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  1. Congratulations Kathie. Just the nomination alone will hopefully draw some much needed publicity to the Virtual Assistant Network here in Australia. Good luck!
  2. For those using Vista - there is a great snipping tool available which takes a screen capture which can be saved, copied to your favourite editor, annotated or shared. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Snipping Tool
  3. Great! Thanks Darrell, just signed up and looking forward to reading.
  4. Hi JudyAnn I am running Vista Ultimate on a laptop with 1GB of ram. It does have a Duo processor, and I find that it runs everything fine, however on my desktop PC I am also running Vista Ultimate with 1 GB of ram and it runs like a wet hen! when heavily multi tasking. The desktop pc does not have a Core Duo Processor. I agree with you totally, it is no wonder people get so frustrated with their computers.
  5. Congratulations Beth and Welcome Bastian! Enjoy him Beth, they grow up so fast.
  6. Hi there fellow VA's. I was just reading Susan's introduction and thought that it was probably about time I did the same thing! I too am from Queensland, Australia (hello to fellow Qlders ) and like Susan have been 'lurking' around the forum for some time reading everything I can about all of your experiences...good and bad! I have been working for the past 27 years or so in various businesses in administrative, secretarial and customer service positions and a bit of senior management work. Now my children have all grown up and my partner and I have decided to take in children less fortunate than our own and at present have a 2 year old and a four year living with us. (That was scary again after all these years ) Anyway, in doing this I decided that it was a shame to put all my knowledge and expertise to waste, and decided to become a public typist....after doing some research locally and internationally I came across the VANA site and thought that maybe this was a much better idea. I have all the gear I need here at home in my office, and I can still be here for the children. What a life!!! So here I am! I have a couple of clients that helped me get my feet off the ground and after operating for about 6 months, I am just starting the networking and canvassing bit. Let me thank all of you for the valuable information that you all post in this forum, and I look forward to being a part of it.
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