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  1. Susanne, I'd be happy to help. You are welcome to email me the site info and more details contact@christina-nelson.com. ~Christina
  2. Here's an idea http://css-tricks.com/snippets/html/get-directions-form-google-maps/ and another http://www.online-tech-tips.com/google-softwaretips/add-google-maps-driving-directions-to-your-website/ :-)
  3. This is a volunteer position and you will need to commit to sticking around for 1 year. One year ago, I ran this request and was thrilled to have Jessie DSouza come on board and show her stuff. Jessie was able to take over all of the social media tasks and learn, in real-time, what worked and what didn't. Because of her, Business Darlings has been able to reach more virtual business owners every day. Now, Jessie is ready to move on and make room for more clients in her chosen niche- Social Media Marketing. So that means, there is now the opportunity for another VA to gain expertise providing Social Media Marketing for Business Darlings. We are looking for a VA who wants to specialize in Social Media and would be interested in promoting Business Darlings by getting & keeping conversations going on all of our Social Media accounts. To start out, you will receive a basic outline/schedule of what is expected but, you will also be expected to find new, interesting ways to promote BD and our writers. I don't expect this to take more than a couple hours each week (thanks to automation) and it could help a new/aspiring VA get their "foot in the door". Once you show me you can really do it, I will be more than happy to promote the heck out of you and your business. Send me a PM (if you are able) with a link to your website, twitter,facebook, linkedin, etc. so I can see what you've been doing for your own business promotions. You need to have at least one of those accounts active and be actively promoting yourself to be considered. I need to be able to judge your abilities. Thanks so much, ~C
  4. Hi All, I've been working with Wordpress for several years now and I've run into all kinds of quirks and tricks that I never thought I'd figure out. Luckily, I'm one of those people who refuses to stop til I find the answer. Honestly, I learn best by researching, reading and then doing. But I know there are others who need a more hands-on approach; someone to explain how to do things and then watch over while you try it out. -How would you like the chance to have someone teach you to work with WordPress? -How about if the course involved a very small group of people at the same level as you? -What if the course took only 4 weeks and you could walk away with a Complete Wordpress Theme that YOU customized? Sounds pretty good right? What if it was FREE? Pop on over to http://PainlessWP.com and read more about it. Hope to hear from you soon, ~C
  5. It just so happens we are moving servers this weekend so please wait till Monday and try again. Thanks, ~Christina
  6. New Service Website Helps Give a ‘Leg-Up’ to Aspiring Virtual Assistants Innovative Approach Allows New VA's to Stop Stressing and Start Impressing while allowing Virtual Business Owners a chance to “Pay-it-Forward” PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 10, 2011 - Christina Nelson, owner of VOSTeam, is proud to announce the launch of a new service named VAIntern. Designed specifically to allow Virtual Business Owners the opportunity to share their knowledge while helping Virtual Assistants learn new skills “hands-on” “When I started my VA company in 2007”, says Nelson, “I thought I knew enough to be successful fairly quickly. Boy was I wrong. I found that I had much more to learn and that, due to the nature of the internet, I had to continuously learn new things to keep up.” “ I am someone who has to learn while doing, I can’t be told what to do.,” continues Christina,” I found the help and instruction I needed by listening and watching what others did, then finding my own variation of that. I asked a lot of questions and there was always someone to help but, eventually I had to do the “hands-on” all alone. Not everyone can do that.” In addition to providing a way for Virtual Assistants to expand their knowledge, VAIntern allows Business owners to hire a VA for their projects at low, or no, cost to them. All that is required of the client, besides a one-time fee per job listed, is that they commit to helping the intern VA learn whatever skill they were hired for and to mentor them as needed. “Clients are always in need of some form of help and a Virtual Assistant is a great way to get the help needed without worrying about office space, benefits and the like.” Nelson states, “ VAIntern is my way to help clients find the perfect match for their business needs.” For more information about VAIntern visit http://vaintern.com- Launching on 8/15 # # # About Christina Nelson: Christina Nelson owns VOSTeam http://vosteam.com , a Virtual Assistant Team company specializing in Wordpress websites. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Business Darlings http://businessdarlings.com, a virtual magazine for Virtual Business Owners.
