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  1. I also agree with Hopelyn on being "flexibility is Key" since all clients are not created equal and their style of doing business varies that why in my definition for VA, I mentioned 90% of time working virtually leaving room for 10% for whatever situation might come your way.
  2. A big thanks you to everyone for your support, condolences during this difficult time of mine. I have lots of emails to dig into, reply emails and catch up on things that I miss during my absent. I want to let everyone knows that I am back to work, after one month away from work and from everybody to mourn the loss of my mom and laying her to rest in peace. Thank you Tawnya and VAinsider for your lovely card and it really make me appreciate you all more. Thank you for all your support
  3. Hi I am the most sad person in the world today. I was so much looking forward to 2010 and everything it has to offer in my business and personal life. But not the shocker I got yesterday that my mom is dead after being sick for a week. I am really devastated and this day I dread most has finally come, I will just need sometime to put myself together and get back to work. I feel I owe it to you all to know what's going on with me, in case you don't hear from me soon or reply to your email quickly. Thanks for your understanding. Topsie Egbetokun
  4. I got this news late because my twin boys have Doctors appointment and have being out of my office all day. Thanks VAnetworking for the award, thank for believing in me, thanks for giving me the boost not to give up and what a good way to end the year. Thanks to everyone congratulating me.
  5. OMG, my head and eyes are turning as am reading the article, I have not clue what the author is talking about and the English is a complete wash-out. Diana your intelligence is till intact and you have nothing to worry about.
  6. Congrat Janet, what a good way to end the year, and a big boost for you for 2010.
  7. Thanks Judy for your input and for sharing the infomation. Thanks a lot
  8. Hi everyone I have being getting emails from people in Africa who want to become a VA or already a VA, but complain of having some underlying issue (limited access to technology, business resources etc) not necessary applicable to other VAs in other part of the country. So I have put together these survey for all African VAs worldwide to understand more of the issue and see what solutions or resources are available to meet these needs.The goal here is to use the leverage of African VAs based abroad(with opportunities) to help to support VAs based in Africa( less access to resources). I do encourage all VAs in Africa or African VAs living in other countries to participate in these survey. Here is the survey link Survey Link - http://budurl.com/Afrivan2009VAsurvey Thank you for your time and participation.
  9. Congratulation Shannon and it was a great experience doing that course together. Good Luck in your new business. Thanks Topsie Egbetokun
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