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  1. Diane, I convert my Publisher files to PDF and e-mail that to the clients. All of them so far have been happy with this method. Trish
  2. Hi, Cindy. I'm 55 and based in the Yarra Valley, just outside Melbourne which is the capital city of Victoria, Australia. My 2 kids are Mark - 32 and Amanda 30, both happily settled in their own homes with partner and husband, but no grandchildren yet. I've been a VA for just over 18 months and wouldn't go back to working for an employer for anything I try to make a big thing of the time difference between here and the USA - I word process while you lot sleep Good luck with working from home.
  3. Thanks very much, Naomi. I am aware of the tax implications within Australia, but wondered whether payments I receive would be taxed in the USA before I even received any money here to be taxed on.
  4. Thanks very much for the feedback, Naomi and Sasha. I'm always super-cautious with anything like this and am very aware of the low rates. Naomi - I'm a registered business located in Australia, so do you know how that would affect my tax status in the US?
  5. Is anyone here a member of the above network (www.homebasedsecretaries.com) and using the "virtual office software" system they recommend? I'm considering joining the network to try and get some more work. Most of the jobs promoted by the network require the software to be installed and the user to be experienced with it, but the software directly links the VA's and client's PCs via the internet and I'm concerned about the security of it. I'd be very interested to get some feedback about the whole thing, if anyone can help.
  6. I have pens as general give-aways, but give a gift only to my major clients at Christmas. With the Christmas gift I don't include any promotional stuff, because it's a "thank you" for a good year rather than a "please give me more work" request. Trish
  7. I use a Brother MFC-9180 laser all-in-one (called a "multi-function centre" here in Oz). It's terrific! Print quality, speed, ease of use are all excellent and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's the only unit I have and is a real workhorse. In 18 months I haven't had any trouble with it and the cost of printing is around 5 cents a page. Trish
  8. Hi, Tawnya. Good job on the new web site and logo. The colours are great!
  9. Angie, Their web site is at www.quickscribe.com.au (click here - Quickscribe Web Site) but you might need to contact them about pricing because it varies depending on what you buy. The small business option includes the right to freely give away the recording software to your clients - a nice incentive for them to go digital! The catch for your client is that the recording software distributed this way is encrypted so that only you can transcribe the files unless he/she buys a full license. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi, Tawnya. Just a brief note to let you know how much I am enjoying this forum. The contributions are professional and useful. Keep up the good work
  11. QuickScribe seems to be the most flexible as far as working with multiple file formats. Although this is and Australian-based product, I understand it is used fairly extensively in the USA. Have a look at their web site at QuickScribe.
  12. Well done, Tawnya! I have added a link to the links page on my web site.
  13. I'm also a mum, but my 2 "babies" are all grown up and making their own places in the world.
  14. I just moved house/office in June and it was the worst time! Trying to pack, work, keep up with the family - ah well, I got the last one right - they all came to my place and packed while I worked. What a laugh! The move was worth it, though. I now have a home big enough to accommodate my office and all the associated stuff that goes with being a home-based VA, as well as giving me some private space.
  15. Hi, everyone. I'm Trish, a VA located in a little town 50 kms (30 miles) east of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia. Seville is in the Yarra Valley region, which is beautiful wine and fruit country. My client base is mostly word processing and, believe it or not, my biggest client is a lawyer in California ! Looking forward to lots of useful discussions in this group.
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