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  1. O.M.G. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Big Bang Theory!!! I laugh so hard every week. It's probably the only show I DVR and keep to watch again. I laugh so hard that I have to be sure my windows are closed in the summer or I'm sure my neighbors will think I've lost it.
  2. I'm assuming you're asking about Liability insurance or Error & Ommission. I have mine through State Farm's Specialty division. Unfortunately, not all State Farm agents know about this (I had to switch agents to one that could help me --- which ended up being a good thing). Lanel
  3. I got a Samsung Fascinate Android a couple weeks ago and love it. I really love the Yelp application -- Monocle is SO cool. I like HootSuite and love the gmail interface -- seriously, the gmail interface was the reason I switched from BB to Android and I'm VERY glad I did. I also LOVE WordWise. (lanelt@gmail.com if you wanna play LOL) Also love the google reader app. Still getting used to the Facebook app, it looks good but is different from the BB app so it's taking me a bit to get used to. I haven't taken the time to look for more. But, I really need to find a good task app, I really, really wish there was a ManyMoon app.
  4. I have to agree with Candy and Linda, considering the penalties if something is calculated incorrectly the fee for QB Payroll service is really worth it. I've done payroll for close to 15 years, even managed a payroll company at one point, and wouldn't consider doing payroll by hand. Lanel
  5. If I hadn't forgotten my blackberry at home today I would be able to give you a better list but some of my go-to favorites are: Poynt (must have!) Evernote Google Maps WeatherBug PatternLock MailMinder (love this one -- allows you to add rules for your email) After I pick up my bberry I'll look through it and let you know what else. Oh, if you use Google be sure you download Googsync. Lanel
  6. I do tax prep and bookkeeping too. I've been 100% virtual since 2002. Well, I guess I'm not really 100% virtual since I share an office with one client. Lanel
  7. I posted a blog about my typical day a 1 1/2 years ago. It was my actual day that particular day but it's pretty typical. I do have some local clients. I only have one that I will pick things up for occasionally. The rest I rarely see unless we plan a meeting which is usually just so we can see each other in person (which I actually like). Here's my typical day:
  8. You're going to find income ranges all over the board when it comes to VAs. There are many reasons different people have chosen this career path. But, I can tell you that it is possible to earn a decent income. I am single and completely support myself. I have been a VA for 8 years and this has been my only source of income for that entire time. I also purchased a home this year based solely on my VA income (I could have done it a few years ago but didn't have the desire before now). Lanel
  9. Janice, The majority of my clients use QuickBooks, for them I host their files on a secure server which we both have real-time access to. I also have client's that use other software (high-end manufacturing/accounting software) and I have a dedicated log-in access to their servers. From there they either scan and email me receipts, some mail information to me but the majority give me a special log-in to their bank accounts and I update directly from there. Lanel
  10. Rebekah, Welcome back to Idaho. If you ever get up north let me know. We have an active group that gets together monthly up here. Lanel
  11. I rent space on a server and my clients and I both access the file in real time. I've tried the back and forth option, the logging in to their account option, and the online software options and none have worked for me for various reasons. Thanks, Lanel
  12. I currently use Seesmic but am not 100% sold on it. I thought about switching to Hootsuite but can't figure out (seriously, it's beyond me and I don't have the time to mess with it). I liked Seesmic but when I got my new computer or when I would use it at home I don't like that my lists don't come with me which is why I've thought about switching to something web-based. Lanel
  13. I do the opposite. I am a US bookkeeper that has clients in Canada. My client has a great accountant in Canada that does her taxes and can answer questions for us so it has worked for us. There are definitely some challenges and if it weren't for her accountant I would not have agreed to take her on. But, it works for us. Lanel
  14. I looked into it at one point (I think more than once) but it was either the paperwork or the cost that made me not do it. I don't see it as an advantage for me and the direction I want my business to go so I never pursued it. Lanel
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