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  1. Hi Fiona, It sounds like you and your husband have a great plan. Best wishes to you! Colleen
  2. Not sure if you've come across this before or not. I was a VAInsider and now I'm not. So, I had all those links and signature set up when I was part of the Insider group. Now that I am not a member, I don't have access (of course). Problem: they are still showing up but I cannot take them down. So, if you want mine off, I'm thinking (could be wrong and wouldn't be the first time ) that someone else will have to remove them. If I'm wrong, just throw an egg at me. If not, thought you should know. Colleen
  3. Wow! Great info and thanks for sharing. I'm compiling a list and passing it along to my friend. I will definitely be throwing all of these hosting companies into the pile for her to check out. Thanks everyone!
  4. I'm doing some research for a friend of mine. They are currently changing their business and domain name. With that said, they are trying to find a great hosting company. I currently use Yahoo Small Business. I do love them but would like to toss a few more ideas out to my friend. So, what do you use? How great are they? Thanks, Colleen Johnson
  5. Hi Brandy, It can be done. I'm a mom of 3 and started my business when my youngest was 5 months old. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's been cold up in NH. I used to live up there and worked at UNH for a bit too. Best wishes.
  6. Hi Carly, I'm from VA too. Good luck with your new VA business.
  7. Every day I utter this phrase (outloud or under my breath): How do men survive past infancy? I still don't have an answer and I wouldn't know this frustration without having 2 sons and a husband! LOL I didn't have any brothers growing up. God is making up for lost time with me. It's just incredible just how curious boys are with everything in life.
  8. Duct tape and rope. Oh wait, I think that might be illegal. All right, I actually have a whole new package of beads for my older children. They love to make bracelets and necklaces with the beads. I got them half off because JoAnne's is closing by us. My just turned 4 yo LOVES taking one of my highlighters and marking up blank calendar's I print off for him. I've done the post it trick too. Of course, they will have their new toys (yeah right). I will print off favorite characters for them to color too.
  9. Interesting post is right Louise. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi Amethyst, Welcome! Best wishes to you from another VA in VA.
  11. Sarcasm! LOL A girl after my own heart. So, I have 2 years until my daughter throws this at me? Good to know.
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