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  1. What she was she wants to set YOU up with an email from her company. Something like kathy@clientscompany.com. This would be done via her hosting dashboard (probably cPanel). You can add this to your Gmail account so you can send and receive emails from it for her.
  2. This is really easy to do. Got to Appearance>Menu and,create a Custom Links item with the URL as: javascript: void(0);
  3. We need the URL of your website so we can take a look and try and see what is going wrong. Jodie "Just a little ray of sunshine to brighten your day" Burdette
  4. You are building anchor links within a page right? On the place in the page where you want the anchor to be put this: <a href="#nameofanchor"></a> Then to link to this location use this (remove the spaces in the URL first): <a href="http:// yoursite. com/#nameofanchor">LinkText</a> or <a href="http:// yoursite .com/specficpage#nameofanchor">LinkText</a> Jodie "Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues" Burdette
  5. What you are wanting to do is setup the second router as a repeater. Knowing the right terminology can help you get better search results when you get stuck. I haven't setup a network like this but I have looked into it. Hopefully, this link will either walk you thru the setup or at least help you pinpoint where the problem might be. If you still have problems post the make and model of each of your routers. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/network-wifi/how-set-up-router-as-repeater-summary-3633135/ Jodie "Mephobia - fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it and everyone dies" Burdette
  6. I had something really crazy happen yesterday and I had to share it. At least 4 years ago I worked with a semi-local client. At the time I was doing some bookkeeping for him in the form of sending out various payments. After about a year together he came to me and said he been talking to a county commissioner in his area and although he was very happy with me this guy had talked him into letting him handle his bookkeeping. Fast forward to now and I no longer do bookkeeping at all. I never liked it and I moved my business toward my passion for technology and graphic design. Well, on Monday I got a newsletter from this client's company. It came to an email I am trying to get rid of so I decided to just unsubscribe. Within an hour I got an email from this former client saying he had seen my unsubscribe. He was reaching out to give me a huge apology for leaving me. In fact he had actually driven to my home a few years ago to apologize in person but I wasn't home. Long long story short... the commissioner had not only embezzled loads of money from the county he was supposed to represent he had embezzled tons of money from my old client. So much so that my client even lost his home. I was beyond horrified at what he had gone thru. We continued to email off and on the rest of that day and he decided to start sending clients my way that he meets thru his business that need websites and ads related to his business. This is pretty great because our state is way undeserved in this area and he actually goes out and meets small businesses in person to help the business and thier local and regional areas market themselves online and showcase what they have to offer. I don't expect a ton of work from this and I really hated to hear what happened to him but it also made me realize (yet again) how circular life is and how important good service and client relationships are. Jodie "Your were given this life because you are strong enough to live it." Burdette
  7. You are very welcome! Jodie "You are amazing and strong and brave and wonderful. Remember that today." Burdette
  8. I am looking at this in FireFox on a PC and the audio player is a very nice size... about 50% as wide as the content area. However if you want to change the width or any other styling of this box do this.... Change the first line of the players code to add a style to it. You can name the style anything, I am using "audio" for this example. The code should look like this: <audio class="audio" controls=""> Then add the class to your theme's stylesheet. If you named it audio it should look like this.... .audio {max-width: 50% !important ;} You can also add any other styling to you want such as changing the background color to this entry in your stylesheet. When I was playing with it I wouldn't see a width size unless I went below 50%. Also keep in mind that this will apply to how it looks on a mobile device and you don't want it to be much smaller than 70% of the screen in that case.
  9. Did you get this fixed? That link is giving me a page not found error.
  10. When you download wordpress you need to open the zip file and then upload every file you see (except wp-config.php), the wp-admin folder, the wp-includes folder to the public_html. This should over write all the current files with new one. Hopefully this will fix the issue. What is the URL of the site having troubles? It is hard to help without that.
  11. It sounds like either your wordpress files got corrupted or less likely you have been hacked. Can you download a fresh copy of WP and upload it to your webspace (except wp-config.php... don't overwrite that file)?
  12. You will need to check the documentation on this cart system for that. I haven't used that one before but most will let you specify a thank you page for each product that the buyer will be sent to after they complete payment.
  13. Are you using a shopping cart or just Paypal Buttons?
  14. Without seeing the site it's hard to say. It depends on the site's styling code.
  15. I think this is crap. Caching won't do anything to prevent hackers but it just might ease the load on the hosting server. As to Cloudflare you only get hacker protection at the $200/month price tag. I don't know who your hosting company is but I would do a web search and see if they are inordantly prone to attacks. Some companies are less skilled at protecting their servers than others. Moving is a real pain but if your host is not being careful it is worth it. Especially if you are on a shared server. I have seen some cases where everything on a shared hosting server can got compromised. In other words your sites could be vulnerable due to another customers laxness. Frankly, the most important thing you can do is take basic steps to secure your site (don't use admin as a username, make sure your login name and display name are different, lock out logins after so many log attempts, use strong passwords) and keep everything up to date. This is not a sales pitch but if you want more depth, code level security measures, I offer a WP hardening package that incudes the code level hardening, constant monitoring to keep everything up to date, review of all themes and plugins to identify any security issues and a monthly full back up (http://wpsitedefender.com/). I get several requests to clean up and fix hacked sites every month (probably 3-4 sites a month). I have gotten very good and seeing how they get in and in keeping them out.
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