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  1. Thank you guys, I've been doing some serious research and I've come across a lot of these same links. I just wanted to see if you guys were using anything other than Carbonite. I really appreciate all of the time and effort you guys have put into looking into this for me and I think I'm at the point of making a decision really soon. Again Thank YOU!!!!
  2. I've never heard of DropBox, but it sounds great. The real reason I was interested in the SafeCopyBackup was because it backs up external drives. I'm in the process of getting my systems safe and I'm looking in to purchasing the Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition since it has dual hard drive and backs up your data twice in case one fails. I like this idea because I'm working with one system right now and until the client enrollment picks up, it is less expensive for me to purchase this type of hard drive and add an online service that will back them all up for less. I would love to go with Carbonite but they don't offer this ability and Mozy does but I will have to purchase a more expensive package and pay by the GB. I'm going to look into the DropBox service and please do send me the link for the extra space just in case I decide to go that route also. Sherra, I really appreciate your feedback and support in this...THANK YOU!!
  3. Hi Sherra, I had never heard of them either. I was getting the feel that it may be too good to be true, that is why I asked the network. If you do look into it, let me know what you think.
  4. I have both at the same. However, I was recently informed by my new banker and my Lawyer that I should have my business account listed under my TIN and not my SS since I have an LLC. This keeps the integrity of having an LLC intact and completely separate from me personally. I was not told this when I first opened my account because I went to a regular banker but when I was able to sit with a business banker I received this information, so I would suggest that you go directly to the specialist (business banker) the first time and they will be able to help you with all of the banks services for businesses and not just an account, if you're interested.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of safecopybackup? I've been doing some research and I've found that out of Carbonite, iDrive, mozy, and safecopy that you get more bang for your buck out of safecopybackup?. It seems that the others are somewhat limited. Carbonite doesn't offer the ability to backup external drives, not all software types are available for back up (you can request a list of those file types to be sent to you), and limited backup versions. Mozy will allow you to back up multiple systems but you must have a separate subscription for each (i.e. 2 systems $55 each.) With safecopybackup? you have unlimited back up editions allowing you to restore from whatever version of a document you desire, backup as many systems as you desire under one subscription, and the list goes on. My question to you guys is has anyone else ever used them and what has been your experience?
  6. Wow, I am just now seeing this question some 7 months later but I will respond anyway. I own the same officejet and I love it. However, I do not use it for the same purposes you seem to use it for. I like it because is scans in color, it is good for general office print outs, and great for faxes if your not using an online fax service. I would agree with you that its color print outs are not the greatest but I have a HP Laser Color printer to handle my final color prints. Let me know what you're using know if you have found something better than the L7590.
  7. Does anyone have issues in Texas with knowing just what service are taxable. I have found that some of my could be clients find it hard to belive that my services are taxable, I have even had a couple back out because of it. Has this happen to anyone and how do you handle the issue with your clients?
  8. Hi Janet, Well I am a new member of the BBB and I am glad to be one. Since my registration, I've received 3 contacts just from that listing. I am also on a monthly payment plan that fits well with my budget. In my welcome packet they will sent me several testimonial request to send to people I have or am currently doing business with to send them information to build my file so that they will not only have to go off complaints. Personally I find this to be helpful, but that is my . I guess it is really up to you and what you feel works best for you, but I hope this helps you in making your decision.
  9. Hi Kris, This is some valuable information and I greatly appreciate it. Yes both me and my client are in Texas and there is a contract involved. Thanks again for the information.
  10. Hello all, I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the bookkeeping area, so please forgive me if I'm wrong. I just have a couple of questions about collections. Has anyone ever used and collection agency and if so what was the process and was it beneficial? The other question is has anyone ever reported a client to the credit bureau or Dun and Bradstreet?
  11. That is a rocking good feeling. I remember my first one; I hung up on him because I got so nervous and excited! I thought I ruined it but worked out. Congratulations!
  12. This is a wealth of information and I am grateful to you guys for it. I have been working unsafely for a while now because like most others funds have been a low. However I do think it is time I make an investment to both an online and external backup system. Thanks again!!
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