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  1. hi Guys, NOt so new to the site...Im sure this is the wrong area, but I'm sure Patty and the crew won't mind pointing me in the right direction...Where do I locate the RFP's on this site? Cheers Keira Martin KMM Solutions www.kmmsolutions.com.au
  2. Hi All, Been here a week and am thrilled with this site, but still a bit lost with where to post topics..lol As Ive really only worked locally as a VA I amwanting some advice asap as to what type of rates everyone else charges as VA.???? eekkk..help....
  3. Im over whelmed with the kind comments on my website etc... worked very hard on it so its great to recieve such positive feedback..its very cut throat part of the industry trying to get into the whole website design side of things so hoping that the more i put myself out there, hopefully the more work comes in... Arnie - Im based in Victoria...the cold part of down under..lol Hope tochat with u all soon Keira KMM Solutions www.kmmsolutions.com.au keira@kmmsolutions.com.au
  4. Found this post and replies very interesting to read as I have been searching high and low for grants/small business start up funds for some time now without any such luck. It is hard to find such things,let alone in Australia. Anyone with any advice for such finance within Australia? Regards Keira KMM Solutions www.kmmsolutions.com.au
  5. Hi Everyone... Im located in Australia and out of curiousity are there many other VAs in AUS on here who regulary use this forum? Feel free to chat with me, add me.... Keira KMM Solutions www.kmmsolutions.com.au
  6. Hi Ladies, Thanks for your warm welcomes...much appreciated... This palce is such a wonderful resource, wish I had of joined earlier. Look forward to chatting with you all more soon. Keira KMM Solutions www.kmmsolutions.com.au
  7. Hey all...my name is Keira and I have my own VA business and reside in beatiful Australia. My website is www.kmmsolutions.com.au I've joined this Networking site to hopefully spread my business wider and not limit myself to local clientele. Would love to hear from one and all. Always looking for work. Keira www.kmmsolutions.com.au
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