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  1. Oh my! I never saw this!! This is great, thank you everyone for your congrats and nice comments about my blog. Thanks for mentioning my blog! You guys are the best.
  2. Thanks Cheryl, That's one I hadn't heard of. I'll check it out. Are you working in some type of alliance with the other VAs or is it a client who has multiple VAs? Just curious. Regards, Melanie
  3. Hi Angela, I'm interested in this as well. Did you find anyone who would give you a testimonial on these products? Melanie
  4. I agree, marketing would be a great topic. What about getting the most out of your blog?
  5. This is great Tawnya. I've been planning to start a blog. I'll have to get moving on that, huh? Congratulations Darrell!
  6. Hi Anita, I would like to get involved with these workshops. Can you tell me where I can find more info, please? Thank you, Melanie
  7. Was this call recorded and will it be posted or transcribed?
  8. I know of a way we can say Thank You to Tawnya for all of her hard work!! Nominate an Outstanding VA An important component of the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention http://www.oivac.com/vadayawards.htm will be the awarding of the Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction award to a veteran VA and the Janet Jordan Achievement Award to a VA with two or less years in business (visit site for eligibility criteria). These awards will be presented during the inaugural International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) celebration. Thank you for all the hard work and TLC Tawyna! Melanie
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