  7. Hi All, Business Darlings is a free online magazine/blog focused on providing Virtual Entrepreneurs with the tools, tips and instructions on how to build, run & grow a successful virtual business. We have several regular contributors on the site but want to give all virtual business owners a chance to showcase their expertise and get more promotion for their business. If you'd like to submit an article to be considered: 1.Click Here 2.Enter your info 3.Choose your preferred section 4.Copy/paste your article 5.Include your bio 6. provide url's to your site, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc (may not use all of these so pick your fav's) 7. Fill out captcha 8. Click Submit Easy Peasy! Someone will review your submission and get back to you with any questions/suggestions and you'll be notified if/when your article will be posted. If your article is chosen, we will be happy to add a 125x125 image ad to the article linked to your website (no affiliate links) Start Writing! ~C __________________ Christina Nelson -Business Darlings- Online Magazine for Virtual Entrepreneurs
  8. I am so excited to announce the launch of my newest project on 2/14/11. Business Darlings is a new, FREE online magazine/blog focused on providing tons of information, tips and resources for Virtual Entrepreneurs at any stage of business. I am so appreciative of the 7 wonderful writers who have graciously offered their time and effort to be a part of this. Everyday there will be at least one new post and, as we grow, more sections & writers will be added. We anticipate adding contests, special guests, reviews, teleconferences, podcasts and much more. Please be sure to bookmark us http://www.businessdarlings.com and stop by on 2/14 for our launch. ~C
  9. Upstate New York-based Vital Office Solutions is now VOS Team, a Super Multi-VA Company VOS Team provides an all-in-one solution for online businesses, saving business owners the hassle of searching for the right members for their back-up team. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 05, 2010 – Being a “one-trick” pony was never in Christina Nelson’s DNA. Opening Vital Office Solutions was the next step in a long line of researching, learning and doing everything she has ever wanted to in life. Learning WordPress in the beginning years of opening her business and then becoming a sought after Wordpress Virtual Assistant was a natural progression but, Christina envisioned more. Having started her own business, she understands the problems & pitfalls all businesses face every day. Business owners feel the need to “do it all” and they think that no one will do things the way they would, handle their customers with the special attention they need or get things completed on time. VOS Team was formed to alleviate some of that stress. Christina has gathered a Team of Virtual Assistants who are experts in their fields and are committed to constantly learning. Team Members work together to complete client projects on-time, on-budget and, all the while, having fun. Being a Super VA company is the focus of VOS Team so Christina has chosen “We’ll Save Your Day” as a fitting motto. “I’ve been told over and over that I have a tendency to ‘swoop in and save the day’ so this transition from Wordpress Virtual Assistant to Super VA was meant to be.” states Christina. # # # Christina Nelson has been a Wordpress Virtual Assistant for many years and LOVES working with Wordpress. Clients include Authors, Coaches, Photographers, Realtors, Schools & Retail stores. You can find out more about VOS Team at their new home http://vosteam.com
  10. Hi Karen, One way to stop the code from breaking (which is a pain in the butt) is to only work in html mode- don't switch back over to "visual" mode. As for the "jumping"- no way to fix that(that I know of), unfortunately. The newest version of WP doesn't do that in the Theme editor but still does it in the post/page editor. Hope that helps a bit, ~C
  11. Candy, I do sub work for a fellow VA and her system is http://www.myintervals.com/web-based-project-management/ Not 100% sure it will do all you ask but from my end of using it- it may. ~Christina
  12. Hey Jodie, From the little bit of sleuthing I did it, appears it is probably the Frugal Pro theme, not Wishlist. Good Luck, ~C
  13. I already had CS4 when I bought my new laptop with Vista 64. Had no problems when updating to Win7 64. I use Photoshop everyday so if there was an issue I would've found it by now. Maybe it's because I have the 64 version of windows?
  14. Jodie, Leanne has a good idea. You'll just have to get the page ID # for the blog page and put it in the parentheses like the "1" here <?php if(!(is_page(1))). Not sure if it will carry over to individual post pages but, it's worth a try. ~C
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