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  1. Thank you all for the kind words. I am so ready to do this and I look forward to having the support of this forum!
  2. So does anyone recommend that I advertise HTML and database administration, even though I haven't practiced in 3 years and I would probably need the Dummies books to do these tasks again? These are 2 areas I know I would love to work in. Also, I have 3 years of editing and proofreading experience, but I am not sure if I would be comfortable editing a book for a publisher. Also another area I would like to work in? Should I just give these a shot? I guess I am too afraid of failing...
  3. Hi! My name is Brenna Limbrick. new VA office here (the Virtual Admin Office, LLC), resigned from my away from home full time gig effective 9/30 to spend more time with my wonderful one year old son! I’m actually having some issues with figuring out a niche, I have posted my woes in the General Questions section hoping to get some help. The past 3 years I have been a Document Coordinator, editing, proofreading and processing document changes. I have an AAS in CIS with emphasis in Web Design, although I haven’t practiced at all in 3 years  I have awesome customer service skills and can resolve an issue in a heartbeat. I am seasoned in major event planning, travel arrangements, scheduling, client intake, Internet research, resume writing, online job research, and I have created some marketing materials before using preexisting graphics. I have also worked as a lead bank teller. I have my domain name reserved and I was hoping to build my own website but haven’t had the time yet, my 1 year old doesn’t like to sleep  Maybe I’ll try using Wordpress… I think my biggest issue is I am afraid of failure. I want to practice some of what I learned in school but I am afraid I don’t remember anything. I hope I can gain some insight from being here and networking with all these wonderful VAs!!
  4. Sorry ahead of time if this is way long… I have been interested in and researching the VA business for a few years and am just now taking the plunge with both feet. I resigned from my full time away from home gig at a corporate office effective 9/30, to get into VA work and be home more with my 1 year old son, and I am a little lost. The place where I am lost is I don’t really know my niche or if I even have one? I’ve been in admin support for over 9 years, and the past 3 I have spent proofreading, editing and processing document changes so I am somewhat of a MS Word guru (but how far is that going to get me?). I can proofread with the best and catch mistakes that others leave behind, but I don’t know if I would be comfortable editing a book or anything like that but I would be willing to try! I’m pretty decent with grammar but in no way do I have a degree in English! I have an AAS degree in CIS with emphasis in Web Design, and I used to be able to hand code websites and build in Dreamweaver 8 but I haven’t practiced in 3 years so that is kind of lost. I took a programming class and a database administration class and built db in Access from the ground up, but I also haven’t practiced that in 3 years either. I am seasoned in event planning, large and small (but how far is that going to get me?). I have superior customer service skills and I can resolve issues in a heartbeat, very good people skills. I have also worked as a bank teller. If I purchased some books and guides, like Access for dummies and html for dummies and Dreamweaver for dummies, I probably could fumble my way through building a db or a website, but what if I fail? Should I go ahead and try it anyway?? SO, any ideas for me out there? Do I try the things I have done in the past and just hang my head if I fail with a client?? I have reserved my website with my bus name and have registered with my state. I would really like to build my site myself but I haven’t had time yet, still working full time away from home. I am really interested in social media marketing and SEO (man it used to be a lot simpler when I was in school!) but I don’t have the experience or training. Thanks for any help!!
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