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  1. I have the same "drat that .dat file" problem with one of my clients. I think she's using a Mac. I have no idea what causes this issue, but . . . Although I can't open the file attachments directly in Outlook, I discovered I could save the attachments to my hard drive, and then just click on them. MS Word opens them automatically. This solution may be unique to my client's attachments or default settings on my computer, but it's a temporary workaround you might try. Ramona
  2. Hi, Patricia: I have an individual, high-deductible policy with HSA through Anthem, similar to what Leanne is describing. The particular policy I have does cover some preventive care in addition to medical emergencies. Premium increases each year are wild cards--but my Anthem policy offers more bang for the buck than other options. I would recommend that you contact an independent insurance agent and ask for comparisions/options available to you in Maine. Insurance companies in NH are regulated and must be approved to operate here. Maine may have similar regulation. Best-- Ramona
  3. I love this skin, too! It's been a nice holiday treat to visit the forum recently--and I'm really going to miss this bit of cheer when the holidays are over . . . Thanks to Tawnya and Elves for the great job! Ramona P.S. I can't wait to see what you're going to do for Groundhog Day, America's most under-appreciated holiday!! Let's make it a worldwide celebration . . . starting right here!
  4. Jodie is right. I had the same problem and was ready to go screaming into the wilderness. Found a great discussion on another board. Googled--and came up with the link Jodie notes above. Removed the offending update--and no more problems! Ramona
  5. Hi, Cathy: I went through a "colored" stationery phase, everything from ivory to light gray with a variety of finishes. I am now back in the "white camp"--extra crisp, bright/arctic white for all stationery items and business cards. I just like the way bright white makes logos and other graphic elements pop. In the end, however, it's your personal preference. Just pick a quality, professional-grade paper--and make sure your other design elements look good against your chosen color. In my case, my "bright white" stationery is now starting to turn a light cream--that's how little of it I've used over the years! The Internet and e-mail rule. Best-- Ramona
  6. Great news on both counts, Lynn! Sincere congrats-- Ramona
  7. Same uncomfortable feelings as Kristi expressed. Made the hair on my neck stand up--and just about everywhere else. Keep us posted about this guy and what happens next . . . I do hope it's positive!! Sounds like a "Twilight Zone" episode, but I guess you never know until all is said and done . . . Whew. Ramona
  8. When I was a very little girl, playing store, I needed my 'customers' to buy with checks. I painstakingly traced every part of some of my dad's cancelled checks. He about had a stroke! Sorry to hear your dad ended your counterfeiting career at such an early age. And it could have been such a cash cow . . . If he hadn't had a cow!! Ramona
  9. Beware identity theft when you use a graphic of your actual signature in marketing e-mails and other "public" items. You're giving your real signature out for all to see--and for the bad guys to steal. On my Web site I use a "signature" on several pages, but it isn't my actual signature. I'ts just a handwriting font representation that's been converted to a graphic. Something to consider . . . Ramona
  10. Hi, Janet: I wouldn't worry about being exactly right, especially if this is a rare occurence. I charge for black and white and color copies based on the price at Staples. Deduct a few cents for paper and run with it. Since this is a long-time client, you might want to make a one-time "adjustment." Your call! Ramona
  11. Hi, Alyssa: Health insurance is a tough question for small business owners. Each state can be different. New Hampshire, for instance, regulates what insurance companies can operate here. What I would suggest is that you contact an independent insurance agent in your city or area and ask for recommendations based on your needs. Get comparisons of potential plans. I ended up with a high-deductible policy from Anthem (one of the Lumenos HSA plans) which offers full coverage for some routine exams/procedures. You might also check with your local chamber of commerce or state business association. Beware, however, of plans that masquerade as health insurance but really aren't. Be sure to check the fine print! Best-- Ramona
  12. Didn't see this until just now . . . whew. What a miserable Monday morning wake-up call this was. We're all pullin' for you, kid . . . Stay strong, and do all the drugs you can!!! Keep us posted-- Ramona
  13. I use a cheap but effective backup program from Argentum that essentially does an automatic, scheduled "drag and drop" to my external hard drive. The best part: Files are saved in their native file format (a Word doc is a Word doc) and are visible the same as in Windows Explorer. No backup restore/deciphering mumbo-jumbo needed. I've used that external backup more than once to quickly retrieve a file that was lost or corrupted on my C:/ drive. It also means you can take your work with you by just grabbing the hard drive. I really love the convenience of Argentum. But I'm paranoid, too: I also back up daily with Carbonite and Windows Backup. Ramona
  14. Hey, Dana: Would you please clone that client for the rest of us??!! What a great testimonial! Ramona
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