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  1. I don't live up there anymore as my hubby is Air Force and we keep getting moved. I think most New Englanders have crazy commutes. I used to live in Somersworth, NH and drove to Burlington, MA for work every day. Before that, I lived in Warwick, RI and drove to East Boston, MA for work. It's just crazy to think of now especially with the traffic and the cost of gas.
  2. What an awesome idea Dana. I'm sorry I've missed the threads over at IVAA and I missed this one today. I'll stay tuned now. I love VAGTs. My last one failed due to the summer vacations but I've had several down here in central VA.
  3. I'm soooo sad because I missed the holiday part. I cannot wait for this party though.
  4. I agree with you Dana. I met Jody Rothaar several months ago and we've been getting together monthly. Our first meeting was scheduled to last an hour and we spent 3 hours sitting and talking. We have now sent clients and work in between us. What she loves to do, I dislike and vice versa. It's been great. We got sidetracked for June and July. I was trying to get back on track. I will definitely schedule another one in the fall. I did have a couple people email me. It will probably work out better in the fall.
  5. I'm afraid that this has to be canceled due to a lack of interest. Sorry about that but I can't have lunch alone. LOL I will try to get another one going in the fall.
  6. I put this notice in another spot here on the board but figured I'd pop it in here too. I've scheduled a little luncheon at the Massaponax (Fredericksburg) Applebee's. It's exit 26B off of I-95 on Route 1 South on right side in front of WalMart. Saturday, August 9th 12 Noon Applebee's Massaponax (Fredericksburg) I tried to come up with a spot in the middle. Jody and I are south of here but we are willing to drive up and meet with others. If you can make it, email me so that I can have a number for Appleby's. Thanks and hope to see you there. Email: Colleen@cmjo
  7. Well, I finally have things in order. Calling all Virginia (and anyone else in the area) VAs. We will be meeting on Saturday, August 9th, at Appleby's in Massaponax (Fredericksburg, VA). The time is set for 12 p.m. This is Exit 126 off of I-95 and Appleby's is on the right side of Rte 1 South going towards WalMart. If anyone's not sure of where this is, please let me know and I can send directions. If you are interested in attending, please email me so that I can have a count for Appleby's. Thanks, Colleen .............. my email is Colleen@cmjoffice.com
  8. Ladies - I am so sorry that I haven't planned a meeting yet. My hubby has been away (military). I promise to plan a meeting for early August. I promise to post it here once it's planned. I'm so excited to see so many interested. I was thinking of starting a Virginia group. We're soooo spread out though and cover such a large area. It's a bit daunting to me right now. Colleen
  9. OMG Tawnya, this sounds absolutely fantastic and I would love to do this. Colleen
  10. Hi Danielle, I'm down the other end of VA but I wanted to say hi to you. There is another VA and myself that have begun to meet monthly. We are in the preliminary stage of forming a Central Virginia VA Group. We meet in Ashland (just north of Richmond) currently. I know it would be a bit of a hike for you especially in traffic. If you'd like to join us, you are more than welcome. If anyone else is interested, I will be posting our meetings from now on here. Again, welcome and hello to Danielle. Colleen
  11. Arnold should have just flown them down! LOL Joking......sorry this is happening. Meanwhile, you know the stuff that is really bad is getting through everywhere and everyday! Crazy! You should ask the Border Patrols where their uniforms are made. I bet they wouldn't know.
  12. Congrats! I concur with Pat and Karri. Your knowledge base makes it seem that you've been in business for 10 years!
  13. Hey Michelle, I'm not planning on anything at the moment. I know that most of us are spread out in Virginia. You're 95 miles away from me. I have one VA about an hour from me. We plan to keep meeting every so often. We meet halfway in Ashland, VA. Money is tight right now or I would be going to the IVAA Summit.
  14. Thank you for letting us ride the press release. I have submitted to seven papers within my area. Thanks again, Colleen
  15. You seem to be doing everything right Darrell. It's awesome. Keep up the good work. Colleen
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