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  1. I, too, use ExpressScribe and it works really well for me. I was using it without the foot pedal, but I didn't feel it was as efficient so I opted to get one. Got one for about $50 and it works great. I ended up getting a headset too... just for the times it's noisy in the house and I can't hear the tape as well... or given I handle confidential notes, I put them on if there are other people around, which it seems there always are in this house! But those items are optional... and just a matter of preference.
  2. I've used VistaPrint for glossy postcards too... several times. I've been extremely happy until this last order... wasn't as good of quality as I've had in the past.
  3. I am so sorry for your loss Kathie. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time.
  4. Hello Hellen, I don't know if this could still help you but anyhow... 1. You could try to "uncheck" where there's a word that says something like "...Float". You could look it up on Control or View menu. 2. Or, you could try using/clicking the Scribe Mini in between Forward and Dispatch in the main window, it opens a smaller window that stays afloat while you type then you could minimize the main window. Just disregard this suggestion if it doesn't help you... Fabio Good Day! I recently started using ExpressScribe and have found the Scribe Mini to be helpful because popping in and out of the window was making me crazy! I haven't purchased the foot pedal... but intend to. I just think I'd prefer it. Hmmm... I hadn't thought about checking eBay!
  5. Enjoyed those, Dana! Thanks for sharing! Started my day with a smile!
  6. I've used postcards to local businesses and while it hasn't been a HUGE success... I did get some calls and some project work from a few.
  7. "Keep your eyes on the prize!".... I like that! I, too, was commuting 1-1/2+ hours to and from work... round trip equaled at least 3 hours each day... in heavy traffic. It got the best of me. When I left my job, I went at my business giving it my full time attention... however, I was just getting started. While I did get some clients, all I got was project work and didn't have any retainer clients, so I found a flexible part time job to supplement my income from my business. Wouldn't you know that once I did that... I landed my first retainer client... and am about to sign my second (referral from the first!)... You're right... we have to hang in there... and keep our other options open, while continuing to keep our eye on the prize... and keep working towards our goal!! Good luck with your new job... and your business!
  8. Welcome Sabrina.... from one Atlantan to another! It's good to have you here. Sounds like you've already experienced what a great group this is. I started my business about a year ago and learned so much here... and am STILL learning!! It's hard work to get started, but you can do it!! Good luck to you!
  9. Just wanted to share with you that FINALLY I have landed my FIRST retainer client! This client contacted me after reading an article that was published in our Atlanta paper about "Why I Love My Job." She read the article and called me several weeks later. After a few phone consultations and a few emails, she has signed on the dotted line. That article in the paper generated a great deal of interest about our industry... mostly from others that wanted to know how to get started. I received over 15 emails and/or phone calls! I even received a note from the editor telling me that this article was one of the more popular ones based on responses, since she started her job in 2005! I suggested to these individuals they check out the forum as a great place to start getting some very good information (that's what I did!) What a week! Receiving the VAccolade award and now a new retainer client that has signed on the dotted line!
  10. Colleen, You are wise to avoid going with a puppy that will probably not be what you are wanting when full grown, no matter how sweet and cute it is now. Yes, the cairn/shih tsu mix would be a better lap dog, I'm betting! It's adorable!! Keep us posted!
  11. Sherra, your posts have brought back many memories..... and days where I wanted to scream "Calgon, take me away!!" (but you're probably too young to recall those commercials!) I hope today is a GOOD day for you! Levi.... What Sherra said is true... there are days that are hard being a parent... but the positives SO outweight the negatives! Colleen -- that puppy is WAAAAAY cute! I'm a sucker for puppies... and animals in general. Animals Shelters are not a good place for me... because I want to bring them ALL home!!! Are you getting the puppy...? or have you already?
  12. Have an enormously happy dayl Barbara! Enjoy!
  13. Welcome Sherri! You've surely come to the right place to gather information about starting your VA business! You'll find a great deal of very helpful information as well as a great group of members! Explore the topics and read as much as you can! I felt like a sponge when I first came on board... tried to absorb everything I could!!
  14. Welcome Aimee! I look forward to seeing you around the forum! You'll find it's an awesome place to gather information as well as meet new friends!
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