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  1. Tawnya, belated congratulations. What an honour!
  2. Candy, you did a fantastic job! What a great idea and a wonderful resource for VAs. If you are interested in a few more links for the page, there are two resources for Canadian VAs (which are, of course, opened to all VAs): (1) CVAN (www.canadianva.net) - this forum was founded by Michelle Jamison and is now owned and facilitated by Pam Ivey, and (2) CVAC (www.cvac.ca) - the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection that is owned by Janice Byer and Elayne Whitfield
  3. Karri, Thanks for moving our industry one more step forward! Elizabeth
  4. Debbie Lynn, Freebies are always worth sharing! Thanks for the link. Elizabeth
  5. Hello ladies, It is great to see we are collecting a number of 'locals'. Perhaps we can consider a meet-up for late-October. I'll get back to everyone shortly. Cheers, Elizabeth
  6. Hi Dana, 1. Do you meet regularly with a group of VA's in your area? My answer: No, not with a 'group'. However, I subcontract for a local VA and she and the other 'local' sub try and get together for lunch every other month. 2. If yes - how often? My answer: Every other month. 3. If yes - is it structured (set day/time/location), or is it just on a whim? My answer: Somewhat structured - usually end of the week and end of the month at the same location during an 'extended lunch hour'. 4. If no - do you think about putting one together? My answer: Ye
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I'm located near East York/Central Toronto. Are there other VAs nearby? If so, is anyone else interested in meeting up to brainstorm? Cheers, Elizabeth
  8. Hey Darrell, Wow - 1 year already. Congratulations! Elizabeth
  9. I'm registered too! I am really looking forward to meeting all of my virtual colleagues in May! Elizabeth
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