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  1. What a great hockey game! Congratulations Canada!! The Olympics were wonderful..how great it must have been to be right in the heart of it all!!
  2. I have an Itouch also and the apps I love are: 1. Kindle for Iphone: great when you are waiting someplace and forgot to bring a book 2. Nutrition: gives calorie and nutrition for tons of restaurants and common food items, or add your own. Also comes with a weight watchers conversion - I love this app since I'm always on a diet! 3. FoodCalc: easy conversion of calorie, fat, fiber into the Weight Watchers number 4. Facebook 5. Betty Crocker Cookbook 6. AllRecipes 7. NYTimes 8. USA Today 9. Sudoku 10. Redbox I have to admit...I download mostly free apps!
  3. Had so much fun tonight!! What is even more fun...my kids, the experts at texting and facebook, said they don't get a virtual Christmas party! Hehe!! We have one up on them! Happy Holidays everyone!! And wishing everyone a wonderful and happy New year!!
  4. I have been taking online courses for different adobe software at Lynda.com. You can sample the lessons by taking the free introduction to the courses to see if it is something you would like. To go further into the instructions you will need to pay a $25 monthly fee that can be cancelled at any time and if you purchase any adobe product they offer 30 day free trial to Lynda.com by email after you register the product. They have instructions on just about anything. Hope this helps.
  5. The webinar you may have attended was for Smartsheet. I use this program and love it. It is so simple to use and has everything I need.
  6. I like your brochure! I did notice that your name is not included in the area with your contact information. You may not want to put it on the brochure for personal reasons but it may help potential clients relate to you better. With the graphic changes already suggested it will be great!
  7. Good luck Marie!!! Hopefully this will be the first of many clients to come!
  8. Thank you Jenny and thank you so much everyone!
  9. Wow!! Thank you so much for this award! I am so honored and thrilled to have received this! It has helped to remind me how much I love this business, especially during the holiday slow-down, and also reminded me how important VAnetworking is to me. Words cannot express how much I value all of the knowledge and advise found at this forum and how truly special this award is to me! Thank you again! and wishing everyone a happy and blessed holiday season!! Jan
  10. I upgraded to a new laptop with Win7 and I'm extremely frustrated because my ScanSnap is not compatable. After chatting online with Fujitsu an updated driver may not be available for 90 days and not even sure my model will be included. Adobe Acrobat 7 pro is having problems so I will probably have to upgrade but I'm having fun learning all the new features and it's so fast compared to my old laptop. However, I will be keeping my old Windows XP laptop very near because I need my ScanSnap!
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