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  1. In knowing first hand what elastigirl is in the process of setting up as a multi-va business I know where her question comes from and know that she is well aware of the value of veteran VA's. I have been her VA for more than three years and we've learned a lot about one another. She is putting together the multi-VA business but since the VA business is not growing as fast in Ireland as it is in Canada and the U.S. (and other countries as well); she has decided to include new VA's or independent contractors looking to gain experience as a VA before marketing themselves as VA's. I think that the 'hornet's nest' that she feels she stirred up here is something that we have discussed in this forum for years and that is the Definite difference between a virtual assistant and an off site employee. Elastigirl is not a virtual assistant, her questions are legitimate questions and I respect her for reaching out to a large forum made up of virtual assistants to find a variety of answers but I don't think that she expected the responses that she got here to be somewhat assuming and judgemental in nature. Could we have asked about the VA's being hired as interns or seasoned VA's before we jumped to the conclusion that she is insulting someone? I hope that she is not offended to think that the 'no question is a dumb question' philosophyhas been retired here. I don't want to step on anyone's toes here but I see that only one person even tried to identify with what the actual question was about BEFORE they assumed the worst........and I thank her for that!
  2. Hi there and welcome! My name is Nancy what is your name? I do love your story and yes it is very much like a lot of our stories! This is a great place to gain friendships, support and information! There are so many posts in the archives about how to get started in this type of business and how to get clients, how to market your business etc. You will do well to read some of the topics and get an idea of what some have asked and the replies because I know that there are thousands of questions and answers in the posts on this site that will help you with pursuing your goal of working as a virtual assistant. I am glad to meet you and hope that you find this forum as helpful and supportive as I have over the years! Hope to see you around the virtual world often!
  3. Welcome Kari! This is still the greatest place to meet fellow VA's in different parts of the world, different stages of their business and the best part is the support and resources that are found here! I hope you find it all as I did and others have over the years!
  4. Hi Tawnya! I'd love to help you revive it! What can we do to help? It was fun to listen to and learn from and the newer members can benefit from bringing it back to a weekly show! Do you have ideas of guests, topics? Are you looking for creative ideas for these? What kind of help do you need?
  5. Welcome to VANA Andrea! This is a tremendous place to start! You will learn so much here and make friends quickly. Wishing you much success in the VA business.
  6. What a pretty baby! Congrats to you and your family for the addition!
  7. Happy Birthday Karen!! I hope it's a great day for you!
  8. I get these with my website as well as client sites and I just delete them anymore. What a hassle to keep getting junk! Have a great day!
  9. Congratulations Vickie! I am so tickled for you!
  10. Thank you so much Patty and Pat! I had a wonderful day away from the office. Thank you both for the wishes! You guys are real gems!
  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you! I am inspired by your positive tone and I look forward to virutally supporting you through your treatment on this forum! Best wishes!
  12. I am so excited Pam and Anna! The site looks great and I know it's going to be very successful and a great resource for VA's getting into real estate Virtual assistance!
  13. Welcome Malou! I hope you find this site as a great addition to your daily activities! There are great VA's here as well as tons of topics and useful conversations that will prove to be insightful when you have the time to read the topics! Again Welcome!
  14. The clip that I watched was with Hoda and Kathie Lee talking about their New Years and Christmas gifts so it was on this week. There was also a VA clip of Karen that was on the Today show some time ago but this was a little different especially since they imply that VA's are sought after from India instead of correctly identifying them for being world wide and experienced in a variety of specialities.
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