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  1. Hi Denise and Tawnya, Denise, this posting is likely too late to be of assistance to you, but I'll post it anyway I am a firm believer that there is a need for legal VAs in Canada (although, as I'm in the Ontario marketplace, I speak from a local perspective only). Canadian legal VAs face several challenges that generalist likely don't come up against as often. Firstly, that the medical and legal fields within Canada are highly regulated and privacy issues are, rightly so, of great concern to both fields and the professionals that support them. As a VA servicing those business sectors you will need to do your due diligence and plan ahead for their questions and have well crafted responses ready. Although geographic boarders are not relevant to practicing as a VA, they are very significant to being a legal VA. The US and Canadian marketplaces have different terminology, job descriptions, pleadings, etc., etc. (a legal assistant is not the same as a legal secretary, a law clerk and paralegal are not the same, etc.) Most Canadian VAs are unlikely to find sustainable client bases in large firms (as most of them operate 24/7 now and have dedicated vast budgets to make the 'machine churn'), however the number of lawyers in independent practice and/or small firms is huge and many don't even realize they need help, and could be sooo much more profitable and productive simply by delegating to a legal VA! Ensure you have a plan to show them you can help them reach their goals. I suspect there is a high need for non-profit sector legal VAs, but a VA would need to be well established in order to support such 'pro bono' clients or those with a very, very limited budgets - but money isn't what drives everyone, and social responsibility and accountability should be on the minds of every small business owner too. The legal landscape within Ontario (and presumably elsewhere) has changed in the past ten years, and the legal community is relying more and more on document and field specific technology needs. If you cannot find networking opportunities with your target audience, try and locate opportunities with the businesses providing services to your targets. Learn why your targets use them (ie, technology providers, time management, investigation, etc.) and try and collaborate with them to reach your end goal - thereby helping them and yourself. All the best! Elizabeth
  2. I agree with all the wise advice. I was contacted by someone who purported to be an Ontario lawyer and realtor. Despite the individual having what looked like a credible website, the person was not registered with the law society nor TREB. The individual was offended by my lack of trust. We both elected to moved on (needless to say - lol).
  3. Hi Ladies, As a graduate of the OSEB (Ontario program), I can tell you it is a program that offers potential. I met some really wonderful people during my time in the program. I am delighted I was given the opportunity to enter and graduate from the program!
  4. Arnie, thanks for posting. I sent the passages to my mother and I'm back in her good books (LOL).
  5. Tawnya, belated congratulations. What an honour!
  6. Hi Sue, Welcome to VANA. It's nice to meet another Ontario VA. Elizabeth
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I too was contacted by the company. Candy, I think they are contacting everyone on IVAA and those listed on a few other VA directories. Although the service they are marketing is not for me, I'm sure it will be marketable to some VAs.
  8. Sadly, I too had the same problems. I stopped using my MajicJack long ago.
  9. Hi Anza, I also use Express Scribe. I have the foot control and have also used the hot keys (not my preference by the way!). Elizabeth
  10. Wow, Victoria, you do have a plate full of stuff to deal with! I'm really glad you will be coming to Canada. This doesn't deal directly with your questions, but might provide you with some insight. The firm has a solid reputation. They are on the high end of the pay scale but know there stuff. http://www.heenanblaikie.com/fr/media/BioX...s_in_Canada.pdf
  11. Hey, Candy B. where are you? Surely you want to add to this thread - LOL.
  12. Great thread. However, I'm not ready to make the complete transition yet (I guess I like paper a little too much still - LOL). Elizabeth
  13. Great job, Janet. Wonderful benefits from such small changes.
  14. Welcome to VANA, Eleanor. It's nice to meet another fellow Canadian! Elizabeth
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