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  1. I have both at the same. However, I was recently informed by my new banker and my Lawyer that I should have my business account listed under my TIN and not my SS since I have an LLC. This keeps the integrity of having an LLC intact and completely separate from me personally. I was not told this when I first opened my account because I went to a regular banker but when I was able to sit with a business banker I received this information, so I would suggest that you go directly to the specialist (business banker) the first time and they will be able to help you with all of the banks services for businesses and not just an account, if you're interested.
  2. Does anyone have issues in Texas with knowing just what service are taxable. I have found that some of my could be clients find it hard to belive that my services are taxable, I have even had a couple back out because of it. Has this happen to anyone and how do you handle the issue with your clients?
  3. Thanks Kris. I hope to hear from some others too on how they handle their clients.
  4. If you don't mind sharing, what are some of your process and procedures with handling clients bookkeeping records (i.e. receiving and storing of invoices and receipts.) I'm trying to develop a process for this role for working with out of town clients. I have a current client that I'm working with that is local and I see on a regular basis because we have a personal/mutual connection that brings us together weekly. I know that the process that I'm using with her will not work for others. Therefore, I would like to know how others are handling their distant clients in the area of bookkeeping. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  5. Stupid me, a big link that says payment. I was trying to follow the QB 2009 book on handling these payments and those instructions are for someone that wants to do special reporting. I have figured it out so thanks any way.
  6. Okay, let me correct something, this client is on what the true meaning of a retainer is and that is they pay for time in advance and the money is not trully earned until the services are provided. It is some what of an accrual basis. They bank 20 hours and unused hour roll over so I need to be able to track this correctly in QB. I'm thinking I may need to enter a credit memo on their account and at the end of each month add that credit to my billing statement.
  7. Hello everyone, Okay so I've finally made the QB update, don't laugh - get this, from 2004 to 2009. I know that is embarrassing (shame on me) but hey I didn't need it any sooner than now. Anyway, one of my issues is handling my retainer client’s files. You see I want to have a running balance of what my clients have at all times and the best way I'm thinking this will work is with the use of statements. However, I'm not quite sure how to record an upfront payment on a statement in 2009. Whenever I go to the customer file and choose to create a statement and enter any information it automatically records the information as a bill and that is not what I want. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. Thanks Deb, that is what I was thinking the whole time but doubted myself. I'm a single owner LLC and the gift was cash. Thanks a million!
  9. Hello all, This is a question for you full charge bookkeepers out there. I received a small donation/gift from an individual as a "I believe in what you are doing and just want to show a little support" gift. Now, I'm not quite sure how to categorize my deposit. Should it be deposited as "Owners Investment" or as "Other Income" with a note stated as a gift. As always, thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.
  10. Hi Tawnya, I'm working on redesigning my website and I'm adding a "News" page to it and Iwas wondering if you wouldn't mine me adding this link to my page?
  11. Okay, I just voted. I hope I did it right to. I just clicked the vote button and it said that my vote was casted.
  12. You are a tremendous asset to the VA community. I wish you all the best and pray your dreams and desires are met! Way to Go!
  13. Thank you for your feed back, it sounds like I am going to follow my first mine and stay away from 08. Rebecka, thanks for the tip about the office supply store and ebay.
  14. Hello all, I am in serious need of up updating my old version of QB. I am interested in getting a copy of the QB 2007, but I'm not sure where I might be able to get one since 2008 is now out. I'm staying away from 08 because of the many issues I've heard from some of its current users. However, I would also like to hear from some of the Bookkeeping professionals in the group, as to which version you would recommend. Thanks in advance!
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