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  1. Thanks Jaime!! I will definitely give those a try!! I truly appreciate your time & help ;-)
  2. Thanks Vanessa!! Not only Thanks for replying - but thanks for reminding me about the "7 times" theory! Have a prosperous 2008 girls!!
  3. Thanks for taking the time out to reply!! Your insight is great appreciated! Yes, some of the agents are located in Naples. Others are Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio and Colorado. That's one of the reasons I got them started on what I felt were newsboards that could get themselves noticed, as well as their listings...MySpace, ActiveRain, CraigsList, VLS Homes. Most of the agents have been on those internet sites for at least 8 months, some much longer. And I hate the thought of charging them (clients) more money for me to post their information on yet more sites - if they're not going to get noticed either. Thanks again!!
  4. Hi everyone! Have you came across any websites that have been successful for Realtors to get their listings posted or blog about the market? The ones I'm currently using for my Realtor clients are: MySpace CraigsList ActiveRain VLS Homes Clients are paying me to get their listings noticed through internet marketing, but the sites that I listed above just aren't getting any potential customers for them. Realizing the market isn't what it was a couple of years ago, I know they're not going to be overwhelmed with potential customers contacting them about their listings. So, I set out today to do some internet research on additional sites for them. I found a slew of more newsboards & free sites for them to post on. I guess my question is...Are they working any better? So, I was just wondering if anyone has had more success on other sites besides those we're already working with. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day for feedback!! Sherri ;-)
  5. Hey everyone, I can't believe I'm going to admit this to all of you...but here goes. I have never used Outlook before. My email has always been Outlook Express & my contacts are in Act. With that humbling experience over...here's my issue: I have a potential client that has asked for an estimate on merging her Outlook contacts into a "do-able" list for her. She & her husband currently work on 3 separate machines, which aren't networked. We have that issue resolved with using LogMeIn.com. However, since I've never used Outlook before - I downloaded it onto my computer in order to research the program. Categories seem to be a great thing, if we're going to use them as "Clients", "Farm", etc. But while in the program, researching, I came across Groups. Has anyone ever used Groups instead of Categories in their contact list for Outlook 2003? THANK YOU for any direction you can guide me on this!
  6. Hey!! I just moved from Florida - back to Ohio; Dublin Ohio actually. And I would love to get to know other VA's in Ohio!! God's Best, Sherri Sherri@MyFaithfulAssistant.com
  7. THANK YOU so much for your help. I'll get a hold of them today & see where to go with this. Thanks again & Have a great weekend ;-)
  8. Hi everyone, I am having trouble linking a virtual tour into a Powerpoint Presentation for a client. Has anyone had to do this before? The hyperlink goes to a web page for the virtual tour company. The client is wanting for the virtual tour to display and loop while she's doing a presentation. The only thing I'm able to view when I put the link into the presentation...is the hyperlink. I can't get it to come up to show the tour. I've been on Microsoft's site & can't find any help with this on there. THANK YOU for any help or suggestions you have!!
  9. Hi everyone, I'd like to get some feedback about VA Courses that you've taken online. And I'd also like to get some feedback about Online Courses that you've taken to advance your knowledge in various programs. I've been searching this week for VA Courses & have found a variety of companies that offer training; such as VirtualAssistanceU, VATraining, AssistU, Risc, AdminProf, Msvas....etc. They seem to all offer a variety of ways to 'get the business up and going'. They also range in costs. Has anyone taken any of these courses & if so...Did you find them useful and helpful in both knowledge and skills? There are a variety of different courses I'd be interested in taking as well....but again, there are also a wide range of costs included. Has anyone taken any online programs to enhance your knowledge; such as Microsoft programs, Design programs, and programs to share files in order to offer bookkeeping services to someone outside of your immediate area? Any feedback or direction that you can give me in these areas would be SO GREATLY appreciated. I'm just not sure which way to go & of course, I don't want to end up spending lots of money if it's not going to be helpful. Thank You so much, Sherri @ My Faithful Assistant
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