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  1. So does this change mean there will be no chat tonight??
  2. I will try to come back and read this again tomorrow when I am awake but right off I saw a couple typos. In the first sentence open should be opening. In the second sentences of of your the's should be their. The content is good. At least you didn't jump between first and third person like did on my first release (among other glaring errors). LOL
  3. Thanks for making that more clear. As I said, this is my first attempt at a press release. Live and learn right!
  4. OK, maybe I am just having tunnel vision here but what is the main problem with this paragraph?
  5. OMG! Here is my very first press release ever. I don't know yet if it will be published. Tell me what you think! Headline: Don’t Forget To Thank Your Virtual Assistant On April 23rd Summary: Virtual Assistants are vital new part of the workforce that deserves to be highlighted on Administrative Professionals Day Author: Jodie Burdette Phone: 304-548-6722 Email: jodie@outsourcingpro.biz Website: www.outsourcingpro.biz Keywords: administrative professionals day, virtual assistant, virtual assistance, VA, virtual assistance services, wahm, work at h
  6. I just signed up! I hope it is informative. It has been my experience in other things from Microsoft that sometimes they are positively brillant and other times it is all a rehash. Still, I am looking forward to this!
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