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  1. Well it seems I have a trojan on my blog and blogsite. So I'm now trying to find out how to get right of it. At home which I click on my site my antivirus software popups with a warning that I have a trojan downloader, it doesn't get rid of it, and from my brief research and I could be wrong it seems that I need to search for suspicious code to get rid of it or possible upgrade .2.6.2, the thing is I tried to upgrade using automatic upgrade but it didnt work, so I'm really stuffed. To be honest I'm really hoping the last resort is to take my blog and blog site down to start again, so I'm looking for suggestions on how to sort out my problem. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Crystal, I first tried what you've suggested and that didn't work for me, and plugins also didn't work for me, I've now tried your suggestion again and with the help of a widget I've got I got my pages in order.
  3. Hi again I'm a newbie when it comes to working with wordpress so I'll be asking lots of questions, hope you all don't mind anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to get my pages in order. I'm hoping someone will kindly answer my query. Thanks in advance
  4. If a plugin doesn't work for me I usually find another one. Have you checked to see if the plugin is compatible with the version of wordpress you are using? Heidi Thanks Heidi, I've taken note of your advice, and found other plugins that work.
  5. Hi I've uploaded a few plugins into correct directory but none of them have shown up on the plugin page, has anyone come across the problem before? if so how did you solve this problem. Many Thanks in advance
  6. I'm attempting to redesign a tradtional website to a blogiste and I installed wordpress using fantastic but its pulls my site not the word press admin press, can any of the WP experts offer any advice on this. Many Thanks
  7. I've just received an enquiry from a potential client who would like me to do their accounts, thats all I know at the moment, its not a service that I offer but I may outsource it if the client decides to hire me or refer the client elsewhere My question is what sort of questions should I be asking the client in relation to accounts to find out what kind of assistance they need. Many Thanks
  8. The course I took was the VA Mastery Course run by a coach called Carmen Mcdougall here's her link http://www.vact.co.uk/ she is uk based but I'm sure she coaches VA's around the world. she has several type of courses, the one I took was a telecourse it was a series of calls just over 3 month with each call lasting an hour on a specific topic, and after the call you are given an assignment to do, it was very indepth and intensivea nd well worth it
  9. Hi all I'm in the process of setting up my VA business The-personal assistant.com. I haven't been on the forum for a while because I've been course to obatin my VA certificate. I've finally completed the course and awaiting my certifcate, so whiilst waiting for my site to go live, I've started my blog http://thepersonalassistant.wordpress.com/ Its short, sweet and simple at the moment but will gradually add more features once I get to know my way around things.
  10. Thanks guys for the links you provided. You're all so very helpful
  11. Hi All I've been searching a template of a welcome/introductory letter on this forum but cant find anything. I know there's a kit which I can purchase which will have template but I cant afford it at the moment. So I would be very grateful if anyone is able to help me in any way possible or at least get me started in the right direction. Many Thanks
  12. Thanks for all the responses. You've all been helpful I'm now gonna think outside the box for a name In the UK, in some offices spare desk's are called Hot Desk I'll be on a VA coaching &Training course in January and want to come up with a name before I start the course, so that I have some sort of focus iykwim I'll keep you posted
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