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  1. Hey that's great! I was wondering when they have to put out that fire we were creating with their meter! Congratulations to VA members here for all the clicks at Startupnation!
  2. Keep it up Michelle! I know you provide a great service to your clients with settings these venues up and seeing to all the details (largest to the smallest) and satisfy the client and their attendees!! Good Job!!
  3. Congratulations Frances on the recognition with the VANA recognition as well as the radio interview stemming from the Press Release! Let us know how it goes!
  4. How exciting! Congratulations and best wishes in the exposure through the article! Let us know when it comes out.
  5. Congratulations to all three winners and wishing you the best with your ebook sales Angela!!
  6. Hi Angela, I had been meaning to download that excerpt since last week. I finally downloaded and read it today and it's so well written and well intended. As a member of this forum and many others I think that this book would serve well for any business that operates by marketing through online avenues, not just VA's. I sincerely hope you do very well in the book revenue as well as providing valuable information to online newbie's needing marketing tips and resources.
  7. Congratulations to Jaime and Jason! Welcome to VANA Little Shelby!
  8. Hi Ros, I am so sorry that you are being 'ignored' by the client! I hate it when that happens and it could be something up his belt that is pending that is delaying your payment, that's happened to me where the client thought I was in distress over nothing because they didn't remit upon receipt as agreed upon and then two weeks later no word and no new projects from them...I got the same conclusions as you (this client has been my client since 3 years ago) but setting all this aside, she did pay and delays were common and as of 2007 we have a 'better' understanding. However I did initiate a letter to all my clients providing 30 day notice to them that late charges would be assessed at 10% on all overdue invoices. I am curious though, does your client contract state anything about late fees? I could be wrong but I didn't think you could tack on interest without something in your agreement with them relating to an interest being assessed. I caught some flack from my clients overall about the late fee letter/notice but I gave them 30 day notice that this was a new company policy and that any further work that I did for them at their request would mean that they were in agreement to this new terms of agreement......and I did get paid by my client but I didn't get the late fee. So I guess my question to you and anyone else here is: can you legally tack on interest or a fee that was not in your agreement without giving them notice first (and their agreeing to the terms) and going from there rather than arbitrarily assessing one now? Does that sound harsh? I truly don't mean it to, my only thing is credibility. If you tack on a charge that is not legal then your bite with the client won't have any teeth to it. You know what I mean?
  9. Hi, I am glad that the site is useful and if you are interested in reviews of this course check out the reviews in the QB 2005 course. There are several there to read so you can determine if it's just enough for you or too basic! Good luck with the course.
  10. Hi, thought you might like to look into this course online. It's not free but I think it might work even if you are in Australia, hope it helps. http://www.ed2go.com/cgi-bin/oic3/neworien...t=BA&path=2
  11. Congrats (pat, pat on your back) for what I am sure was a very informative seminar for your guests! Your subject was VA's who were your attendees? Are you giving seminars to people interested in becoming a VA or are you giving presentations to business types that can use a VA? Lots of success to you and your business.
  12. And the party begins! I hope the weather turns out just perfect for Fall in Texas. I know you guys are having a blast. Keep us posted on the homefronts and send photos like this to keep us connected!!!
  13. Please don't forget the designated photographer!! Photos of you guys at the PJ party and the groups together is going to make us at our desks feel included!! I loved the photos from St. Louis last year and there are so many more of you going this year.....can't wait to hear all about it, two more days and you all start meeting and the giggling starts!
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