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  1. Hi, I have been asked for work to be done on a dictaphone. I still have one I purchased years ago and it seems to be the same kind they use. Problem is I cannot find a place to plug it in on the computer or my laptop to connect it to. There is no compatible outlet. Does someone know if there is a usb or something similar in an adapter that I can use to connect it to the computer. Thanks, johmac
  2. I was surfing on the weekend and happened upon this social media approach to getting work. Seems it is going like gangbusters. It social media such as LinkedIn SimplyHired, Facebook etc. There are some jobs that are work from home and say they pay well but I'm not sure if these are real jobs or how hard it is to get the work. I went onto scamadvisor and they have a 100% legit website and there is a lot of information on recruiting but all these work at home jobs have me wondering. Anyone heard or got work from them. jm
  3. I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have two Epson printers - Stylus Photo R340 and a CX6400. Both the ink cartridges are identical in every way (at least to the eye). One cartridge will fit perfectly into the slot of both printers - e.g. a T0481 black (R340) cartridge will snap into the CX6400 but it reads as an error so it will not print. Can someone tell me what the difference is other than the T0481(R340) and number T0441 (CX6400). It sounds like a money-making machine to buy different cartridges instead of being able to interchange them. Is there any way to manipulate the printer to recognize the cartridge. Thank you, johmac
  4. This topic may need to be redirected. 1) A little background info that may help. I have 2 computers, and old rebuilt tower which been booting up ok for about 10-15 minutes then I get a physical memory dump to protect files and it drops off... I unplugged the internet cable in case that had something to do with it but the same thing happens. Seems to have worked ok at my friends so I changed the plug connected to the tower at the back and changed the monitor but the same thing happened. A message says media test failure, check cable. Used to get a MAC address with lots of numbers after. 2) I use my laptop for downloading iTunes and have had no problems with songs. Last week I downloaded the first 2 episodes of Downton Abbey - no problem, burned to DVD - great! 3) Began downloading episode 3 and got a timed out error -50. Quote: --- Error 50: This error (and error -50) are timeout errors. Follow the steps for errors 13 or 14 above. --- Tried episode 4 and downloaded more minutes but got another -50 error. Tried: redownloading latest version of itunes, took off the wireless connection and plugged directly onto modem, gone through all diagnostics for itunes, removed some 3 party checks, turned off the firewall, changed from AVG to Avast and it is still the same problem. Could these two issues be connected in anyway if there is faulty powerbar or modem. (yes, I could/should try but it would help if I know in advance that is could be the issue). Or, could it be an ethernet able issue that needs changed. All my other internet functions seem fine. I would leave it as is since I can probably get the TV series somewhere else and I still can still download the songs but everytime I start itunes it tries to download those two episodes. I would even cut my losses if I could delete them and reorder but I can't. I don't understand why the first two episodes went ok. Anyone with any info would be helpful. jo
  5. Hi, I am trying to link data from a source sheet to the destination sheet in Excel. I know you need to put the = formula sign in dest. sheet and then click on the cell in source sheet. The thing is, what if you have a hundred or more cells that you need to link. You cannot use the pull down (well you can) but you must keep changing the last digit for the cell. Is there a quicker way of doing this en mass. Thanks Jo
  6. Thanks Patty, I have looked into VTC and will follow the tutorials. Now my question is, is there a difference between Photoshop 6 and Photoshop Elements 6. I saw an Elements version online I am interested in but don't know if it is the real deal. I am thinking Elements is some supportive software for the original !?! Thanks again, Jo
  7. I am thinking about starting to learn Photoshop and/or Illustrator. I don't want to break the bank so is there anyone who could recommend a beginners version (just to get my feet wet). I know nothing about Photoshop so think of me as a real newbie. I saw a tutorial on ebay for about $20. (including shipping) and I don't need the software. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated. Jo
