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  1. Hi Fellow VAs, I've been reading the posts on the above-mentioned topic; however, they are no recent posts on this topic. My question is what is standard subcontracting rate in 2012; for example, 80/20, 70/30, etc.? Thanks.
  2. Thank you, JudyAnn; especially, for that accountant tip. I hadn't thought of that. I decided to go for it. I think it will be worth it. She appears to be an excellent coach. Once again, thank you. Rita
  3. Have any of you bartered your services in exchange for coaching services? If so, was it worth it? Was it a successful arrangement? Thanks in advance. Rita
  4. Hi Fellow VAs, My monthly newsletter is now available for the public. Click here to read your copy. If you would like to receive current issues, please click here. Thank you.
  5. Hello fellow VA's, I just published the February edition of my newsletter; therefore, my previous publication is now available for the public (non-subscribers). Click here to check it out. If you would like to receive the current edition hot off the press, please subscribe here. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Rita
  6. Hi Fellow VAs, Are we ready for the holidays? Last month's edition of my newsletter is now available. Click here to check it out. I included articles, which I hope will help you to meet your year-end goals. To get the current edition hot off the press, click here to subscribe to my list. Also, I'm giving away a free 5-part report on Working With Virtual Assistants to new subscribers. Maybe your clients will find it useful. Enjoy! Rita
  7. Are these instructions for Word 2003, because I have 2007 and I don't see tools/options/save. Thanks again. Rita
  8. Hi Cyndi, Actually someone asked me and I didn't have the answer. So, I thought I would asked the experts. The person who asked said it was happening several times, sometimes on the same document. These are the instructions I gave her, but they didn't work: 1. On the Review tab, click Protect Document. 2. Select Restrict Permission and select Unrestricted Access. Thanks again. Rita
  9. Hi Everyone, What will cause a Word doc to convert to a read-only doc when saving it and how to stop this from happening? Thanks. Rita
  10. Now, I see it. I had to click on the "show kitchen sink" icon in order for the second row of icons to show. Thanks Judy. This eliminates the step of having to paste it in Notepad. Funny, I started this tread as a Word question and it ended up being a thread that qualifies for the blogging tips forum. Thanks again, everyone. Rita
  11. I don't see the little white box. I'm using self-hosted WordPress (wordpress.org). Is it in there? Thanks. Rita
  12. If I copy paste the content into WP HTML window, will I still run the risk of the proprietary codes? Thanks. Rita
  13. Thank you all for your suggestions. I generally create the post directly in Word Press window for my blog. I just thought that was a cool feature to be able to create the post in Word and have Word post it for you. One feature that is cool about posting directly in WP window is one of my clients formats her content and when I copy paste it into WP "visual" tab it retains all the formatting. Is this where I can run into the proprietary codes issue? When I copy paste anything from Word or Outlook into Expression Web 2, I paste it in the code window rather than the design window because of all those proprietary codes. I didn't even know that was what they were called until you all told me. I just know they are messy! Thanks again. You all are terrific. Rita
  14. When I was using WordPress.com for my blog, I was able to create the posts using Word 2007. Now that I'm using self-hosted WordPress.org, I can't create the blog posts with Word 2007. Is there a way to create the posts for WordPress.org blog using Word 2007? Thanks. Rita
  15. I don't answer the sale calls. I recognize how they appear on the caller ID, and I simply ignore them. If it is a potential client, that what voice mail is for. You can't register a business phone number with do not call registry. Only personal phone numbers. In regards to phone number on my website, I prefer to have it there. I put myself in the other person shoes. I would look for a phone number and an email address. Speaking for my husband, it irritates him when he visits a website and there is no phone number (ole' school ). Rita
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