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  1. Hey Eagle! I go to amherst/lorain area all the time. Try this other e-mail address of mine: katie@honneyvirtualassisting.com. I have been wanting to see if I can get any mail from it anyways. It goes along with my website. I still have a lot of work to do on the site. Thanks for the quick response! TTFN, Katie
  2. Hello! My name is Katie and I am trying to start up a VA business. I am from Elyria, Ohio and would love to meet with you and other VAs. I am almost finished getting an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and could use all the advice I can get. Being a mother makes this type of business ideal! I don't expect to make millions, but It would be a dream come true to be able to work at home. Feel free to contact me at anytime. My e-mail address is kmh1074@netzero.com. I have a website that is under construction right now, but you can see it if you'd like. I take constructive criticism very well. I look forward to hearing from you and anyone else in Ohio. Maybe we can all help each other. Here's my website address: www.honneyvirtualassisting.com. TTFN, Katie
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