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  1. Thanks for the feedback Judy. I will definitely make 'customers' one of my keywords and use throughout the article. although it might not be in the Title of the article.
  2. Yes Kathy. That's the link. But somehow not allowing me to Login. Always says "you are not logged in. Lets see maybe I get some response from the Squid Team. So far just an autoreply notifying me they have a small team, thus busy. Think it is good idea to introduce oneself and ask to be critiqued on one or two lenses to learn from the Giant Squids.
  3. Thanks for the tip re a limit to the amount of time you can use a link in a lens. Did not know. O well, I was curious to see what you've done so far. Hope I do land on one of your 'ghost' pages soon and it propels me into participation mode. Let me know if and when you do an article on Hubpages vs Squidoo?
  4. Hotdog! Awesome Gayle. Make sure you add a link of this to your website's home page. I hope the article generated positive energy and converts to more ideal clients for you.
  5. I am stuck. I am writing an article on lessons learned via dealing with clients. Good and bad clients. But it is more about what you (the contractor/small business) need to have in place and do in order to be successful. In order to address the SEO side I am trying to find the right keywords. I normally use the Google Keyword Tool to assist me. It is quite remarkable but there is no popularity in terms of: client lessons learned Which was going to be my prime keywords. And then I feel 'clients' are not really 'customers'. There is lots of popularity in terms of 'customer service', but it just does not feel suitable. Can you help me with these three questions: Would you search for such advice.... client lessons learned? OR would you search for something else rather to find 'client lessons learned'? If so (both 1 & 2), what will you type into Google Search? Thank you in advance.
  6. Any Squid out there that might have faced the same problem? I have been a member of Squidoo since Dec09. All is good. But I cannot access the SquidU Forum. I have tried all kinds of feedback pages and emails I can get to contact them to see whats up. I am using my username correctly and I can log into my dashboard to create lenses, so definitely the correct password. Somehow it seems a bit pointless to be a Squid if I cannot chat with my fellow Squids. Anyone had the problem, maybe theres some trick here, or maybe I am only using half my peepers. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi Judy, Sorry very late. I surface very seldom. NY resolution to come up for more oxygen more often. I have only lately become a Squid. I love it. It is pretty full-on HTML if you want your lens to look pretty. I have only two lenses so far, but yes it seems highly important to update and add all the time to a current lens. But personally I reckon it is better to build on quality content of current modules then keep on adding. I've looked at hundreds of lenses so far and some lenses are like 20 pages. Very interesting, but I think there is such a thing as too much. Might be better to start a new lens sometimes even if the topic is ever so slightly different? Now HubPages I have not touched. I am a late developer. But it looks very much like Squidoo. I will follow you on Twitter to check out your Squidoo lenses. Which one of the two do you prefer? The other thing that I fear sometimes is that if I join too many article type of web forums I cannot get to a superior level in any one of them as I am trying to commit to all of them. So for now the focus is on Squidoo. Good luck with HubPages.
  8. Hi Jodie, I love FREEware and always try and use them rather than paying. If you search hard enough you WILL find a tool out there on the WWW that will do what you require, for free. I think you might be able to do most of what you are describing using the marketing 'Research' and the 'Employee Feedback' tools that SurveyMonkey has on offer. I am not totally sure how complicated the 'results' of the assessment will be, ie is it like database programming type of results - and if so then SurveyMonkey might be too basic. Also once people are taken from the click/link on your website to fill in the form via the SurveyMonkey website/dashboard, they allow for a 'Thank You' page where you might be able to mention further instructions, or somehow you might be able to set the settings of an autoresponder on one of your email addresses ie assessment@yourwebsite.com to take the 'assessment' to the next level. Another very slick, interactive and powerful survey and assessment tool that I like is RatePoint. Also free, or if you need more the pricing is affordable. That's my two cents.
  9. Thanks a mill Griffin. I am a golden oldie TraxTime user now for two years. I love proverbs and everytime you log out of TraxTime it gives you some kind of clever business saying from someone. But TraxTime is definitely very basic. Paymo is quite a few notches up. It is great to see per project stats of every day, weekly. Took me a bit to figure out why the hell it does not want to take the PM when type, but it is actually better to use tabs and arrow keys to input time. Thank you for broadening my horizon.
  10. Thank you Kris & QPMS for your info and reply. Much appreciated Kris, thank you for your willingness to help gratis. The easy part in the UAE is that there is no tax. The bad part is that all the (not customised) Accounting packages you buy is mostly generated for the US & tax market. Easy to inactive them, but still a pain. Also difficult to manipulate certain things in terms of the employee payroll, due to specific UAE Labour Law rules. I also love new challenges, but this one I can for sure say is above my abilities. What she wants is huge... As said I think she is rather looking for someone to setup a Business Management System for her. But because I've gone the extra mile for her so far, she is eager to work with me in the future. I will keep you in mind Kris, it is great to know you out there. I also suggested to her to maybe consider a total online setup like NetSuite, but again it will probably be better for her to get a local consultant that can physically setup all her POS, bar coding and integrate it with the warehouses, etc. Or am I wrong, do you think something like this might be possible to setup all online?
  11. Well done! It is most rewarding when all your hard work pays off. Enjoy.
  12. I can recommend to buy as many variations of your domain name as possible, at the end of the day that is the cheap part, it is the hosting that costs. My latest experience: I have sighted that another VA domain name had been started almost exactly the same as mine just without the (-) dash. So you can imagine how much steam came out of my ears! So yes get as many variations of the name itself and .com or .info as you can - definitely keep them and redirect them all to your one domain name.
  13. Hi All! Have not visit or spoke in ages. It is so refreshing to know there is always a reliable pool of people out there I can go and ask something and they will know what I am on about. I am a plain and simple PeachTree Bookkeeper. So my meeting with a prospective client today was not too fruitful, she is thinking BIG and I am providing a very standard bookkeeping service. But hey you never know, we had a hell of a chat and something might be coming my way in the future. She is looking for an all-in-one POS integrated bookkeeping system (real-time inventory) to implement in her new business that will have a website with a few shops all over the UAE, both products and services. PeachTree ain't the one. Anyone out there with experience of other integrated POS accounting software. So in essence I think she is rather looking for an Integrated Business Management System. I have heard several things about Everest, NetSuite, WinWard System 5, Sage Suite 200. Have you tried any of these what was your experience, or could you recommend something else she can look into. Thank you in advance for your assistance. (PS: The crunch is also heavy in the UAE, will be loosing a great retainer client end of Sep09, but hey I believe in change creates opportunities). Kick hard VAs!
  14. Thank you for the support Patty, Ramona and Dana. It was like getting a VitB-injection, an energy boost to fight harder! Hopefully by end of May I will be back in full-force! Best of the best.
  15. Dear VANAs, I had been quiet for some time now. Forgive me, I miss the 'network' beyond words. I had been going through a rough time, no telephone or internet yet at our new building (Dubai, UAE), this is now since 22 February. I am trying to cope with my VA business by using internet cafes. Quite impossible. I really just come in to email people and do my business, I have no time to surf around and do some Social Networking, which is crucial to being a VA. But soon I will be back and 'chatty' again. Believe me: you cannot run a VA business without a phone/internet connection at home! Hope you all had a good Easter! Take care.
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