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  1. Hi Sandra! From a fellow Texan, welcome to VANA! There are quite a few other Texans on the board. What part are you from? I'm from Lewisville.
  2. I am starting to lose count of how many times I have typed the words "Congratulations Cynthia" lately! You are definitely on a roll and you deserve every single ounce of success!! You rock!!
  3. I got some really hard words! It is cool that I got to exercise my brain a bit and help out the needy at the same time. It doesn't count as goofing off if you are being charitable, right!?! Thanks for posting this!
  4. I saw something on this awhile back. I think it is basically an e-mail reminder program. Hope that helps!
  5. I love the TV tray desks! Hubby and I use them all the time!
  6. Do you give the zombies that you're shooting names of your clients, friends, family members....each other? This sounds........therapeutic. Yeah. Therapy (Just agree with the zombie shooter and everything will be allllll riiiiggghhhttt) Oh sure, you laugh now. But if zombies ever try to take over the planet you will be running to us for help. We are really quite good! In all honesty, I did leave my last "outside" job when I realized that I was needing zombie therapy a little too often (and I actually was naming the zombies after bosses/co-workers/etc.).
  7. I can't have them in my house or else I'd never get anything else done! When I'm feeling really stressed out my hubby & I go to Dave & Busters and play "shoot 'em up" type games. It always calms me right down! What does it say about us that our favorite date night involves shooting zombies in the head?
  8. Good for you Katrina! It sounds like you did a great job. Having this experience under your belt will make it even easier the next time!! You deserve to toot your own horn. In fact, you deserve the whole darn band!
  9. Congratulations! Good to know your son won't be repossessed!
  10. There is only one thing to say.... WOW! Your site looks great! I know you must be very proud of it, and you definitely deserve to be.
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