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  1. I run QB Pro 2007 on my computer and found out (after the fact) that ACT does not play well with the .NET 2.0 that is needed for my QB software. Trying to install ACT and running the program gave me nothing but a big headache. ACT says they have the problem fixed in the 2007 and higher versions but when I went to download the free trial (just to make sure) I had the exact same problems. I don't think I am meant to run ACT on my computer....... :)
  2. Good morning all! Yes it is Saturday and I am in the office but that is okay because I am only here to draft a Retainer Agreement for a new client YIPPEE!! Ok, here are my questions.......I am a virtual newbie (about 3 months) but feel like I am catching on really quickly (thanks to all you other wonderful VA's out there) I have my 1-800 number through Ring Central and love the service so far. For clients who need me to answer their phones on a temporary basis (i.e. while they are out or on vacation) I have gotten them to forward their business lines to my 800 number. This works great because I can see where the call originated from (client's business) and know immediately how to answer the phone. So far so good.......... Well, I have a potential client that wants to use my services for answering ALL the calls to his business and even use a direct number to me on his email and website. I am wondering if SKYPE is the answer to this.......I have read quite a few posts on SKYPE through the search function and it looks like it might work well for this. I am just not familiar with the ins/outs of this program and how it works. What will I need for this other than a microphone (headset)?
  3. Well, from everything I have heard and read, Logmein seems to be the answer!! Thanks!
  4. I was going to dowlaod the Alexa toolbar for an SEO optimization project and my anit-virus software went nutso!! It would not even let me override it without just turning it off. So I just didn't download it because in order for me to use it I would have to deactivate my virus control and I don't want to do that. That is juts my personal experience. I am sure that if others say that it is safe and that is the general consensus, then I believe them, it just didn't work for me
  5. I currently have PCAnywhere on my computer which I use with a local client but am looking for another alternative for remote clients who do not have this software. I have heard that LogMeIn is a good one (and free) but have never used a web based remote access program. How user friendly are they and which one is the best (and easiest ) I posted this here thinking it was the best fit for the topic.........
  6. One of the main problems with ACT!2006 is that it is not compatible with .NET 2.0 (which is a necessary component for other programs such as QuickBooks) ACT!2007 and higher has fixed this issue. Their tech support is helpful with these problems but do not let them remove the .NET until you are certain that you don't have any other programs that rely on this to function.
  7. Either is fine and I have a couple of people that I know personally that are willing to put it on their own website as a link to mine. I just don't know the technical side of doing this. I am very adept in Adobe Photoshop and can create my own. I can also create the html tag but do not know how to link it to my website.
  8. I completely agree with Carolyn. Certification is more than a logo on your website unless that is all you want. Taking the courses necessary for these certs are so full of information that can only help you in your business. Some clients may be 'impressed' with certs but if you can't deliver then they are meaningless.
  9. I am also signed up for her class that starts on the 29th, morning sessions. I am super excited and have also taken her RFP class as well. She is very knowledgable and a great teacher.
  10. I have yet to create a banner for others to include on their website (i.e. clients) What are some suggestions as to the best way to do this and what to include. Simple? Business card style? etc. I am also not super adept in this area so any technical stuff I may need to know would also be greatly appreciated
  11. Hi, I realize there has been a good bit of time since this was posted but I am new here and just read it. I have a folder that contains over 50 RE letter templates that contains everything from FSBO contact to Holiday letters.........8 different series. Please contact me offline or through my website and I will be more than happy to get you a copy of whatever it is you need. This post is for anyone who is looking for RE letter templates, feel free to contact me.
  12. I am looking for any kind of VA templates that any of you might be willing to share with me. I have contract templates and letter templates but am really looking for RFP response templates. Email templates would be nice too. Thanks in advance for any responses. My email is sandi@LoganVirtualAssistant.com or loganfinancial@bellsouth.net Please forward anything you want to share to one of those emails. I will gladly return the favor with anything I have that you may need. Sandi Logan Logan Financial Services & Virtual Assisting
  13. My name is Sandi Logan and I am also new to the VA business but not the concepts. With over 25 years experience in the corporate world, it just makes sense to go this route. I have just started marketing my business and am looking for any marketing tips you would like to share and with any luck and God's grace, I will have more business than I can handle alone and will have to hire a staff!! I have just started my website, you can check it out at www.loganvirtualassistant.com Feel free to leave me any comment or suggestions there if you like. I am open to all of your knowledge and appreciate all of you in advance!! Sandi Logan sandi@loganvirtualassistant.com
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