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  1. I had a problems yesterday for a few hours.
  2. Hey Kimmer~ I would love to see it. virtual.assistant@sympatico.ca Thanks Jeanette
  3. Tawyna, There is a way to get to those posts you missed. Click on the "My Assistant" link you have at the top of your page Click on "Todays Active Topics" By default it reads "Yesterday" to "Today". You can change the "Yesterday" to what you want and there you go.....all the missed posts. Jeanette
  4. JeanetteM


    Congrates to Kimmer! Great work. I actually got a call today from my "lifesaver campaign". Not neccessarily for a project, but the one who heads up a networking group in my area. I wish I could attend the meetings, but their meetings are every Tuesday at 7am. I start work at 6:30am and can't jepordize being late every week. But I am going to use the contact to promte for now anyways.
  5. Great idea! I've never made them, but my customers have and given them to me. I love them! They are handy, as I have a metal overhead on my desk and I have them all right there in front of me.
  6. hey Kimmer, Sorry, I haven't been around in a couple of days. virtual.assistant@sympatico.ca Thanks Jeanette
  7. Hi Lori, I agree 100% with Jacky. Usually information is passed back and forth by email and if your good, they'll be back. They need you because they don't have the time to update/create things. Yah ~ your thinking too hard on this one. JM
  8. If your sorting by name instead of date, how do you feel about renaming? Instead of Jan; Feb; Mar, try 01; 02; 03 and then you can also include the year (i.e. 01-04; 02-04; 03-04) and that way when you do sort by name it is actually by month. Did that make any sense at all?
  9. You did a great thing! What I like to do to telemarketers is, as soon as they start their speech is ask them to hang on; put the phone down and don't pick it up again until I hear the computer voice say "please hang up; please hang up". Or you can ask them for their home number and aske them if you can call them back later tonight. "Oh, but we don't give out home numbers".........guess what I don't want you calling me either!
  10. IMO...this is a great idea and good letter. Here are just some ideas that I had when I read it... take out the word some: Are you running into some snags when it comes to getting Referrals? Initial is only spelt with one "n" Group and helping with the innitial structure… Start a new paragraph here: We would be a Networking/Referral Group......... Nice job Kim!
  11. In Canada when you register a company, they do a name search for you. You do not need to register if you use your name as the company name. For example, if your name is Joe Brown and you own a shoe store and you name the store "Joe Brown" no registration is needed. However if you call it "Joe Brown Shoes" then you need to register. Just a little info for all.
  12. Ok .... went to the dollar store ready to grab those saver all sold out. Alright so I go do my grocery shopping and wait a week or so and go back for the savers......walk into Dominion......lo and behold "individually wrapped Lifesavers" Yeah! So if your looking for them ~ Dominion's got 'em!
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