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  1. You are ... priceless, Candy Beauchamp! Your contributions to the VA industry are immense, and your enthusiasm and sense of humor keep the rest of us sane. Thanks so very much for all you do. And now you give us this. And this, Lady, this is just plain awesome. Now about getting my two minutes of your time ... !!! Ramona
  2. Like Candy, I usually "treat" myself to something I really need--like new equipment and software. Nothing outlandish or extravagant--just items that make my job easier. For example, I finally bit the bullet and ordered Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 last year. That software has changed my life. And I finally replaced my not-so-functional scanner with a multi-function machine that "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'." Team Adobe Acrobat Pro up with that machine and we're really off to the races. I hope you're tracking your expenses using QuickBooks Pro or some other software. It's always an eye-opener as a business owner to see where you stand with items like these during the year. And in the fall I always do a "dummy" tax return to guesstimate how I'm stacking up with Uncle Sam and those estimated tax payments. I like to know in advance what bad--or good!--things may happen the following April 15. You can still be frugal and get some tax relief. Just be practical in your choices. All the best-- Ramona
  3. Thanks, Sherra, for letting us know and providing the link. I checked the IRS site recently hoping to see an adjustment announcement. So now we know. Just wish it had been bigger ... !!! Ramona
  4. Sincere congrats, Melissa-- That first one is always so sweet! All the best-- Ramona
  5. I agree with Candy and Lanel. I have an accounting degree (!) but I've never practiced. That's kinda like saying you have a medical degree but haven't done your internship or residency. I'm no more an accountant than those med degree people are doctors. So I have a CPA do my taxes each year--and I'm more than happy to pay her. She's the one with the accounting brains and the tax experience. I just give her my QuickBooks Pro file when the time comes. My CPA is there as my rep if the IRS has any questions about my return. She also sets me up for paying quarterly estimated taxes--amount, forms and everything. As Candy pointed out, the fees you pay for tax preparation are a deductible business expense. I wouldn't handle my taxes any other way. Ramona
  6. Tawnya: The article was excellent. Sincere congrats on a great interview! Ramona
  7. This piece was excellent. Absolutely excellent. Congrats to Karen for a job better than "well done." We'll all benefit from that story. Ramona
  8. The new logo and look are winners. We've needed a fresh approach, and this work is exceptional. Thanks so much, Connie and Tawnya, for putting your time, effort and hearts into this. Excellent! Ramona
  9. The May 2006 issue of Accent is now available at: http://www.EmphasisOnSuccess.com This edition delves into inspiration. What motivates us? Who motivates us? How do we keep going when things get tough? You'll find the following articles: --Accent team members talk about the "ups and downs" of running their firms --Kathie Thomas of "A Clayton's Secretary" Network celebrates 12 years in business --Jacqueline Simmons of Advantage One - The Write Place turns a nasty comment into a career --Bronwyn Robertson of The Arts VA reveals that special person who helped her succeed While you're visiting the Accent Web site, take time to subscribe so the next issue arrives directly in your inbox. Subscriptions are free. Next month the Accent news team will focus on portability — how to keep connected to your clients and office while you're on the run or on vacation. Enjoy the May edition — Ramona
  10. Candy: A sincere congratulations on your new position! You're a "go to" person who's well-respected inside and outside of IVAA. You're gonna be great, girl! So stop worrying. No need. Ramona
  11. The April 2006 issue of Accent is now available at http://www.EmphasisOnSuccess.com. This edition targets security and ways to stay safe — both personally and professionally — in today’s risky business environment. Accent provides these helpful articles by the Accent news team: • Tom Lamm — “Client Confidentiality: Keeping the Promise” and “Vonage Phone Service Review” • Lori Davis — “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before” • Dawn Mills Fowler — “Home (Business Owner) Alone” • Evy Williams — “Has Technology Gone Too Far or Far Enough?” Accent has several guest contributors this month. Jeri Winkler of The Secret Assistant and Irene Souder-Coyle of Coyle on Call share their airport security horror stories. Jacqueline Simmons of Advantage One — The Write Business gives some great hints on keeping safe while surfing the Internet, and Andrea Cannavina of LegalTypist, Inc., offers strategies to handle digital security and unsolicited e-mail attachments. Finally, I interviewed Robert Brenner of the Brenner Information Group for Accent’s second installment on the firm’s groundbreaking 2004 VA study. In January we covered VA revenues and rates, and in this segment we tackle marketing. Where are the good VA jobs? What sales techniques work? How do savvy VAs target their marketing efforts? You’ll get some great insights and advice from Mr. Brenner — in his own words. Go to http://www.EmphasisOnSuccess.com to view the April issue. On the website you’ll also find previous editions, each dedicated to a specific business theme. While you’re visiting, take time to subscribe so the next issue of Accent arrives directly in your inbox. Next month the Accent news team will focus on inspiration and what’s keeps us all going through the good times and the bad times. If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact Accent at info@EmphasisOnSuccess.com. We’ll try to publish as many of your submissions as we can. In the meantime, enjoy the April edition — Ramona
  12. Hi, Karri and Crew: Just for fun, check out Webopedia's rundown on all those funky IM shortcuts: http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/textmes...breviations.asp Whew. Who knew?! Ramona
  13. Thanks for subscribing, PattyD! The Accent news team enjoys preparing the newsletter every month, and we love hearing from our readers. Your support is appreciated. Ramona
  14. The March 2006 issue of Accent is now available at http://www.EmphasisOnSuccess.com. This edition targets communication and the many ways we stay in touch with clients, colleagues and the world. Accent provides these helpful articles: • Information accessibility: good, bad or just plain ugly? • Communication etiquette — mind your manners, please! • The value of VA message boards: industry leaders weigh in • How VoIP works — and is it for you? Accent has two great guest contributors this month. Andrea Cannavina of LegalTypist, Inc., talks about ways to avoid the nasty pitfalls that come with electronic communication. Donna Gilliland of MOSTraining, Inc., explains how using Web-based services for meetings and training can be convenient, cost-effective and oh-so-easy. And the VA Networking Forum's own Tawnya Sutherland makes a great contribution to the article "Talking It Up: The Value of VA Message Boards." Her enthusiasm for and belief in this forum is unmistakable--and contagious. Thanks so much, Tawnya! Go to http://www.EmphasisOnSuccess.com to view the March issue. On the website you’ll also find previous editions, each dedicated to a specific business theme. While you’re visiting, take time to subscribe so the next issue of Accent arrives directly in your inbox. Next month the Accent news team will focus on security. Look for articles on computer safety, confidentiality and the challenges of getting through the airport. We’ll also have Part II in our series on the Brenner Information Group’s 2004 VA study that was postponed from a previous issue. Enjoy the March edition –- Ramona
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