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  1. Thanks Rebecka, I think you are right. It doesn't sit with me that I would start out like this. I had given pause to it after the post and I really don't know if I would be ready for that committment on top of everything I have on the burners just now. Your post has given me that confirmation. Best leave it to the experts and wait for the right time. That's what I like about the forum, honesty and guidance. Jo
  2. Hail to all the Bookkeepers, I need your advice. I have never done any bookkeeping but have dabbled in my QuickBooks Simple Start, never putting any information in that I would actually use, it was always for fun. By the way, I have a deep rooted respect for anyone who gets all their additions to equal at the bottom of the page. Here's my thingy. One of the churches in an adjacent town has put a notice in our own church bulletin for a bookkeeper. (I profess to never think of myself as one). It says they use QuickBooks and it is for some financial data, etc. for the church and it would be for a few hours per month. I am in the throes of learning a new software program and I do have full time work during the day, but I think I could fit a few hours in. I would love to get some basic bookkeeping knowledge but would not like to jeopardize the church books. But, having said that, it would be a great place to start since they would no doubt have to forgive me in a monumental manner for any great royal scr*w *ps I might make, or at least I think they would. I would hate to think that if the books don't balance that all the parishoners would be chasing me down the highway thinking I pilfered from the collection plate when in reality it is strictly incompetence on my part. Don't want to get in over my head but what would you pros say to me taking this on as a beginner? Does anyone on the forum do church books? Tks Jo
  3. Hi Once you start the QuickBooks certification program is there a deadline to finish it (from them). December 16th doesn't give much opportunity with the holiday season approaching. It says that it takes approximately 10-12 hours to do it but someone on the thread said they took 15 - just curious. Jo
  4. Hi, Can this certification be done on QB Simple Start. I am NO bookkeeper but wouldn`t mind expanding my knowledge whereever possible. I do have QB SS so would this be viable for me to do the training. (ps sorry about the apostrophe`s and lack of question marks. I am using a French keyboard and don`t have time to find all the right keys.) Thanks Jo
  5. Hi Yvonne, I ordered my refills from www.ink-refills-ink.com I found their prices reasonable and didn't have trouble with the refilling. Thing is, I got zapped with Cdn customs and duty so if you're ordering from Kanuck country beware.
  6. Hi, I called a couple of lawyers and one did say that a lot of what's put in isn't needed. But in defence of people I think they/we do over compensate b/c of technicalities causing trouble. I would like to try and hone it down to about what Candy suggested. Does anyone think there is a need for a clause that goes on blah blah about inventions or developments. I hardly think I'll be inventing anything other than extendable knitting needles, no kidding - I hate those long needles when you're only casting on 30 or 40 stitches, they always get in my way. Oops back on topic, I'm still trying to locate a cheap lawyer (an oxy-moron) Candy - did you write your own in your own words. Kim - my sister lives in Pennsylvania, although right now she's cruising in the Caribbean. p.s. If you really want to know about chilly, come up to Montreal we're in the deep freeze.
  7. Thanks Kim, I think you are right. I'm reading it (slowly) and making amendments as I go. There are little things that I would not have thought about that are important. Did you include anything in particular to VA's that I may not think of? I want to make sure I've got this right when I take it up to the notary. p.s. you're either an early-bird like me or your across the pond....
  8. Hi - I found what seems to be a good IC agreement but I find it quite long - about 5 pages. In general, how many pages do contracts run? I think I can remove certain parts but I was wondering if too much is too much for a client to want to read. Do VA's have any special inclusions unique to this type of business?
  9. Wow, that's amazing. Tawyna and you gals are incredible. Maybe one of these days Dr. Phil will have YOU on his show - I'm not joking, you just never know. Great work to all who were involved.
  10. Hi Yvonne, I know nothing about stats and I never check mine - don't know how to and I guess I don't really want to know. For me the only stats that are important would be getting the virtual knock on the door by means of email or telephone asking me for help. I'm not sure why I don't check but I think it has to do with me feeling that it doesn't mean a whole lot. Maybe it's my own pattern of reading and reading info. on internet and then just clicking to go somewhere else, a little wiser for what I read. Sorry, I don't mean to discourage anyone it's just my own feelings on it. I think of PR's as an informational avenue which is valuable for the VA industry to get the word out. If someone thinks I should be checking stats for some reason that will make me make changes I will, but in the meantime I think I'll keep my head in the virtual sand and wait for CNN to call...hee hee
  11. No problemo Karri, that's what this tight little forum's all about and I hope/know someone would do the same for me. I've also decided to go the FrontPage route - not as much trouble as I thought since the content's pretty much done. I have to tell you all (but I think you already know) that I LOVE colours so maybe my newsletter isn't the way a lot are but when I was reading my Websites for Dummies this am it says you HAVE to be yourself if you're going into biz so that's what it is... It'll also be fairly short but I plan on building on it with time - for now it will be a link on my website. See ya all - should be starting my market research job this pm....wish me luck - off on another adventure.
  12. Karri, I just looked at your newsletter and it's fFantastic - great work. I was just wondering one thing when I looked at the top and you wrote semi-monthly I thought that's a big chunk of time to write a newsy letter like that twice a month. Then I saw August/September as your premiere issue. I just want to make sure that you mean 'semi' which means 2 x per month and not bi-monthly which mean once every 2 months. Sometimes when we're on information overload those little things can slip by. Just checkin'....it really is great with loads of content. I think I will have to revamp mine a bit more to have it look as good.
  13. Karri, - it's my turn re: newsletter. I too have just finished my newsletter in Publisher and am not sure what to do with it now. I'm hoping I don't have to get a website and can 'do' it off an email. What did you finally do - I tried to copy it over to FrontPage but there are too many fiddly things I'd have to do and I don't have the time. I like the way it is in Publisher. What was your solution. Publisher MUST be able to handle this somehow since it's viewable in a browser. Thanks
  14. Thanks everyone - it's nice to get your feedback. Y'know, I'm thinking that maybe my webby not being up yet may be a blessing of sorts (not that I can wait too too long.) I am trying to do a pretty good research on seo's and I have made a few mistakes that I will correct, but I'm still a long way off being expert. I have invited Michelle Church, (that's the lazy who wrote me) to the VANF forum. She's been visiting before and thinks she may come back. I hope she signs on. She's new to the VA market also. Well, I've shorn the dog and gone to Walmart - time to get back at it. See ya...
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