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  1. Hi guys... thought I would say hello and touch base as I haven't been around for some time! Also at the same time thought I would bring some new tips to the table if possible. Have started a new business building pergolas! Yes, surprised me too as haven't done any carpentry for a while. Was mainly to get out of the office and get some sun and air! Some basic lessons I have learned (online & off) so far from this experience.... 1. Small "local" businesses can generate very good leads for their business using SEO at a very minimum cost. This is not just base on the above business but also local businesses I am doing SEO for. I have been very surprised to be honest with the ease it has to get rankings for such local niche keywords. To compare costs, I actually get more hits per month than the yellow pages for the whole city under the given category. 2. Depending on your industry, in this case a trade, people still highly value trust and old fashion values. IE. keeping your word, turning up when you say you will, sticking to quotes, etc. It may be different for other countries as we currently have a shortage of trades people but the above anywhere would still be very applicable i would think. With this experince what it has allowed me to reflect on it the trust factor and building relationships no matter whether online or off. 3. Rankings have mainly come more easily due to just adding additional content, faq's, a few other products, etc. 4. Even though this business is in an industry far from online marketing, the need for systems has stayed constant. What I have noticed to a large extent is that many of my competitors have poor websites and systems in place to deal with client enquiries and other items. Better systems, client attention (building relationships), and genuine client interest will produce way more salse even if your product or service is in the medium to higher price range. 5. For small laocal businesses within a niche, keep your website and USP small and precise with a very clear sales funnel. Here is our website as an example - http://www.affordablepergolas.com.au Good to be back... Cheers, Chris.
  2. Prefer direct mysql backups these days as long as you have access... Two step proces, export mysql database, import database, thats it. Chris.
  3. As Terry has stated... drag wishlist widget over to sidebar to activate. As long as your theme is widget enable you will have no problem... otherwise a custom widget is required of which you can see a sample on a clients site - http://members.softtissuetherapyonline.com/join/?wlfrom=%2F. Hope that helps. Cheers, Chris.
  4. I must say I am always wary of books or any information that claims getting top rankings is as easiy as one little neat trick or a few hours work. In most cases what you find is that it is the information that is left out which is the real problem. So I purchased the book and for the price there are some good tit bits on basic SEO. For someone who knows little to nothing about SEO and online marketing it is a good starter however there are a few things one should keep in mind. 1. This type of technique will not get you top rankings on medium to high compettion keywords or phrases. 2. This technique should really only be used for launching sites, categories or major sections of your website. In other words not over used. 3. Because of the main method in the book being what it is and the services that were used, ranking can not expect to remain stable unless further linking is undertaken or unless the competition is so little no further linking is required (as is in this case). As with any type of marketing online it's always best to have a good crack at it or nothing at all. Sustained increases in rankings require work and effort to build skills and achieve success. As such one then builds a good site with decent inbound links. Once this is done, quick rankings can be achieved such as the following... Gather a few links to my blog, post it, add to digg & stubleupon and then within and hour or two you have easy enough rankings... http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sou...z=1R2GGLL_en-GB ! Cheers, Chris.
  5. For SEO... a little known fact! 50 to 60% (conservative figure) of people linking to you will not use anchor text, they will actually use your full url - http://www.deadlinemetvirtualassistant.com. Getting inbound links is easy, getting inbound links with the anchor text you want to increase rankings on is not only much more difficult but also time consuming and costly. So given the above figure, why would you make your SEO work 50 top 60% much more difficult by not including the main keywords in your domain name? Yes, most peoples comments here are correct, as for the search engines themselves the algorithmic value of the keywords in your domain is small. However every little bit counts. Food for thought. Cheers, Chris.
  6. Been cleaning up all my sites.... tools now moved to http://tools.essential-seo.com/ Cheers.
  7. as bold as to suggest..... very polite Karri!
  8. Better for SEO to remove all the code rather than commenting out if you are never going to use again. Keep original files as backup.
  9. Thanks for that.... I should have read through the code fully myself. I wonder if they know its not working properly because when I went through I couldnt complete the sale... as I stated just went back to the paypal login page.
  10. No good as yet... but I have just set up a new site that will carry all our custom themes and a few hundred devloper themes - http://www.catdynamicsdesigns.com. Will add to forum when is more up to date. Cheers.
  11. Hi Guys, I have already sent an email regarding this site to Paypal, but before going further and sending an email to Google and maybe putting up a blog post I need someone to look at who is more tyechnically mided then me. It's probably a silly question as I got dudded through the process and changed my email at Paypla, but i definitely presume these guys are collected Paypal login details. http://socialcmsbuzz.com/ephoto-wordpress-...theme-04072009/ Just follow the links through to the so called product site and then paypal. Notice how you are still on their domain and the code is all java script. I went through what I thought was Paypal, purcahsed the product and then was led back to the real Paypal index page. Can anyone here with the knowledge of java tell us what is happening with their code, how its being done and that it is definitely a dodgy setup. Thanks, Chris.
  12. Hi Karen, We supply comprehensive SEO outsourcing so please feel free to contact me when you get a chance - http://www.catdynamics.com I am currently on a short break in Bali and can get back to you as soon as I get back, about the 26th June. Regards, Chris.
  13. Could have just moved the files into the top level folder too....
  14. Phpbb is my preference. Here is one we installed on a client site - http://www.arguingequality.org/forum/. Bbpress is good for quick install and less functionality.
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