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  1. Hi everyone.....I know...I know it's been awhile since I have poped in. I hope all is well with everyone, I fully intend to catch up and get back in the loop. I need some help with Ad-Words, what exactly is it, how is it used and what does it do. I would love to chat with someone about this as I have a client that may need some help with this. Thanks Cynthia
  2. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I just downloaded Safari because I want to give it a try Can the VANA Toolbar be installed on Safari? Each time I try it only instals on Explorer. Thanks Cynthia
  3. Yipeeeeeeeee! Congradulations Paula, I am so pleased to watch you grow and succed. I love your dedication and drive having spoken with you several times, I know first hand that your deserve this. Again Congrats Lady! Cynthia
  4. Hi Patty, ditto with what everyone else has said. I know you are a busy person, but please take some time off for yourself and don't try to work. Give yourself a much needed break! Get well soon! Love Cynthia
  5. Hi gang, I wonder if I may get a little help here. I have a client that has launched a new web site and we are trying to get the word out about the new site and service offerings. He really needs to have the site optimized and I am having trouble getting a general idea of how SEO works and the cost to have it done. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Welcome to VANA Devon, we are so glad you're here. Let us know gow we can help. Good Luck! Cynthis
  7. Good morning Ladies! I have pulled out the list I had from last year of DFW VA's, and I am trying to up date it as best I can. The idea is to send via email an invite to the DFW Facebook Group so that everyone has the option to join if they choose to do so. To ensure that I do not miss anyone that mayt be interested, please PM your email address to me if you would like to join the group. Once we have given enough time for all that is interested, we can then communicate better in one place to make a decision on date and location. Thanks Cynthia
  8. Thank you Cris for starting the Facebook Group , I got the PM from VAL, however the link is not working for me and will not let me join for some reason. I will give you a call about that in a few Cris. To Val & Denise, I have a DFW contact list that was started some time ago. Will get with either of you to exchange and discuss the best approach to contacting some of these. I'm excited that this is finally going to happen. See you all Live and In Color soon! Cynthia
  9. Okay guys.....call me silly but I always get this wrong....which way does the clock go, spring forward or spring backwards? Cynthia
  10. Welcome Nandi to the wonderful world we call VANA! You have come to the right place. THere is an abundance for support and resources at your disposal so feel free to jump right in. One thing I would recommend as soon as you are able to, up grade your membership to the VA Insider membership. The perks, templates, seminars et. are invaluable. Please let us know how we can help to make your journey the ride of a lifetime. Cynthia
  11. i Dee, welcome to VANA. You have come to the right place lady. What part of Texas are you in? I am also in the DFW area, and as Paula mentioned we are planning a meet-up noe and you are more than welcome to jion us. Let us know how we can help you get started. Cynthia
  12. Hi Val, Paula and I talked about this l;ast year and never actually gor it done. The otherday Cris Buchert and I also spoke of getting together maybe next week. So I'm in as well. The thing is we have posted this same questions perviously on VANA, and what happens is we get quite a few 'count me in's', yet that is usually as far as it gets. Maybe this time we can actually do it, how can I help? Cynthia
  13. Hi Cris, welcome, I started out the same way with the VAC and Insider membership. You are on the right track. I see someone mentioned you are in Ft Worth, I am in Kaufman, 30 miles east of Dallas. Send me a PM and lets try to meet. Cynthia
  14. Hi there, in answer to backing up your data, speaking for what I use I have 3 backup methods. I have Carbonite, whixh is an online back up that is amazing. It backs up my data everyday as long as my computer is on. I think I pais $35.00 for the year and whne I bought my new PC, I simply logged into Carbonite and it transferred all of my data,pictures and music to the new one. The only thing I had to instal was software. Secondly, since I have a Dell, they also have an online backup system like Carbonite so I have that as well. Thirdly I have a Seperate stand alone harddrive by Maxtor that I run a back up once a week on every machine in my home and I have 4 PC's and 4 laptops that I backup on that harddrive As Dell mentioned, you can simply back everything up to CD's or flashdrives as well. Hope this helps Cynthia
  15. Hi Cynthia, welcome to VANA, what a beautiful name.....lol You will find everything you need here, just take your time and continue to browse the post here and every question you can think of has been asked ans answered here. Good luck on your quest for success! Cynthia
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