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  1. Hi Gaynell. Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing you around and learning about what you're doing. Tishia
  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes :- ) Patty and Kristi thank you for telling me about the Michigan VA's site! I'll definitely check it out! Tishia
  3. I'm with you on the Michiganders that don't know how to pronounce lilac and barette! (I'm from Michigan too) and it drives me bonkers! In one of your other posts you said your mom would say warsh - my mom does this too and I can NOT stand it! lol Mine are the basic: to, too, two their, they're, there effect, affect (although I struggle with this one all the time myself too so I guess I shouldn't complain about other people messing it up lol) Tishia
  4. Hey everyone! I may have introduced myself a looooooooooong time ago right after first starting my Virtual Assistant business so I apologize if I'm a familiar 'face' to anyone. I don't think I will be as I never stayed active around here...but that's going to change :-) So here we go: Your Name: Tishia Lee (pronounced Tisha) Your Website URL: http://www.TishiaSavesTime.com Years in Business: 4 years & 3 months Description of your Business, including any specialties: I offer a few different general type VA tasks - article submissions, press release submissions...things like that. But my specialty is transcription. That's the one part of my business that I love the most and always puts a smile on my face when I do it! On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I live in Boyne Falls, Michigan (a VERY small town! Put it this way k-12th grade is in one building & there were 21 in my graduating class which was a looooong time ago but the classes are still around that size!) Are you married? How long?: No (as I giggle at this one because I've been engaged 3 times - twice to the same man - but never have made it down the aisle!) Any kids and how old? I have 1 child. A boy who is 11. Hobbies & Interests: Playing softball, reading, writing, scrapbooking, dancing, listening to music, hanging out with my son, going to the movies and lots more! How did you hear about us? I don't remember. It was a long time ago after I first started my business.
  5. I think it sounds like a wonderful idea and I'd be interested in something like this as well. I'd prefer a shorter version, so six weeks instead of eight. Summer is such a hard time to commit to anything. I wonder if you would make this into a course that could be purchased if you can't attend the 6 or 8 week program. Tish
  6. Cute website and I absolutely love the name - very creative, cute, catchy and easy to remember. Good luck with it :-) Tishia
  7. I've been 'lurking' for awhile...finally decided to post an introduction and jump in on some conversations. I am a work at home mom to one. My son is 9 and one of the main reasons I wanted to work from home! I am a proud Army girlfriend and while it stinks that he is deployed in Iraq right now, it gives me time to focus on my business. I've been a Virtual Assistant since January 2006. My business is called Tishia Saves Time. I look forward to digging into the discussions around here and getting to know everyone. Tish
  8. Welcome! I too am a Michigander :-) I live in Northern Michigan - Gaylord to be exact. It's nice to meet you Carla. Tishia
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