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  1. Hi Tawnya and everyone, This sounds like a wonderful idea. I've been to a few non-VA related conferences and I think I would love to have some form of classes or demonstrations on the training that is available to VAs, like what VAclassroom offers, different software and hardware that can be utilized in your practice, marketing strategies that work, product creation, etc.. Perhaps a pannel including a Marketing Specialist, REVA, Bankruptcy Specialist, Medical Professions Specialist, Self Publishing Specialist, etc.. I would also love to have something involving Client/ VA relations. Maybe a few Clients who have worked with successful Virtual Assistants and why they value their working relationship. How about Lead VA/Subcontract relations? Again to hear from a Leading Team VA and their views on a successful subcontractor relationship. There are so many wonderful teams out there and it would be so wonderful to hear how they make it work out so well. Can't wait to hear more about the plans being made. Have a great day, Renee
  2. Hi April, Congrats on the great news! Relax, enjoy it and have alot of fun! Great job, Renee
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