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  1. SHE IS SO CUTE!! I have a dog "Sandy" and just recently took in a kitten "Bella" that I still haven't introduced together. Afraid of what will happen!
  2. Candy & Tom, I think this will be a wonderful service for you to provide to fellow VAs! I look forward to hearing that it is available.....hopefully I will have some QuickBooks clients by then!
  3. Valerie, Others have given a lot of great advice! With high gas prices, food and everything else going up, you are not alone in getting discouraged on the amount of time it may take to build your business up. Although I have been preparing for my business since last October, I am just now starting to advertise, and hopefully something will pay off before long. My full time administrative assistant job for a top producer realtor has just been reduced to 3 days a week....and with expenses going up, I need to supplement my income immediately! I may also have to look for part time work in the meantime if I don't get some steady clients soon, but continue working toward your dream of working for yourself! With the economy the way it is right now, our services should be needed more now than ever!
  4. I have business cards, postcards, magnetic car signs, etc. and have placed an ad in a publication the newspaper is doing listing county tax info, service providers, etc. (for newcomers, etc.) that will be at real estate offices, etc. and will be good for a year. That hasn't come out yet.....so I need to get my press release created, contracts, etc. so I can start mailing out those postcards!
  5. Hi Pam, There is an abundance of information here at VANA. I am just starting my business as well...joined as a VAInsider in October. I look forward to getting to know you and maybe even working together in some capacity!
  6. Jodie, I also agree with the others about more white space and utilizing the back. After reading Ruth's comment about the 4th line appearing to "cut off" at the bottom, I looked at your card again. When it initially opens up in a small window, it does indeed appear to be cut-off, but if you enlarge the window more, that changes and everything looks fine then.
  7. I have been trying to update my Windows XP to SP2 and keep getting an "Access is Denied" message in the middle of the installation and it uninstalls the changes. When checking online, I have read that advanced users can make changes to the registry and that might fix the problem. Also since then, I have tried to upgrade my AVG virus protection to 8.0 and it says I don't have a supported version of Windows (even though XP is supported). Has anyone else had this problem installing SP2? I'm wondering if upgrading to VISTA would solve the problem or if it would be better to reinstall Windows XP from the CD and then try the online updates again or try to change the registry.
  8. I am looking forward to learning a lot on this subject! I have my website up (even though it's a work in progress), business cards, have ordered post cards, etc., but I haven't started a policies/procedures manual (no clients yet......haven't started advertising yet because I know I need to get all this done first. I think this is a great topic!
  9. Someone told me this today: Three guys go on a trip and have to share a hotel room. The price is $30, so each one paid $10. Later the clerk realized she overcharged them by $5. So she gave the Bellhop $5 to deliver to the three men. He gave each man $1 back and kept $2 for his tip. So, if each man paid $10 and received $1 back, they paid $9 each for the room, right? That would be $27....plus the $2 the Bellhop kept, the total is $29. What happened to the other dollar????
  10. In Outlook, you can check a box whether or not to leave messages on the server, and also can specify a number of days to leave on before deleting. Before I realized it, I started missing emails because my mail server was full. Now, since I check my emails on more than one computer, I keep messages on the server for 30 days, then they are automatically deleted. I don't have to go in and manually delete them.
  11. It worked! I checked my Norton Internet Security settings and turned off the Ad Blocker and now I can see the VAInsider logo. I guess since I had the Realtor logo on my computer, it didn't have the problem. Thanks for everyone's input.
  12. On my website, www.assistantbythehour.com I put the new banner for VA Insider (just above the Realtor logo). When my cursor hovers over it, I can see the hyperlink, but the actual banner is invisible. When I go into my website maintenance (through register.com...I can see the banner, but I can't actually see it on my live site). I did a chat with a register.com tech and he said that he could see it on his computer. Does anyone know what type of problem I may have on my computer?
  13. Thanks for the encouragement and checking my website...I completely overlooked that!
  14. Hi! I am just getting started trying to build my VA business. I know this site is going to be a great resource! I've already read a few posts and hope to get more involved as I get more familiar. I was so excited that I have already published my website, http://www.assistantbythehour.com. It's very basic right now, but I will continue to work on it. Looking forward to learning from the pros and hopefully I can be of help to someone as well. Best Regards, Connie Moseley http://www.AssistantbytheHour.com
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