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  1. Hello All, I just wanted to know what QuickBooks version would be best for VA's to use? I want to keep track of expenses, bill clients etc...
  2. Hello everyone! Does anyone have a sample proposal template that they could send me? My email address is stephanie@mysavvyassociate.com Thank you, Stephanie
  3. Hi All, I would like to know how VA's out there manage their time. I just got my first client, YEY! Since he is my only client right now I work on his stuff as it comes in, via email mainly calendar management - then have to wait for his contacts to get back to me in order to schedule. I end up logging in and logging out through out the day in 20-30 min increments that add all together to 1-2 hrs per day. My question is , as I get busier I am not sure how I will manage his time and additional clients. How should I relate this to the current client I wont always be available in "real time"? Looking forward to see your system. Thanks!!
  4. Don't get discouraged. I went through the same thing. You are anything but basic. You provide Admin Svc's and that is highly needed out there. I think you are advertising in the wrong places. You have to network!! This has helped me big time. Look up MeetUp.com check out meetings in your area - targeting solo entreprenuers. Go to meetings, hand out your card, talk to people....this is what I did. I did not have any clients, now signed on 2 clients from one meeting. Next month I am going to another meeting. You must take yourself out of your comfort zone and get out there. Good Luck!!
  5. I am using MS Outlook. I need to have acces to other clients emails and claendars. Can I make the clients email address and calendars fit into my overall profile, incl. the ability to send and receive email from email address clients assign me to? As my business grows I can see multiple applications different clients use becomming cumbersome. How can I streamline this so all profiles are applied to my Outlook I already use???
  6. Ok Ladies, Here is the situation... A potential client is a solo executive recruiter. She said she spends so much tme sifting through emails and wants me to do that, however she is very nervous about her clinets information sitting on a server somewhere. Does anyone know of a great secure remote access software that you can reccomend? Also, she needs me to schedule meetings amongst clients and candidates. Not all are members of an Outlook system. This is stumping me. Any suggestions??? Stephanie
  7. I'm checking out MyHours. Looks good, you ladies rock, thanks!!
  8. Hi All, I'm shopping around for a time tracking software and I'd like to know what you all are using and what you think is the best. Looking forward to see what are the favorites!! Cheers, Stephanie
  9. Has anyone heard of CalGoo online? A client of mine would like to use it....Who reccomends this?
  10. SOUNDS GREAT, WHATS THE NAME OF THE MS HOSTED EXCHNGE SERVER? ALSO, I'D LIKE TO KNOW HOW SHALL I BILL CLIENT IF IT IS SPARATIC LOGING IN? CONFUSED ON THAT PART. Yes, do join Paul. He's going to be telling you all about being able to access your client's Outlook (as much or as little as you need) through a Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server. He set it up for me and one of my clients, and it's wonderful. I handle all of his (my client) customer service ... the email all stays hosted in his Outlook, but is accessed by both of us through the hosted exchange server. It doesn't matter if he's using his computer, and anything either one of us does is updated every 90 seconds ... plus, he has access and can step into the thread if a customer is having a problem without batting an eyelash. Perfect for when I'm on vacation or away from the office. I know Paul personally, and have taken his Outlook for the Entrepreneur Course too. Even if you've never considered hosted exchange or don't think it would be for you, drop in on the call anyway ... you never know. I highly recommend him and will absolutely be on the call if I can squeeze the time in!
  11. Hi All, Client would like me to have remote access to log on to his Outlook and schedule appts. How do I do this? Please help. Thanks!
  12. Hi Everyone, My first potential client would like to meet with me to discuss working on a project to project basis. I am not sure how to bill this client. She wants me to coordinate an event for the launch of her company, as well as help her find an affordable apartment to sublet when she is town doing business. We meet on Monday, and I'm not sure how to approach how much of a deposit (%) to state up front. I don't know how many hours this will take to complete this project. Help please, I don't want to look foolish in front t of my first potential client. Thanks
  13. A potential client of mine wants to use a SECURE remote access to her crm files on outlook. She is reluctant to go further until she knows that her clients information is not sitting on a web based server. Any suggestions?
  14. Hello Lovely Ladies, I am a newbie and a potential client found me and inquired about my rates. I over priced myself out of a client already and I don't want to make the same mistake. I have decided to make my rates negotiable because I do not want to loose a potential client over rates. I do have a set rate that I won't go under, however I have to get back to this client with a good response and keep her interested. Any suggestions???
  15. Tracy, Sure ask her for the testimony. I dont think ther is anything wrong with that. Maybe she does not need your services "right now", but in the future she may. Keep the lines of communication and relationship open. Now I have a question for you...What was the forum you joined? Where do you advertise your services? Where do you get the most return? Savvy
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