  8. I did what you said and it started in another part of dos so it seemed to work (I was able to enter the date and time). Problem is b/c I live in Quebec, all the information on the screen is French (guess that is part of the language law here if buying something). I probably pressed a few wrong buttons and ended back at the login. Methinks I will have to see the 'puter doctor /(aka) 'Dos Busters'. Thanks for the help. Johan
  9. Hi, I bought a second hand computer and brought it home to start my Windows XP and other software installations. When I turn it on there is a dos login: I have no idea what this is and if one still exists. Do I need to go to my guru or can I get it started myself. I got nothing with the computer except the cable to plug it in. Hope this will be relatively simple. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  10. Well, Just for anyone with a similar problem. I think I have my answer. Finally Excel came back. The message says it has to do with some conditional formats I entered and it seems Excel has a problem with them. Not sure why as they are easy to do but there we have it. Hope it helps someone else. JM
  11. Hi, I work at home for a company and am connected with their main G drive and share all their files. Yesterday I updated an Excel file for 2-1/2 hours. I had noticed a message saying SECURITY WARNING - DATA CONNECTIONS HAVE BEEN DISABLED. I have seen this before but it didn't seem to cause a problem. Today the office and myself cannot open this file anymore so I have probably not only lost my work from yesterday, but possibly the entire file. The egg-timer just continually turns upside down and it says it is trying to restore. The administrative office assistant will try and get it back but only from last Friday so we have lost all our work since. Does anyone know what this message means and what we could do to retrieve any info. Thanks JM
  12. They aren't bad kids (under supervision) but it's more about the very ripe age of partying that could go on if left alone. I think I deserve the $100/hour just for the trouble of getting the male up in the morning - that alone is a full time job and I am up at 5:30 to do it. I think I will stick with $10.00 for the peak hours in the evening. Thanks for the help. I just needed to know I was on the right track. ps I didn't mean there are ages 2-19, I should have said twin 19 year olds. Thanks again Johan
  13. I am a glorified nanny for 11 days to 2-19 year olds who are seemingly not trusted to be left alone, which also makes me a housesitter of sorts. My dilema is that I have no idea what to charge. Luckily I can work from home so that does not cause any disruptions. The boy is gone most of the day and evening and the girl has so far not been any trouble at all - it is mostly having an adult present at all times. I was thinking that $10.00 per hour for the hours of 5pm-10pm. which is $50.00 per day. Does anyone know about this? I did it about 16 years ago for three teenagers and I think I got $250.00. I would be grateful for any help at all. JM
  14. Hi All, I haven't posted in a long time. I am working at home but for a company so technically I don't count as a VA anymore but you all still have my utmost respect for the dedication. Tawnya, you are looking awesome. OK, so 'bout the doggie thing. Love what you wrote T. I had my beloved Sam for 11-1/2 wonderful years and sadly he got diabetes and I nursed him til the end. Said I would not want another pooch because there was never going to be another Sam. So, I caved. Due to happenstance I came upon Jakers (Irish slang for Amazing). He's a Shephard mix with a jet black back and sides and a beautiful Collie face and the biggest and kindest goofball on 4 legs. But don't associate goofiness for stupidity, he's as quick as a whip to learn and has several hand commands to his credit already. Still he is the biggest upstart the doggie park has seen in a long time and I can't imagine life without him, I think that goes for Scooter the cat too. So, dogs brought me back into the forum and wanted to say a big hello to all of you again. Also, if any of you get the Superdogs show in your city, you should go and see it. It is delightful and wonderful entertainment for the whole family - especially a dog call Pot Roast, who follows a lot of his own rules. Best of everything for 2010. Johan
  15. ...I have done some copy/pasting from websites onto an Excel sheet and set up a column to show duplicates if I have used names already. Maybe I missed the boat but it seems that copy/pasting onto an Excel sheet is not recognized as a real entry such as would be done if by typing, and therefore will not show up as a duplicate. Has anyone noticed this before? I was sure it worked previously. I even erased all the formats to make it all uniform but the duplicates still don't show. Thanks Jo
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