!
  5. Please note: this is the first draft. The web address and e-mail in this release are not yet active. They will be before I send this out to the media. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated since this is the first press release I've ever written. Thanks! Kitty FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Howard Business Assistants Opens Providing Administrative Services to Area Businesses Contact: Kitty Howard Phone: (to be added at final release) E-mail: kitty@howardassistants.com URL: http://www.howardassistants.com Foreman, AR – Local mom finds a way to be home with her children, work full-time, and do her small part to protect our environment. The role of the traditional secretary has changed over the years to meet the needs of the business world. Kitty Howard of Howard Business Assistants understands this. In a rural community setting, many workers have to drive long distances to get to their daily job. After driving 100 miles a day to perform administrative related tasks she began to wonder if there was a better way. She found it, and that led to her opening the doors of her own Internet-based business in the Ark-La-Tex area. Howard Business Assistants offers Virtual Assistance services throughout the area and over the Internet. What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Simply answered, she is the secretary of now and into the future. Virtual Assistants provide a variety of services to their clients from bookkeeping to web design and everything in-between. Usually business with the VA is conducted through e-mail, by phone, fax or over the Internet. By utilizing today’s technology to the fullest, the VA can provide services at a moment’s notice from her home office. Many businesses have never met their VA face-to-face, but trust them with some of their most important projects. Anything that can be faxed, e-mailed, or communicated by telephone can be contracted to a VA. With the advancement of technology and the changing needs of business, the traditional secretary hardly exists. The administrative assistant of today’s business world has to be skilled in the use of computers and various software packages. Many times she becomes part secretary, editor, web designer, proofreader, bookkeeper, and more. When a business is presented with a short-term or immediate need, going through the hassle of hiring a new employee may not be worth it. By contracting with a VA, they can save the expense of hiring, training, paying for insurance and taxes and other expenses and time-sinks often associated with the addition of staff. Around the world there is growing environmental concern as well. The average car in the US produces 12,100 pounds of CO2 every year contributing to greenhouse gas emissions that affect the environment worldwide. Since most VAs do their work from a home office through Tele-commuting technologies, each one is doing their part to reduce this number and help preserve our environment for generations to come. “I have always enjoyed putting my administrative skills to use for businesses. Many times I felt they were not being utilized to their fullest potential. By being a VA, I can provide my best skills to a variety of businesses to fill their needs, yet not have to make that hour-long drive every day into town. I get more time with my family, use less gasoline, and take a large step in reducing CO2 emissions from my car.” Howard Business Assistants can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.howardassistants.com or by calling (to be added). ####
  6. I'm in Southwest Arkansas. Depending on where it is and how finances are at the time, I might be interested in attending. Kitty
  7. This was a very informative read and I recommend it for the networking newbies! Its a great place to start. Way to go Angela!!
  8. Congratulations Nancy! That's fantastic and a great picture too!
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