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  1. Good morning Ladies! I have pulled out the list I had from last year of DFW VA's, and I am trying to up date it as best I can. The idea is to send via email an invite to the DFW Facebook Group so that everyone has the option to join if they choose to do so. To ensure that I do not miss anyone that mayt be interested, please PM your email address to me if you would like to join the group. Once we have given enough time for all that is interested, we can then communicate better in one place to make a decision on date and location. Thanks Cynthia
  2. Thank you Cris for starting the Facebook Group , I got the PM from VAL, however the link is not working for me and will not let me join for some reason. I will give you a call about that in a few Cris. To Val & Denise, I have a DFW contact list that was started some time ago. Will get with either of you to exchange and discuss the best approach to contacting some of these. I'm excited that this is finally going to happen. See you all Live and In Color soon! Cynthia
  3. Hi Val, Paula and I talked about this l;ast year and never actually gor it done. The otherday Cris Buchert and I also spoke of getting together maybe next week. So I'm in as well. The thing is we have posted this same questions perviously on VANA, and what happens is we get quite a few 'count me in's', yet that is usually as far as it gets. Maybe this time we can actually do it, how can I help? Cynthia
  4. Hello all, is anyone familuar with MYOB FirstEdge Accounting software for Mac? I need to somehow use this software on a PC. Is there any type of conversion out there to make this work. My client tried to load this on the PC and was successful in doing so, however he was unable to load the previous data from the MAC. Thanks Cynthia
  5. Thank Dana, I'm on it. Hey there Lisa, welcome to VANA. I just sent you an email, we should have firm date for our local meet-up really soon. Just got back several location options from another VA, so we are almost ready. Cynthia
  6. Hi Christina, welcome to VANA, I am working on fien tuning a few dates and locations for the DFW VA's to meet real soon. Please PM or email me your contact info please. cowgirlclark@gmail.com Peace Cynthia
  7. Good mornig Ladies, I have decided to get this party started and stop talking about it. I know there are quite a few Dallas/Fort Worth VA's out here looking to meet up, so lets do this, late today I will throw out several dates and locations as a suggestion, so that we can make a selection together. If you ladies would please PM , me your phone numbers, so that I can create a contact list for all of us to share. Once we meet, we can talk about getting together on a regular basis. All in agreement say Aye! Cynthia p.s. you may also e-mail me off site @ cynthiasvirtualsolutions@gmail.com Look out Dallas.........Here we come!
  8. Hey Denise, sounds like a great idea, lets do it. Cynthia
  9. Hi Ladies, I opened up this topic back in January, I kind of thought there were more VA's in the Dallas area. Hmmmm, well, I say lets just do it. Lets set a date and maybe meet for lunch somewhere neutral like up-town, west end etc. Any suggestions n a date? Cynthia
  10. Congradulation Melissa, I know the feeling and there is nothing like it. May you be blessed with many more. Peace Cynthia
  11. Hey there Tawyna and Patty, I can spare some time this weekend if you still need people. Let me know Cynthia
  12. Wow Michelle, I am so inpressed, what a wonderful testimonial and show of appreciation for what you do. May you have an abundance of success always! Cynthia
  13. Hey Jamie & Darrell, the article was great. I just love hearing news like this, it motivates me even more. Jaime you know I have my eye on you anyway. I try to watch how you progress and feed off of your drive and energy. I wish the both of you continued success! Cynthia
  14. Hi Elenore, great job girl, I like it! Good luck to you! C.C.
  15. Hi Annalisa, congrats, I am so happy for you. It seem like more and more VA's are connecting with the media in their local area. Thats Great! Cynthia
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