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  1. I have to agree with Candy and Linda, considering the penalties if something is calculated incorrectly the fee for QB Payroll service is really worth it. I've done payroll for close to 15 years, even managed a payroll company at one point, and wouldn't consider doing payroll by hand. Lanel
  2. Janice, The majority of my clients use QuickBooks, for them I host their files on a secure server which we both have real-time access to. I also have client's that use other software (high-end manufacturing/accounting software) and I have a dedicated log-in access to their servers. From there they either scan and email me receipts, some mail information to me but the majority give me a special log-in to their bank accounts and I update directly from there. Lanel
  3. Rebekah, Welcome back to Idaho. If you ever get up north let me know. We have an active group that gets together monthly up here. Lanel
  4. I rent space on a server and my clients and I both access the file in real time. I've tried the back and forth option, the logging in to their account option, and the online software options and none have worked for me for various reasons. Thanks, Lanel
  5. I do the opposite. I am a US bookkeeper that has clients in Canada. My client has a great accountant in Canada that does her taxes and can answer questions for us so it has worked for us. There are definitely some challenges and if it weren't for her accountant I would not have agreed to take her on. But, it works for us. Lanel
  6. I use the following when I need to look up something accounting related (or just to stay on top of news) http://www.accountingcoach.com/ http://www.toolkit.com/ http://www.mybizhomepage.com/ http://www.sbtv.com/ Lanel
  7. Do you use an accounting program such as QuickBooks to invoice? I do my billing on th 15th and the 31st of every month. I bill finance charges at the same time. Bills are due in 10 days for me, so that would be 5 days of accrued interest. Then on the next billing cycle I bill again. QuickBooks you just hit a button to assess finance charges and everyone is billed based on their terms.
  8. I'm not but I know a group meets regularly in the Phoenix area. PM me your e-mail address and I'll get you in contact with someone from the group if you're interested.
  9. Well, shoot, I arrive 9/22. Although, there's a possibility I'll be in Orange County (Yorba Linda) towards the end of October.
  10. I've never used it...just found a website today of another bookkeeper who has it on his site. I started to look at it but got distracted.
  11. I've used QB Contractors edition. And, I'd say no, it's not worth the extra money. I moved my Contractor clients to Pro...works fine for us.
  12. I have to agree with Candy. I'm a bookkeeper and was a registered (meaning I took numerous hours of classes each year to qualify for my registration) tax preparer for many years. When I was a registered tax preparer I encountered numerous redos or audit problems caused by people doing their own taxes with the available tax software. Between the cost of the software and the penalties for having something done wrong and the missed deductions it usually is in your benefit to see a professional. Personally, I don't see a CPA. The tax person I work with is an EA -- Enrolled Agent. Her prices are better than a CPA but she has the education and has passed the IRS' tests to prepare taxes. If you want to cut down on costs for getting your taxes done I would recommend a good bookkeeping software and keeping track of everything. I'd also suggest having your books reviewed periodically (once or twice a year) by a reputable bookkeeper. That way they are "clean" when you bring them to your tax person thus lessening the amount of changes/corrections they have to make. A reputable tax person will always review your books though to make sure they are accurate.
  13. He probably means just using classes under the business name then having invoice templates that say "a division of..." but I would ask him for clarification. Only he really know what he wants. I'd rather ask and get it right than do it wrong and look bad to the client and the CPA and have to redo things.
  14. I have another program (VersaCheck) that allows me to accept checks by fax. It also allows me to print my own checks with the micr coding and everything on the bottom. So, I don't buy checks any more...just special ink and the blank check paper. You can e-mail your invoice directly from QuickBooks. You set-up your email address as the from address then enter the to address and it will send it as a pdf attachment. At the top of your invoice form it should have an option to send it that way. If you go to preferences you can customize the message that will go with your invoice. It's actually really easy. I used to pdf all my invoices and email them myself. Now I just select them all to be emailed and QB will send them all at once....super easy.
  15. I do my billing in QuickBooks also. However, I don't like QuickBooks standard (aka boring) invoices so I customized my invoices, I've also done customized invoices for most of my clients who bill with QuickBooks. That way we can make the invoice match their company with logos, designs, etc. My clients all seem to like it. (I just like doing it so it works for me ) As far as billing, I accept PayPal but most of my clients pay by faxed check or mailing a check. It's simple but it works for me and that's how they like it.
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