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  1. I've never tried Colorzilla. I use Color Cop when I'm trying to match colors. Jama
  2. I use freeconference.com. You can turn off the entry/exit dings, but I'm not sure about online dashboard. Jama
  3. We've got a VA luncheon planned for Tuesday, March 30th, in Atlanta. There will be some newbies and oldies there! If you can make it, let me know (jama@gulfcoastos.com). The details are: Tuesday, March 30th at 11:30 Moe’s Southwest Grill 265 19TH Street, Suite 2155 Atlantic Station (404) 844-6637 www.moes.com – for directions. There is underground and street parking Jama
  4. I don't put my cell number on my cards. When I was going to clients' offices a lot (years and years ago), I would transfer my business line to my cell phone while I was gone. But I think it's all personal preference. Jama
  5. Hi, Tawnya. So far I haven't found anybody who has!! I've posted on several forums... If I hear anything from any of the others, I'll let you know. I've watched a few of the videos, and it appears to be a pretty nifty set up. Jama
  6. I have a client that is looking at using SendPepper (www.sendpepper.com). Does anyone have any experience with it? Any likes, dislikes, pet peeves about it? She's got a 15-day free trial and would like to get some opinions before she makes the move over to it completely. The sister company to SendPepper is Office Autopilot. Any experience with them? TIA! Jama St. John Gulf Coast Office Support
  7. Welcome! I'm in Georgia....in Franklin (southwest of Atlanta).
  8. I watch the SuperBowl mainly for the commercials. I agree this year had less memorable ads than earlier years. But my favorite is always Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.
  9. In Word I use the quick correct. I do transcription for court reporters and there are phrases that are used over and over. For example, I use "/b" to change to "Whereupon, a break was taken." Or I use "OTF" to change to "Object to form."
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