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  1. You can insert a new column, then copy the column with the hyperlinks. Using "Paste Special" click the button that says "Values". This will copy the text over to the new column without the hyperlinks.
  2. I forgot to add that this is on the system that uses Office 2002 (XP), so you don't have to have 2007. Not sure if 2000 does, but sure 2003 does. Patty Fusselman The Office Desk, Inc
  3. You can also use this feature in Word. It's under Tools > Speech. I think it comes in handy when reviewing a large document, or just to see what your paragraph sounds like. Patty Fusselman The Office Desk, Inc
  4. I decided to try the two monitor hookup recently and am hooked! It is so nice to have both monitors side by side and be able to look at one screen while working on a spreadsheet on the other screen. The smaller one is an old 15 inch beside a newer 20 inch and I really had a hard time getting used to the difference. Now if I had the money to get another 20 inch to replace the 15 inch one I would be set. But even at this, I really like the option of having two screens! Patty
  5. There is a free program "Belarc Advisor" that you can download and it will give you the key #'s to all the software installed on your computer. I run it 4 times a year and print off the copies so I have all the information if I need it. www.belarc.com is the website and it only takes a few minutes. After you run it, a webpage comes up with all your information and down towards the bottom are the key numbers for all your programs. Hope this helps! Patty Fusselman The Office Desk
  6. I wanted to get in on this, but had to miss it because my youngest one had a school function to attend. Will this be up where we can listen to it anytime? I was really looking forward to it and had many questions on how the whole thing works with Exchange. Thanks! Patty Fusselman patty@TheOfficeDesk.org
  7. I have read where a lot of you use Skype and a lot use VOIP. What is the difference? I went to the Skype website, but still don't understand what I can and cannot do with it for sure, maybe I'm just getting dense with all the new technology that is out now! Am I right in that it is only $60 per YEAR with Skype to call in and call out? I currently have Comcast digital for my phone and internet, and I like the service I am getting. I can get Vonage, and there are 2 other VOIP companies in the area that keep sending out mailers, so how do I know which one would be the best? And if I can do the same thing with Skype, why wouldn't I go with the cheaper option? I guess I started this by looking at a way to get a local number for one of my clients so the caller ID would show up as me being relatively close instead of clear across the country. Then I got really confused with all the information and now am hopelessly lost! What do you all use, and does it work out well for you? Thanks! Patty
  8. Gretchen, Check with the Secretary of State website for your state. This is where I registered my business and there is a spot there for you to see if your business name is already being used. Good Luck! Patty www.theofficedesk.org
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