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  1. Hello One of my clients is using Mailchimp and his web developer has loaded the code into the form on his website. The client and I have tested the form and it works fine with Gmail, but does not work at all when try to send it to our business email addresses. The web developer thinks that the filters might be stopping the sign up from coming through on our business emails. We have both check our junk folders and the sign up email wasn't there. Was just wondering whether anyone has had a similar problem to this one and whether there is a fix? Thank you
  2. Welcome Brigette to VAnetworking! You will find a wealth of information here to help you with setting up and growing your business. I am also based in Brisbane, Australia (Northside).
  3. I haven't used LogMeIn either, I have always used Dropbox and love it. I found the following thread at the Dropbox forum which you might find interesting. It provides a comparison between Dropbox and LogMeIn by someone who has used both - http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=681 It seems to explain that LogMeIn has a bit more functionality (eg. you are more easily able to move files between two office computers). Dropbox offers 2GB free, so it is definitely a good starter, whereas LogMeIn does not. A small complaint I have previously heard about Dropbox is that it downloads the files to your C: drive and so if a large amount of storage is being used on Dropbox the same amount is being used on your C: Drive. I don't use enough space on Dropbox to worry about this, however others might. I'm not sure whether LogMeIn uses the same method?
  4. I'm a bit late responding to this post - you have probably made a decision and gone out and purchased something by now. I have used MYOB and Quickbooks. MYOB is probably more commonly used in Australia, however I did really like some aspects of Quicken and Quickbooks when I used their software. I have heard a lot about a software called 'Cashbook' of late for small businesses. There are professionals that specialise in Cashbooks out there as well (in case you want to outsource later on down the track), so this might be a good one to look at. You might like to check what your accountant predominantly uses as this might help your decisions along.
  5. Hi Kathie, It is wonderful to hear that you are really spreading your wings once again. I have really enjoyed the photos that you have been publishing to Facebook and other places, you really do manage to capture the beauty in those photos so well. I have an appreciation for the journey (thank you for sharing it), I have kept you in my prayers and will continue to. I have an appreciation for what you have been through because about 8 years ago now my sister died in similar circumstances... I was 22 and she was 24 at the time. Love Rachel
  6. Man, I am a bit slow today (must be Monday). All I need to do is zip this file and I can send it on its way Lol!!
  7. Hi everyone, I have here a file that I am supposed to be sending out for a client, but it is approximately 2mb as a PDF, and I am hesitant to send it out as a word doc. Is there a way to reduce this file down to a more reasonable size? Thank you, Rache
  8. Wondering about your thoughts on '...aren't I' being used to close a sentence? eg. I'm the King of the Jungle aren't I?
  9. That is a great start to your week Dianna!! Congrats to you for such a wonderful achievement.
  10. The words 'multiple clients' instantly suggests a higher probability of competing deadlines and priorities. Some words that immediately spring to my mind when I think of running a business with multiple clients are 'flexibility', 'decisiveness', 'organization' and 'communication'. As our business grows, I see it as important to plan ahead, to realize and review our goals, improve on the skills we have, and get more organized with how we do things.
  11. Just recently stumbled upon: '[X] is attempting to eat man this is hard with braces . . ' Hehehe, I think we should assume that my good friend is not eating a man Just goes to show just how important a comma (and it's placement) can be.
  12. I worked it out and I thought I would share. I have Office 2007 and this client does also. The problem occurred when loading the document to Word 2003, Arial font changed to Times New Roman. To ensure consistent formatting whether you open in Word 2003, or Word 2007 you can use the following method: 1. ‘Save As’ 2. ‘Other Formats’ 3. Change the Save as type to ‘Word 97–2003 Template’ 4. Click on ‘Save’
  13. I set up some templates for one of my clients to use in his business. He is really happy with them excepting that when he sent them on to his sub-contractors they defaulted back to font Times New Roman 12pt even though they are set for Arial 10pt. Is there any way to fix the fonts / formatting to ensure that they do not change when opened on different computers and different versions of word? Thank you so much,
  14. G'Day Linda, it is great to hear your voice, look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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